Luxury Detox

Luxury Detox

Purify your body in paradise!

Best Destinations for Luxury Detox

Detox your body in 5 star surroundings

Cleanse your body in paradise! Our luxury detox hotels will provide you with everything you could ever need to support you during your detox journey. Relax in 5 star hotels and stunning surroundings as your purify your body and free your mind. 

Experience luxury detox with a tropical flair in at our luxury detox hotels in Thailand. These hotels combine professional detox diet programmes with yoga and meditation, offering the perfect holistic programmes to reunite your body and soul. Tropical palm trees fringe the beautiful white beaches where most of the activities take place, and sparkling blue waters are home to stunning species of shimmering fish. 

Our European luxury detox hotels offer a difference experience. From pillow-menus to ice caves, organic saunas to thermal waterfalls, these elegant and professional luxury hotels offer specialist care and first-class facilities throughout your detox programme.  Relax in world-class spas and let your body activate its natural self-healing powers. 

Whether you're looking to stay close to home or travel afar, SpaDreams can help you find the ideal luxury detox holiday to suit your every need.

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