Health Spa Hotels in Austria

Health Spa Hotels in Austria

Thermal Holidays & Medical Wellness amidst Picturesque Nature

Are you looking for a healing, long-lasting and relaxing holiday in one of the beautiful Austrian spa towns? We are here to help you discover your perfect health spa hotel in Austria. Carefully curated after over 40 years of experience and hotel partnerships, SpaDreams offers a wide range of health spa hotels and health programmes in the most charming Austrian spa towns.

Our Three Most Popular Health Spa Hotel Packages in Austria

Our Most Popular Programmes in Austria

Relaxing and Thermal Wellness Programmes – Escape, immerse yourself, experience the healing powers of therapeutic thermal water oases in our premium health spa hotels in Austria. These programmes target your inner balance and physical relaxation. Enjoy vital oases with cosy sauna cabins, therapeutic thermal water and relaxing, first-class massages in our top health spa hotels in Austria. Spa hotels in Austria use curative thermal springs to serve as a relaxing source for body, mind and soul. Let the mineral-rich water gently soften stress symptoms and aching tensions in your body.

Medical Wellness & Radon Therapy – The noble gas radon plays an important role in the health and medical therapy forms in Austria. It is a natural form of pain relief and stimulation of the immune system especially for rheumatism and arthritis patients. Experience this unique form of natural treatment in one of our best spa hotels in Austria and a long-lasting pain relief up to one year after therapy. Some of the radon programmes in our hotels in Bad Gastein include a drive into the well-known Healing Gallery as well.

Vital and Climate Holidays – Austria is popular for stunning mountain ranges, calm lakes, shadowy woodlands, picturesque alpine heathland and endless outdoor activities in all seasons. Especially, the woodlands and mountains are known for their unique healing climate. Patients with lung or heart issues, or insomnia find most relief in the mild climate of the shadowy woods. For patients with chronical asthma, bronchitis or physical inactivity the stimulating climate on higher altitudes (up to 1000 m) is more effective. If you are looking for an active holiday, our health spa hotels in Austria offer different vital programmes with changing activities including yoga and stretching, hiking tours, entrance tickets to golf courts and much more. Professionals will guide you through the exercises and hikes and can also help you reach your personal fitness goal.

Our Most Popular Health Spa Hotels in Austria

If you already know you want to book a health spa hotel in Austria, please use the search bar below to view all available offers. Filter them to your personal needs and wishes and find your dream holiday.

The History of Health Spa Hotels in Austria

Healing, Relaxing, Unique

Geologically, health spa hotels in Austria benefit from numerous thermal springs and the noble gas radon. Since centuries, spa hotels in the Austrian alps welcome patients seeking relief from rheumatic or arthritis pain. Customers can also choose between different fasting, active and Ayurveda programmes. The most popular spas amongst SpaDreams clients are located in the spa towns Bad Gastein, Bad Waltersdorf and Bad Hofgastein. As a site note, “Bad” translates to “spa”, indicating the officially certified spa town status.

During the 1940s, thermal water, the precious liquid, was found in Bad Gastein while digging a shaft in hope of finding gold. Hereafter, the first health spa hotels were opened and Bad Gastein has become Europe’s Alpine health region. Yearly, thousands of patients make their way to the Gastein Healing Gallery or other renowned spa hotels in the Austrian alps’ region in search for a long-lasting pain relief. In these health hotels, programmes are mainly medically based, covering rheumatism, back or skin problems, and strains of aching joints. Therapy forms are radon, thermal therapeutic baths and massages. Guests looking for an active and vital holiday programme come to the right place – daily alternating activities invite to improve physical inactivity while discovering the beauty of Austria’s surroundings. On the slopes of the waterfall, Bad Gastein’s skyscrapers line up closely reminiscing of a skyline which invited to name Bad Gastein the “Village of Skyscrapers”.

Embedded in majestic, rural landscapes, spa resorts in Bad Waltersdorf exist for more than 30 years. The first spas with real thermal baths were opened in this spa town. Today, patients still come to the natural spring oases to activate the body’s self-healing powers and to naturally strengthen the immune system. Experience the wonders of two natural thermal springs in one of our spa hotels in Waltersdorf.

Picturesquely located in the Gastein valley, in Bad Hofgastein, our health spa hotels focus on arthritis and osteoporosis patients. Framed by the unique alpine panorama, patients can fully focus on their healing journey and well-being. Let yourself be taken away when enjoying the touch of the soothing alpine air on skin and lungs. 

Austrian Medical Expertise

Our health spa hotels in Austria are 100% focused on effective healing and relaxation programmes and are ranked among the best spa hotels in Austria. Through the long existence of thermal water and radon therapies, much knowledge was collected and is frequently being updated to provide specialised and effective treatments with long-lasting relief. Along with qualified medical experts, thermal spa hotels in Austria welcome you with warmth, first class treatments and real thermal water oases. With their high level of expertise, medicals create personalised treatment plans to ensure a fast and effective relief of symptoms. Specific therapy forms are supported by the healing powers of local thermal water and radon which have a long existence in the history of health spa hotels in Austria. Contact our experts for more information.


