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Poland is a perfect spa destination for anyone searching for superior spa treatments at resorts located in picturesque surroundings. Whether you prefer the long, sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea in the north of the country or the magnificent mountain trails in the south, the stunning landscapes and fresh, clean air will delight your senses and refresh your body.

Many of spa resorts in Poland, such as Kolobrzeg (also known as Kolberg), Swierardow Zdroj and Ciechocinek have a long spa tradition and offer unique attractions. The hotels in Kolobrzeg are suitable for guests who would like to relax by the sea with pampering beauty treatments, reduce respiratory problems or alleviate joint and spine pains. Swierardow Zdroj is well-known for balneotherapy cures using radon - such cures are especially effective for inflammatory and respiratory diseases. With its historic complex of wooden graduation towers which enrich the air with healthy saline aerosol, Ciechocinek is the ideal destination for those looking to refresh their lungs and clear their minds. 

Poland is easily accessible by plane and flights are available from low cost airlines. For modern facilities at attractive prices, browse our range of spas in Poland and let our expert customer service team help you find your dream destination! 

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