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Excellent 4.7/5.0

19 Ratings from our customers

Excellent 4.7/5.0

Villa Velmarie Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Standard

Ayurveda in a Renovated Colonial Villa

Colonial villa with experienced Ayurveda doctor from traditional family, beautiful garden and pool. With only 6 rooms, you are guaranteed personal care and a warm atmosphere.

Most Popular Hotel Features

  • Free Wifi
  • Swimming pool
  • Seaside
  • In nature
  • Ayurveda doctor
  • Ayurvedic tri-dosha meals
  • Yoga
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Free parking

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee


from 7 nights, double room, Full board



The Ayurveda retreat at Villa Velmarie can help you achieve more relaxation and less stress, weight loss, better sleep and better digestion, among other things. The recommended length of stay is at least 14-28 days, depending on the indication. The focus of the healing therapy is individually adapted to you, your dosha type and your goals by the experienced Ayurveda doctor. The cure depends on your response to the treatments and herbal medicines.

Focal points:
  • Rejuvenation from 7 nights
  • Anti-stress & Exhaustion from 7 nights
  • Detox from 7 nights
  • Weight management from 14 nights
  • Panchakarma from 14 nights
  • Panchakarma healing therapy from 21 nights
    Panchakarma is ideal for: Arthritis, psoriasis, acne, gastritis, constipation, obesity, insomnia, sinusitis, spondylosis, Parkinson's disease, anemia, back pain, paralysis, angina pectoris, ulcers (14-28 nights)
  • ayurvedic full board
  • herbal tea all day
  • entry consultation with Ayurvedic doctor and preparation of individual treatment plan
  • daily Ayurvedic treatments (approx. 120'), e.g. Shirodhara oil forehead infusion, herbal steam bath, foot massage
  • daily yoga and meditation (approx. 60')
  • Ayurvedic medicine as part of the healing therapy
  • Use of outdoor pool and WiFi
  • Insured as a package tour with insolvency protection and security certificate
  • Rebook and cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival with the Flex Upgrade
  • For all details see Flex Upgrade

Recommended for the following conditions

Back pain, Diabetes, Heart / Circulatory system, High blood pressure, Locomotor system, Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines, Psoriasis / Eczema, Respiratory system / Asthma, Rheumatism / Joints / Arthritis / Arthrosis, Skin / Allergies, Slimming & weight loss, Spine / Discs, Stress / Exhaustion

We have already calculated the following discounts for you:

  • 30% Super Discount
  • 20% Super Discount

All available discounts

Telephone booking code: 70VP1

Personalise your stay

Ayurveda Training School New

9 nights, double room, Full board



Within 10 days, daily theoretical as well as practical sessions will give you a deeper insight into the beneficial world of Ayurveda.

  • Overnight in apartment (approx. 5 minutes walk from Villa Velmarie)
  • Full board (mostly vegetarian)
  • 10-day course
  • daily yoga/meditation (approx. 1 hr.).

Program schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction "What is Ayurveda", the history of Ayurveda, explanation of the elements (120')
  • Technique of head massage, Demonstration by a therapist (120')

Day 2

  • Explanation of the doshas Vata, Pita and Kapha (120')
  • Neck, shoulder and arm massage technique, demonstration by a therapist (120')

Day 3

  • Prakruthi (initial consultation) 
  • Start of life according to Ayurveda standard
  • Determination of body constitution (doshas)
  • Technique of back and chest massage, demonstration by a therapist (120')

Day 4

  • Purva Karma (preparation) and Panchakarma (detoxification and purification treatment), the five steps of Panchakarma (120')
  • Technique of leg and foot massage, demonstration by a therapist (120')

Day 5 

  • Abhyanga massage (Ayurvedic oil massage), steam bath and fermenting v. Food (120')
  • Practical exercise Abhyanga, steam bath and fermentation (120')

Day 6 

  • Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Oilology (120')
  • Instruction on Shirodara forehead cast and Shirovasti head treatment (120')

Day 7 

  • Visit to Ayurvedic pharmacy and Ayurvedic museum (120')
  • Consultation with Ayurvedic doctor at Medical Center (approx. 15 min. away) 

Day 8

  • Introduction to Sri Lankan spices
  • Benefits of spices according to body constitution
  • Cooking class (60')

Day 9

  • Nutrition according to body constitution (food and diet according to doshas) 
  • How to make a flower bath, demonstration by a therapist

