Fasting for Depression

Fasting for Depression

Gentle relief for the improvement of mental well-being

Fasting for Depression: Happiness Hormones and Therapeutic Fasting

Fasting has many positive effects on the body and can even help to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Within a few days of a fasting programme, the brain stimulates the production of "happiness" hormones (endorphins), which automatically improves mood - including in the case of those suffering from moderate forms of depression. As this sort of treatment needs medical assistance, it is recommended to undertake the programmes at a fasting clinic.

A Holiday for Your Health

Fasting for Depression

At a fasting retreat, you will receieve personalised treatment and guidance from trained staff members who assist you throughout the programme. Furthermore, the food is prepared for you: the clinics and hotels will know exactly what you should eat and tailor your board according to your programme.

If you decide to fight depression with fasting, you can find a programme that you feel is most suitable for you. For example, therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, the Schroth Cure or F.X. Mayr Fasting. In addition, alkaline fasting or an Ayurveda programme can help you achieve success.

Diet & Depression

Fasting for Depression2

Ayurvedic programmes for example, do not primarily focus on the body: through a healthy, moderate diet and many treatments, inner balance is restored and ensure long-term well-being.

The idea that fasting can help depression is proved by several scientific studies. Scientists have found out that the intestinal flora has a significant impact on the mood. A healthy diet can therefore prevent psychological conditions and help ease some symptoms.

Fasting retreats are available all over the world – enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka or travel to Tenerife, where the sunshine additionally helps beat depression - the options are endless.

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