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Our dogs accompany us through every stage of life, so why not take them on holiday too? They're a source of joy, a life companion and now, they can be a holiday companion too. Here at SpaDreams, we have a variety of hotels which allow holidays with dogs and other pets, and help make your trip even more relaxing.

With our wide range of hotels, all with stunning spa facilities, we have the perfect location for you to enjoy incredible scenery, without having to worry about leaving your pet alone. For dog lovers, there is nothing better than exploring the area together, feeling the fresh breeze blow in your face. Stroll through forests and along beaches, climb mountains and enjoy the wonderful view. Your dog will be as happy as larry about the chance to run free in many new beautiful surroundings, and he will fall fast asleep at night.

Pets are proven to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and can even help to lower blood pressure, so when combined with the healing power of a spa, pet friendly hotels are the perfect way to truly enjoy your holiday. Relax with massages and fango mud baths, treat your skin to a refreshing experience with scrubs and face masks, or work out at the fitness centre. From relaxing in a pool to breathing in the fresh air on a walk with your pet, our pet friendly hotels are the perfect place for a break. 

Looking for a luxury holiday with dogs or a spa that allows dogs? Perhaps even a yoga retreat with dogs? We have something for everyone. Just let our experts know if you are looking to take your dog, cat or ferret on holiday and we will make all necessary arrangements.


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