holidays with dogs

Holidays with Dogs

Wellness holidays with your dog

Take Your Best Friend on Holiday With You

Our dogs accompany us through every stage of life, so why not take them on holiday too? They're a source of joy, a life companion and now, they can be a holiday companion too. Here at SpaDreams, we have a variety of hotels which allow holidays with dogs, and help make your trip even more relaxing and fufilling one.

For years the soothing and healing effects of a dog's presence have been known to have positive effects on general well being, and can help relax a person. When combined with a relaxing and healing spa holiday, your dog can make the holiday experience even better! Feel the health benefits of holidays with dogs, not just through the amazing spa treatments, but also the time spent outside enjoying nature with your dog.

For dog lovers, there is nothing better than to explore the area together and to let the fresh breeze blow by your face. Stroll through dense forests and walk along miles of beaches, climb mountains and enjoy the wonderful view. Your dog will certainly be as happy as you about the variety and the many new beautiful surroundings that make your dog fall asleep at night.

But that's not all! For a holiday with your dog, you can do more than just enjoy your time. Numerous pet-friendly hotels offer many treatments, from spa holidays to vitality days to wellness deluxe. With each treatment you have the opportunity to relax, and get to know your dog. Relax with massages and fango mud packs, treat your skin to a refreshing experience with scrubs and face masks, or work out at the fitness center. Here's something for every taste!

Save yourself from having to make tricky arrangements your dog whilst you are away by booking one of our holidays with dogs. In locations such as Poland, Germany and Italy you are able to both holiday with dogs and rejuvenate in a beautiful location. 

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