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Achieve your fitness goals in one of our fitness holiday hotels at SpaDreams!

Our fitness holiday programmes are perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking high-quality training and a change of scenery, or anyone looking to get fit and lose weight, particularly when combined with our weight loss and fasting programmes. Get motivated with our group sessions, including aerobics, aqua fitness, jogging and muscle training, or pursue your own personal goals in the spacious, high-tech gyms.

Relax in elegant spas and cosy saunas after a tough workout, and enjoy healthy, gourmet meals cooked by world-class chefs. As well as access to first class facilities, all fitness holiday guests receive special privileges such as wellness drinks and nutrition classes. Fasting and detox programmes are also available.

Our fitness holidays in Europe offer top quality classes in chic, modern hotels. For the more adventurous guests, we can find you the fitness holiday of a lifetime in Asia or the Caribbean.

With the support and guidance of the resident nutrition, fitness and medical specialists at our hotels, a SpaDreams fitness holiday will give you everything you need to develop healthy habits and continue to improve your fitness in the long-term.

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