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Kneipp Therapy

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Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897) was a pioneer of hydrotherapy (therapy with use of water) combined with special diet, herbal treatments, and physical activities. The cure is believed to help patients suffering from psychological, cardiovascular and metabolic problems such as chronic fatigue or stress, sleeping disorders, venous insufficiency or ulcers, restless legs, phlebitis, diabetes type II, obesity and hypertension. Kneipp therapy is also suitable as a prevention treatment to avoid arterial disorders and degenerative diseases such as rheumatism. The best-known destination for Kneipp therapy is Bad Wörishofen in Germany, where Sebastian Kneipp gave lectures and developed the treatment.

Increase your wellbeing with just five elements? The Kneipp cure makes it possible! A combination of water therapy, nutrition, exercise and herbs not only strengthens the immune system, but promises a completely new way of life.

The most popular Kneipp Therapy is the so called hydrotherapy where water serves as a mediator of temperature stimuli. The interaction of warm and cold water strengthens above all the immune system and the blood circulation and creates a better state of health. Typical therapies include treading, faucets, baths or washes.

Elements of the Kneipp therapy:

  •  Water treatments (hydrotherapy): various kinds of showers with cold and hot water, mineral and herbal baths (balneotherapy), body packs, and massages are just some of the treatments on the extensive list.  
  • Herbal treatments (phytotherapy) with use of warm bags with herbs, herbal teas and essential oils.
  •  The diet: balanced diet or fasting based mainly on vegetarian and vegan wholesome products – lots of fruit and vegetable, whole-grain products, quality dairy and meat (in reasonable amounts), a lot of water and herbal teas.
  • Physical activities: daily moderate exercises, outdoor activities such walking barefoot (e.g. in snow or a meadow).
  • Inner balance: regulation of daily routine and deep relaxation.

A Kneipp Cure is also about the interaction of stress and rest. This movement therapy includes massages and walking, cycling or swimming. The diet should be balanced and natural. Also medicinal plants are used (phytotherapy), which can also be found in teas, oils or ointments. All in all, a new order should reconcile life and restore the mental balance.

The Kneipp Cure can be used preventively or for the treatment of a medical illness. The cure works best with other applications or with a Detox or F.X. Mayr Cure combined.

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