Day 10

  • Theoretical examination
  • Visit Kalutara Bodhiya
  • Visit a vegetable store and explain the properties/efficacy of different vegetables  
  • Insured as a package tour with insolvency protection and security certificate
  • Rebook and cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival with the Flex Upgrade
  • For all details see Flex Upgrade

Telephone booking code: 70VP3

Personalise your stay

Villa Velmarie Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Detail

Your Hotel

☀ In the Villa Velmarie Yoga & Ayurveda House, a renovated villa from the Dutch colonial era, Ayurveda awaits you in a quiet, family atmosphere with approx. The hotel follows the slogan "magnificence in simplicity". 4,000 sqm of garden. Approx. 2 walking minutes away is a fishing beach (not suitable for swimming), Beruwelas centre approx. 2 km, beaches for bathing approx. 15 minutes.

Location & Surroundings

The small town of Maggona is located about 60 minutes south of the capital Colombo near the coastal town of Beruwela. Southwestern Sri Lanka attracts with rainforests, beautiful beaches and many cultural attractions.

How You Reside

The retreat has 6 rooms (approx. 30 sqm) with a terrace, air conditioning, WiFi, TV, hairdryer. 3 with pool view, 3 with mini courtyard. Single rooms are double rooms for single use.

Double Room

6 rooms in the villa (each approx. 30 sqm) with a terrace, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, WiFi. 3 with pool view, 3 with mini courtyard.


Air conditioner

Hair dryer

Room code for telephone bookings: 70VD1


6 rooms in the villa for single use (approx. 30 sqm each) with terrace, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, WiFi. 3 with pool view, 3 with mini courtyard.


Air conditioner

Hair dryer

Room code for telephone bookings: 70VE1

Air conditioner

Hair dryer

Room code for telephone bookings: 70VD2

Air conditioner

Hair dryer

Room code for telephone bookings: 70VE2

Food & Drinks

Ayurvedic, mainly vegetarian menus, suitable for all Dosha types (tridosha). Typical dishes with local products, fresh juices and fruit.

Ayurveda Centre

Experienced Ayurveda doctor with his own Ayurveda clinic, from traditional family and member of the Sinhala Ayurveda Society. In 3 treatment rooms, ayurvedic massages (e.g. face, head, body, foot), Shirodhara oil forehead shower, herbal inhalation, baths are offered. Ayurveda doctor on call.


Outdoor pool (approx. 12 x 3 m) with sunbeds. Excursions e.g. to the beach or Richmond Castle in Kalutara, to the Fort in Beruwela, Galle, Kande Viharaya Temple in Aluthgama, visit to a turtle breeding station in Kosgoda, water sports such as surfing nearby (some for a fee).

Getting There

Transfer Flgh. CMB (approx. 84 km) T 929 TF € 123/car (1-3 pers., back & forth).

Nearby Airports
Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport (CMB) : (approx. 97 km / 97 minutes)

Additional Information

Child discount: on request.

Parking: included.

Pets: not permitted.

Languages: English knowledge recommended.

Good to Know

If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda, ayurvedic nutrition, medicine and treatments, you have the possibility to participate in a 10-day Ayurveda training for beginners. The training takes place partly in the Villa Velmarie and partly in the Ayurveda Clinic of the Ayurveda Doctor. 9 nights in apartment (approx. 5 minutes walk from Villa Velmarie), full board, 10-day course and daily yoga/meditation (approx. 1 hour) from € 1060 per person in double room. Further information on request from SpaDreams.

Hotel Amenities at a Glance

Customer Reviews

Excellent 4.7 / 5.0
100% would recommend
Wellness area
19 Ratings from real clients At SpaDreams, only clients who have travelled with us can submit a review.
  • Peter A.
    from Germany

    ‘Incredibly relaxing’ Original review (automatically translated)

    After a short acclimatization we have fully arrived at Villa Velmarie! The rooms simple but beautiful and functional,the garden with pool well kept and totally quiet,all staff incredibly caring and loving,the daily treatments indescribable and priceless. It was an all-round successful experience and we will certainly go there again. show more

