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Bring your body and mind into harmony with yoga! Far more than just a series of exercises, this fascinating, millennia-old, sacred practice is not only a unique holiday experience in its own way but it is also an essential part of our Ayurveda programmes offered mostly in India and Sri Lanka

Our yoga retreats are your ticket to a life-changing yoga experience. Perform perfect sun salutations on pristine, sandy beaches, learn the best breathing techniques under the guidance of expert yogis and immerse yourself in the philosophy of yoga to gain a new-found clarity of mind and sense of inner-peace. Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that emphazises physical exercises to master the body along with the mind. "Ha" stands for the "sun" and "tha" represents the "moon." The feminine is the moon- cool and receptive. This practice of yoga develops a balance of strength and flexibility. Benefit from the physical effects of yoga, such as improved flexibility and strength, perfect posture, increased blood flow and heart rate, lower blood pressure and many more. 

From short yoga weekends in Europe to long, luxury yoga escapes in Thailand and Bali, amongst our diverse range of offers you'll find the perfect yoga holiday to suit your every need. If you're searching for a new sense of enlightenment and a drastic lifestyle change, consider combining your yoga holiday with an Ayurveda cure, for the ultimate holistic healing experience.

The cuisine of the individual yoga hotels are adjusted to the needs of the guests and serve suitable dishes and meals - there are no wishes unfulfilled.

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Discover health, dynamism and peace in India

Thanks to Swami Vivekananda's visit to America in the late 19th century, yoga is taught today in almost every corner of the world. As the motherland of this powerful technique, India offers a very conducive, highly-energised and spiritually-uplifting ambience in which to explore the various benefits of yoga.

Yoga retreats in India are simply unlike those anywhere else in the world. Whether you are an experienced Yogi, want to transform your lifestyle, or simply treat yourself to the luxurious oil massages and delicious vegetarian cuisines, SpaDreams is your go-to portal for the best yoga retreats in India. From the spectacular beaches of Goa to the exotic fishing villages of Kerala or the spiritually-enriching mountains of the Himalayas, we feature yoga retreats in India across the length of this amazing country.

If the main purpose of your yoga retreat is to heal certain diseases and rejuvenate your body, then check out the distinctively unique yoga retreats in the idyllic landscapes of South India. They are renowned for their therapeutic programs. If you would like to learn meditation and experience a spiritual awakening in yourself, you could try the yoga retreats in the mystical mountains of North India.

Looking to blend fun and adventure in with your yoga holiday? Our choice of beachside yoga retreats in India are just for you. From learning difficult yoga poses to losing those extra pounds, from three-night to month long stays, you can find a huge range of options to suit every need and lifestyle.

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