Important Information

Important Information

Everything you need to know about your travels

Flight Information

Online Check-In

Many airlines offer online check-in just 72 hours before departure. You can quickly and conveniently confirm your presence on board and select a seat.

Flight Times & Flight Time Changes

 You will receive the flight times from us together with the dispatch of the travel documents. However, as there are always short-term changes, we would ask you to check your flight times 48 hours before departure on All you need is your 6-digit ticket number, which may contain numbers and letters. Example: K4D28N

Flight Safety

The EU has strict aviation safety standards. Some airlines are therefore considered to be at risk due to safety deficiencies or are completely prohibited from operating within the EU. The legislator obliges us to draw attention to the so-called "black list in air traffic" of the European Commission, which lists all insecure airlines.


Rights of Disabled Passengers

In July 2006, the European Parliament published a regulation on the rights of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility to ensure equality and adequate care for disabled or mobility impaired passengers at airports and in airplanes.



Further Information

Different countries, different manners

This wisdom applies in connection with your journey in almost all countries offered. You should consider this in the daily handling of people, their habits, customs and manners.


Arrival and Departure in General

As a rule, the rooms in the hotel are available from 2 pm to 3 pm. For a late arrival (from 6 pm) you should definitely inform us. The check-out times are determined differently from hotel to hotel, but are mainly between 10 am and 12 pm.


Arrival by Airplane

On your travel/ booking confirmation you will find the estimated departure and return times. Direct flights are without layovers. Direct flights are with layovers (may require a disembarkation). Timetables, flight routes and flight times can change at short notice. The flight times depend on the airline and can also be in the early morning or at night. Please consider the arrival and departure day primarily as a travel day. Flight delays cannot always be avoided, e.g. unfavorable weather or overcrowding of the airspace can lead to delays.



Treatments can also take place, although the room is not available on the day of arrival or is no longer available on the day of departure. Please inquire if necessary for a day room (surcharge). Parking and underground parking spaces will be allocated upon arrival with your own car according to availability. Certain applications, such as Gymnastics, yoga, autogenic training always take place in groups, unless otherwise stated in the announcement. Additional treatments/ services (especially for beauty weekends) should be reserved in advance if possible, a booking on site cannot always be guaranteed.


Medical Examinations On Site

The results of the initial examination by the authorized spa doctor at the destination will determine which treatments you will be prescribed. In many spas, complete or complex health cures are offered in which the treatments prescribed by the doctor are included in the spa price.


Construction Sites

As far as we are notified of short-term construction activities with impairments, we will inform you immediately. We always endeavor to provide you with acceptable solutions in the form of a replacement offer or a free cancellation.



If you find the same hotel, resort or package deal with the same services with another provider at a lower price within 14 days of your booking at SpaDreams, we will refund you the difference without any problems. You only have to provide us with written proof of the lower price, the services actually included and the actual book ability of the settlement offer. Excluded from the Best Price Guarantee are only flights with daily updated prices and offers, which are only accessible to a limited group of people.


Recommendations by the Doctor

Follow the recommendations of the spa doctor, the beauty farm or the wellness center. A guarantee of success when participating in a program (spa, wellness, fitness, beauty) cannot be given unfortunately.


Single Room

Single rooms are often double rooms for single use (see Hotel descriptions). Real single rooms are available in hotels usually only in limited numbers and can differ in location and facilities of double rooms. You are entitled to accommodation in the room category confirmed by us. The division of the rooms is up to the hotelier. A certain location of the room can be forwarded as a non-binding customer request to the hotel, but not guaranteed.



Please note that golf courses can be closed due to weather conditions



The transport of dogs is partially allowed (for notes see respective page). A pre-registration with the indication of breed/size/weight of the pet is always necessary. In dining rooms/restaurants, common areas, lifts, pool, spa and spa areas, etc., pets are not allowed. The costs have to be paid locally.



City hotels as well as hotels in rural areas can be very loud depending on the environment. "Quiet" in the hotel description refers to the geographical location. Especially in larger hotels come with more excitement and thus with a corresponding noise disturbances, e.g. through discos, bars or open air restaurants. In southern countries, when the weather is fine, life takes place in the evening and at night on the streets. Heating/ air conditioning are often operated centrally in the facilities, so that the service is then at the discretion of the hotelier. In addition, their operation may be associated with noise.


Hotel Classification

Since the ideas of comfort are different, SpaDreams has taken over the official hotel classification of each country. This is not always in correspondence with European hotel standards.


Child Discount

Many hotels offer a child discount. This always refers to the accommodation and meals prices according to the price table for accommodation in the room of the parents. On the offered programs this is not applicable.


Treatment Capability

A cure always presupposes that you have a minimum of physical capacity. If you have any concerns about this, we advise you to have your cure confirmed by the doctor. This will determine if you have a contraindication that precludes the use of certain procedures. Please bring all current medical documents that you have with you to the cure. We will gladly send you a corresponding form for your doctor on request.


Tourist tax

Any applicable visitor's tax is to be paid locally, unless otherwise stated in the hotel description. The specified cost corresponds to the status at the time of the hotels update.



For example, 5 = 3, you travel 5 days and pay only 3. Basically, the entire trip duration must be in the discount travel dates unless "arrival on" is stated. The offers usually refer to overnight stays, with some additional meals. Some savings dates apply only when booking a SpaDreams package. Also in cures there are discount travel packages, e.g. 3 = 2, meaning; 3 weeks cures for 2 weeks price.


Tour Guide/Customer Care

In some resorts you will be personally looked after by our SpaDreams travel guide. If the tour guide is not part of the program, then please do not hesitate to contact the hotel reception if you have any further questions. In case of concerns, please contact the tour guide or us.

You can reach us Mon - Fri from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm,
Tel. 020 3608 7377
E-Mail:, Internet:



SAT-TV means only satellite reception. Whether and which English programs can be received depends on which satellite the antenna is aimed at. We cannot guarantee that English channels will always be available.



At many hotels SpaDreams offers a private transfer with a separate taxi from the train station or airport to the hotel. A transfer agent expects you abroad, usually behind the customs clearance. Please note the sign of our transfer agent with your name and/ or hotel name and SpaDreams. The drivers will help you to load and unload your luggage. Whether the entire luggage is actually allowed should be reviewed by you in any case.



In many hotels, local and traditional cuisine is offered, with breakfast being mostly served as a buffet and in some countries of little significance. Half board usually includes breakfast and dinner (buffet, set menu or à la carte). For half board the service starts on the day of arrival with the dinner and ends on the departure day with the breakfast. For late or late arrivals, however, the hotel will no longer have to serve dinner.


High and Low Season

The periods of the off-season vary and do not always coincide with our holiday times. During low season the hotel and the surrounding area may have facilities such as: Swimming pools, restaurants and shopping are limited. Necessary renovation and construction activities are also carried out at these times. Some hotels are a popular destination for groups due to cheaper pre-and post-season rates. Prices at season overlap are calculated pro rata.


Wellness-, Bathing Areas & Spa Departments

Spa, bathing areas and spa departments are occasionally available for non-hotel guests for a fee. Beaches are almost always public, cleanliness is the responsibility of the municipality.


Room Categories

Under our room descriptions the room names are given by the hotel, such as Deluxe, Superior etc. taken over to ensure a flawless reservation. So it can be e.g. in a 3-star hotel offers "deluxe rooms", which are not to be equated with rooms of this category in a 4- or 5-star hotel.