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The Danubius Hotel Group is known as the most popular brand of health & wellness hotels in Hungary and their neighbouring countries. Thanks to the abundance of thermal springs in Eastern Europe, Danubius hotels carry a long spa tradition. SpaDreams offers 20 Danubius hotels in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia with an extensive range of packages focused on thermal spa & wellness.

Danubius Health Spa Resorts in Budapest, Hungary

Danubius Helia

Danubius Helia is located on the opposite side of Margaret Island, 15 minutes away from the centre of Budapest.

The hotel is equally as popular among leisure and business guests, who seek relaxation in the superb spa and active leisure in the well-equipped fitness studios.

Danubius Helia offers a variety of medical wellness programmes as well as balneotherapy cures. 

Danubius Hotel Gellért

This Danubius hotel is one of the most impressive in the Danubius Group portfolio.

The hotel has direct access to the the famous historic spa Gellért, with a magnificent and luxurious interior in an art and nouveau style.

Danubius Gellert specialises in wellness stays, including short city breaks.

Danubius Hotels on Margitsziget

Margitsziget – Margaret Island on Danube is the home of two Danubius ResortsGrand Hotel Margitsziget and Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget located near to Danubius Helia.

Despite the island location, the city centre is easy accessible from any of the  Danubius hotels. 

The family of Danubius resorts in this area offer typical health holidays as well as wellness & beauty stays.

Other Danubius Hotels in Hungary

Hévíz is the home of two Danubius resorts. Both Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz and Danubius Aqua Health Spa Resort are in fantastic locations - very close to the famous thermal Lake Hévíz and not too far away from Lake Balaton.

Both lakes have unique properties – Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in Europe and the high temperature of the water makes it suitable for bathing all year round.

Balaton is known as the “flat lake” as the water is very shallow and it is safe even for inexperienced bathers. Nearly 80 km in length, Balaton is one of the largest lakes in Europe.

Sarvar offers two kinds of thermal springs - a saline one (temp. 83°C) and one with a high concentration of alkaline carbonates (temp. 43° C). The Danubius hotel in Sarvar benefits from its beautiful, green surroundings and close proximity to the Nádasdy Castle, which hosts many cultural events. Danubius Sarvar offers fasting according to Buchinger (juice fasting), balneotherapy, activity programmes, healing cures for the locomotor system and thermal cures

Bük, also known under the German name Bad Bük (Bük Baths), was established as a spa resort in the 1960's, making it relatively new compared to other Hungarian spa resorts with authentic traditions dating back to the Roman Empire times.

Danubius Health Spa Resort in Bük ensures a comfortable stay in the small, romantic town, and offers thermal wellness and a more private ambience than the well-established resorts, in Budapest or Hévíz.

Danubius Hotels in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Danubius Hotels by SpaDreams are available in the most prominent spa resorts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Marianskie Lazne (also known as Marienbad) located close to the German-Czech border and Piestany, 90 km north-east from the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. 

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Danubius Gellert
The Iconic Spa Gellert
Danubius Helia
Wellness Area in Danubius Helia
Danubius Margitsziget
D.H.S. Margitsziget (left) and Danubius Grand Hotel (right) on the Green Margaret Island
Danubius Sarvar
The Green Surroundings of Danubius Sarvar
Danubius Thermia Palace
Danubius Thermia Palace*****

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