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Body Cleanse – Detox and Unwind

During a detox spa therapy, the body is cleansed with the help of certain foods. In daily life, we ingest toxins and harmful substances both through our environment and poor nutrition. A body cleanse helps break down these contaminants more quickly and eliminate them from the body. With one of our spa therapy packages you combine two aspects: a holiday in a beautiful place and doing something great for your health.

The Benefits of a Body Cleanse

We recommend doing a body detox especially if you suffer from certain conditions, such as stomach and intestinal complaints like constipation or diarrhea. With an intestinal cleanse, the gut is flushed of toxins, which in turn help it to restore natural flora.

What many people don’t realize, our digestive system often plays a major role in mood swings. Doctors practicing alternative medicine are also find that headaches, tension or back pain can be caused by toxins. Our body cleanse treatment can help relieve you of chronic pain. And of course, many of these detox programmes can also help you lose weight.

But you don’t have to suffer from a condition to benefit from cleanse diet – detoxify your body to improve your overall physical well-being.



Choosing the Best Body Cleanse for You

There is a wide range of different detox spa packages. These can be differentiated by the method of treatment (Buchinger fast, Ayurveda treatment, etc.) or classified according to their main purpose. You will achieve different positive results from a liver cleanse than you would with an intestinal cleanse.

The most important cleanses by method of treatment

Therapeutic fasting

This is probably the most common and sought-after therapy method for a body cleanse. The Buchinger fast restricts you to consuming primarily vegetable broth, juices and teas. An alkaline diet is less restrictive and allows you to do a cleanse diet without going hungry.

Ayurveda therapy

Ayurveda has been firmly anchored in various cultures for thousands of years and is still considered a proven healing method in alternative medicine today. The focus with Ayurveda is on treatments and oil massages, which are individually tailored to suit your specific needs. It is important that you consume large amounts of water and unsweetened herbal teas.

Schuessler salts

Detox through Schuessler

Another method to detox the body is by taking Schuessler salts (also known as Schuessler tissue salts). Depending on the type of mineral, you can achieve different effects. Potassium sulfuricum, for example, promotes metabolism and is useful in a liver cleanse. Silicea, on the other hand, helps if you have skin problems, but also stimulates kidney cleanses and connective tissue detoxes.

The most important cleanses by main purpose

Intestinal cleanse

This often involves many natural remedies and ingredients, such as cayenne pepper, garlic, onion and apples to detox the intestines. Psyllium husks and healing earth help cleanse the bowel naturally. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get sufficient exercise. For the most effective intestinal cleanse, it recommended to also have colon hydrotherapy (enema) treatments.

Liver cleanse

Liver cleanse

Avoiding sweets and fast food is essential in a liver cleanse. Instead, you must drink at least two liters of water per day, eat healthy and fresh food (e.g. green vegetables, garlic, walnuts and salmon) and also make sure that you get enough exercise. Olive oil and dandelion root extract also help to cleanse the liver.

Body cleanse to lose weight

If you would like to do a master cleanse to lose weight, we recommend that you prioritise diets that are as low in sugar as possible. Juice fasting is unfavorable here. Instead, the focus should be on teas and vegetable broth. Intermittent fasting would be a better option, where food intake is completely avoided over a longer period of time (e.g. 16 hours).

This is How to Book Your Body Cleanse Holiday

  • The right duration: Depending on the type of body cleanse you would like, we offer programs for either 3, 5, or 7 days to ensure that you get the best results. It is possible to do more than a 7 day cleanse, however, this should only be done after consulting with your personal physician.
  • The right environment: It can be helpful to combine a body cleanse with a holiday. This way you can fully focus the detox process in peace and quiet, while being pampered in a spa or fasting hotel. Our spa hotels are located in picturesque destinations by the sea or in the countryside. You can find body cleanse packages in Europe or go someplace more exotic in Asia. What all hotels have in common - you will be looked after by qualified doctors and nutrition therapists during your stay and receive treatments tailored to your personal needs.


We would like to answer the most important and frequently asked questions regarding our body cleanse treatments below. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Can anyone start a body cleanse or detox?

Generally, anyone can participate in a body cleanse programme. However, caution is advised for patients with diabetes, low blood pressure, eating disorders or impaired kidney function. You should always seek medical advice from a trusted physician beforehand. If you are ill with the flu or other acute infections, it is better to start the detox at a later date.

Can there be side effects when doing a body cleanse?

As with many other diet regimens, you will not be consuming certain foods. This could mean that your body only receive small amounts of certain nutrients. Drinking plenty of water usually helps remedy this. Many nutrient deficiencies won’t occur if you only do a body cleanse for a short period, e.g. 3 days.

Body cleanse vs. detox: what’s the difference?

Both terms tend to be used and understood interchangeably. A cleanse of any kind refers to using certain nutrients or supplements to flush toxins out of your system, most frequently in organs that are responsible for eliminating wastes from our bodies and cells, e.g. bowel, liver, and kidneys. A detox refers to stimulating the natural processes in the body to remove these harmful toxins.

Can I do a body cleanse or detox at home?

You can do a detox or cleanse anywhere. However, it is recommended that you have medical supervision while going through this process, both for your own safety and to ensure the effectiveness. If you do this while on a detox retreat, you allow experts to take care of you and all you have to do is relax!

Can I lose weight with a body cleanse?

The main goal of a cleanse is not to lose weight, but rather to improve your health. However, in abstaining from harmful processed foods and increasing the intake of whole foods and water, you are likely to lose some weight naturally.

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