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Cleanse Diet

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Enhance your wellness, vitality and energy-levels

Taking some time to enjoy a cleanse diet promises an array of health benefits. Besides the well-known detoxification rewards , a cleanse diet can also be used to identify foods that may trigger inflammatory responses causing weight gain, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and fatigue.

A cleanse diet is comprised of metabolism-boosting carbs, resistant starches and non-trigger inflammatory foods. Pausing your regular food intake and following a cleanse diet that is appropriate for your health can dramatically improve your overall well-being, as it flushes out toxins, boosts your hormones, and speeds up your metabolism.

Whether you wish to cure certain health issues, lose some extra kilos, or improve your skin glow and appearance, our handpicked selection of cleanse diet spa resorts and wellness centres located across the world are all geared to get you the desired results. With certified dieticians, proven recipe formulas, inspiring settings, and motivating staff, these health resorts will ensure you reap the full benefits of a cleanse diet, naturally and joyfully.

Be it a colon cleanse to kick start your intestines, a liver cleanse to flush out toxins, or a beauty cleanse to replenish your skin, our cleanse diet programmes make your journey towards wellness wonderful and exciting. 

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