    • Hotel in general
      Certainly not a European 4 star standard but this is all more than made up for by the cordiality of the staff. Clean, in a quiet location, swept garden, six rooms thereby very familiar.
    • Service and hospitality
      It's indescribable how these people put in the work, total motivation to please everyone.
    • Cuisine
      Ayurvedic dishes throughout the day, the chef makes a great effort to bring something new to the table every day.
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      Small clean pool in the garden,the spa area is pleasant and clean in a quiet environment
    • Treatments and programmes
      The treatments are indescribably good and soothing. Saminta has cleared all my aches and pains and with his friendly manner helped us to spend a great time.

    show less

    • March 2023
    • 17 - 23 days
    • as a couple
    • 60 to 69 years
  • Andrea M.
    from Germany

    ‘Satisfied’ Original review (automatically translated)

    Family accommodation, very eager to satisfy the guests show more

    • Hotel in general
      Clean, safe area
    • Service and hospitality
      Helpful, friendly
    • Cuisine
      Varied mostly vegetarian cuisine
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      One is very responsive to the wishes of guests, clean
    • Treatments and programmes
      Friendly, very responsive to the wishes of the guests

    show less

    • March 2023
    • 17 - 23 days
    • as a family
    • 60 to 69 years
  • Nathalie H.
    from Germany

    ‘Authentic Ayurveda in a family environment’ Original review (automatically translated)

    Villa Velmarie was the perfect place! The resort is small and quiet, has a gorgeous garden with lots of birds (and even fruit bats in the trees - wow!) and a super friendly team. I felt like I was in a family from the first second. Everyone was lovely to me, looked after my wellbeing and made sure I had the best time. The treatments were all of the highest standard, performed in a jungle lodge. There I could relax wonderfully with birds chirping. Also the yoga sessions - a dream! I am very relaxed and hope to remain so in everyday life.😊 Thank you to the Villa Velmarie family. show more

    • Hotel in general
      Great little resort with 6 rooms. Was always clean and very close to the beach. The garden is a blast!😊
    • Service and hospitality
      The employees gave everything! I have rarely experienced such cordiality. My every wish was fulfilled and they always thought one step ahead. I was almost sad to have to leave the team.
    • Cuisine
      Always a highlight, always freshly cooked and regional. The food was always on time on the table, even during PowerCut times. The kitchen ladies fulfilled every additional request!
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      Always clean and well maintained. The whole facility was maintained around the clock.
    • Treatments and programmes
      A dream! The ladies and gentlemen have magic hands and release any tension. I had at all times deepest trust and the impression, they know what they do!

    show less

    • January 2023
    • 9 - 11 days
    • solo
    • 30 to 39 years
  • Mathias L.
    from Germany

    ‘The vacation was totally relaxing and restful!’ Original review (automatically translated)

    We would dare to travel to Sri Lanka again at any time to take advantage of the Ayurveda retreat. Overall a great experience, only the long "journey" is a bit tedious ;-). show more

    • Hotel in general
      After all, this is not so much a classic hotel as an old villa from the colonial era. The facility as a whole is well maintained, all areas clean and typical for the country. A comparison with local hotel facilities is difficult, because the offer is also more specific. If you expect a five star hotel with all you can eat, you are wrong here ;-). In the surrounding area there is a lot of Sri Lanka, which means the possibility to discover the country and its people very originally.
    • Service and hospitality
      In all areas there is nothing to criticize under the aspect of service and friendliness. All our needs were met to our complete satisfaction. An all-round "carefree package". Just relax and not worry about anything.
    • Cuisine
      One word: Special! The food was excellent, vegetarian and very freshly prepared by the in-house chef. Not only that, but it was always explained what the dishes were and the possible effects. You can't get fresher than that, because the ingredients mostly came directly from our own garden. Here, too, it must be said that the diet is personally tailored to the appropriate type. Nutritional counseling, or consultation with the responsible doctor belongs with the healing therapies and in this house to the normality.
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      The treatments were great, soothing, sometimes a bit alienating. However, those who engage in the procedure experience pure relaxation. The in-house masseurs are masters of the traditional treatments. Only the mosquitoes are sometimes a bit annoying.
    • Treatments and programmes
      As already described, we could only make the best experiences. We felt comfortable in all areas and even excursions, which were actually not part of the spa program, were professionally organized by the staff and accordingly very well executed.

    show less

    • December 2022
    • 12 - 16 days
    • as a couple
    • 40 to 49 years
  • Anonymous Guest

    ‘Very pleasant, especially because of the nice staff’ Original review (automatically translated)

    • March 2022
    • 12 - 16 days
    • as a couple
    • 30 to 39 years

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