Where to go in August

Where to go in August?

Our ideal SpaDreams destinations in August

Top SpaDreams destinations in August!

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Where to go in August?

You stayed all locked up in the office throughout the month of July, saw all your friends go on holiday and return with golden skin? Don’t worry, now it’s your turn! Some destinations are very popular in August for their climate and their surroundings, and that's why at SpaDreams we prefer to suggest destinations that you have perhaps not thought of yourself and that will help you to find a quieter, more relaxing break.

Why not opt ​​for a luxury holiday in Czech Republic at one of our 5-star hotels? Take the opportunity to visit the famous spa town of Marienbad and enjoy some delicious svíčková or knödel. Or what about a getaway to northern Spain - maybe a roman thermal spa in Galicia? You’ll enjoy the benefits of thermal waters for your health and you’ll see immediate results. If you have already visited this region, or want to go on other adventures, you can of course head to the south of the country, where we have numerous hotel and spa wellness offers.. Whether you want a detox, Ayurveda, or just want to relax by the pool with massages throughout the day, all of these things are available (and highly recommended!).

If the sound of Ayurveda in Asia appeals, then August is the month for you. In Phuket, the average temperature is 29°, with gentle levels of sun and night-time rainfall. The effects of the therapy courses will only be enhanced! Or if you want true authenticity, then try Ayurveda in Kerala, the birthplace of the ancient medical system.

But if you’re looking for where to go in August for sports activities, then take a look at Switzerland, the perfect destination for active leisure. Tennis, hiking, swimming – sports abound for the fitness fanatic, all the while staying  in luxury hotels near Lake Geneva’s glittering waters. Here you can expect high quality care in a dream setting.

Of course, sometimes the high temperatures and crowded streets are a small price to pay for the beauty of some of the best August destinations, such as Greece and Tunisia. If high temperatures don’t deter, treat yourself to a dream vacation on the coasts of Southern Europe and cool off with the fresh sea air. How does a relaxing stay by the sea in Portugal sound - in the Algarve region or on the island of Madeira? Don’t wait any longer and check out our offers to decide where to go in August!

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