Health Spa Hotels in Austria Bad Gastein
Dreamy Valley of Bad Gastein
Health Spa Hotels in Austria Thermal Therapy
Enjoy Your Thermal Spring Baths

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Health Spa Hotels in Austria
Unique Alpine Panorama

Austria’s Fascinating Nature and Unique Healing Climate

Awaking in your charming spa town, you will be awaited by the impressive alpine landscape. Off the beaten tourist track, in the midst of colourful heathlands, imposing peaks and dreamy valleys, our health spa hotels in Austria stand out with premium locations and a welcoming mentality of the staff.

While proceeding your personal treatments, enjoy breath-taking views of mountain ranges, glistening lakes and fauna and flora all around you. In addition to your treatments in a spa hotel in Austria, make the most of your time while enjoying the nature and soothing air of the colourful outdoors.

Activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, rock climbing, Tandem paragliding and much more – there are endless possibilities for you to explore the surroundings of your health spa hotel in Austria. Regarding physical exercise, we advise to get approval from your treating doctor on site beforehand.

Alongside its picturesque alpine landscape, Austria’s woodlands and mountains are especially popular for a unique healing climate. Patients with lung or heart issues, or insomnia will find relief in the mild climate of the shadowy, cool and calm woods.
Whereas the stimulating climate in higher altitudes is more effective for patients with chronical asthma, bronchitis or the stimulation of physical inactivity. Is there anything more relaxing than finding relief in your symptoms while enjoying Austria’s mesmerising and unique natural wonders?

Health Spa Hotels in Austria
Colourful Heathlands in the Austrian Alps
Health Spa Hotels Austria Lakes and Nature
Breathe the Clear and Healing Mountain Air

Culture and Culinary in Austria

Culture: Guests of health spa hotels in Austria are taken away by the mingle of history and modernity when encountering with the Austrian culture. Experience the delights of Austrian cultural and historic traditions, along with majestic palaces, castles, fortresses, abbeys and modern events. Austria’s history goes back for centuries and with it come historical traditions and customs of every region. They are honoured in dances, festivals and music throughout the year open to public. Visitors can dive into the culture by visiting remarkable museums, impressive architecture or joyful festivals and events.

Culinary: Internationally mostly known for its Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel, the culinary of Austria has even more to offer. Despite the comparison to the traditional Viennese cuisine, Austria’s regions have developed their own culinary character. Hobby food lovers or gourmets can experience a foody extravaganza at food festivals throughout the warmer months (e.g. Genuss Festival). With their warm-hearted and inviting hospitality, Austrian’s will introduce you to their culinary culture. Be inspired by the melting pot of smells and flavours and free your inner gourmet.


Health Spa Hotels in Austria Culinary Culture
Experience Austria's Delicious Culinary Culture

Travel and Saving Tips for Your Health Spa Holiday in Austria

Travel Tips - Book Your Healing Spa Holiday in Austria

  • Transfer by Air - We recommend travelling to Austria by airplane. Depending on your spa destination, you can fly to Vienna Airport, Salzburg Airport or Innsbruck Airport. Once arrived in Austria or upon your arrival, we advise booking a transfer or a rental car to your health spa hotel in Austria. Some of our spa resorts in Austria, offer a free airport transfer. Please book your free transfer in advance to your arrival date with our SpaDreams experts.
  • Inland Transfer - Experience a pleasant arrival to your health spa hotel in Austria by train while enjoying the romantic landscape and comfortable service on board. Austrian's main train operator ÖBB has excellent ratings in safety and reliabilty, comfortable services and several discount offers. Due to a well-established train and bus network, you will quickly reach your destination (e.g. from Salzburg railway station).
  • Best Travel Season - If you have difficulties deciding for the best season to travel to your health spa destination, be assured – Austria is fascinating and surprising all year round. Our health spa destinations score with excellent and welcoming spa hotels, picturesque alpine landscape and diverse outdoor activities in all seasons. In summer and autumn, sunny valleys like Bad Hofgastein transform into hiking hot spots, while in winter, wood- and heathlands invite for dreamy walks. Many Austrian regions turn into bustling winter sports resorts. In the summer and winter months, tourism in Austria is at its peak. If you want to avoid the tourism hustle in these months, we recommend booking your health spa hotel in Austria during the shoulder months April – May and September – October.
  • Winter sports in Austria - In winter, mountains ranges in many spa towns turn into bustling sports resorts. Popular for its excellent ski pistes, Bad Hofgastein owns one of the longest descents of the Eastern Alps. Breathe in a lung-full of clear, cold mountain air before slicing down the freshly groomed pistes along the panoramic landscape. 
  • Climate – Expect warm summer and cold, snowy winter in Austria. If you suffer from serious lung, heart or rheumatism conditions, we recommend booking your stay in one of our spa resorts in Austria during months with milder temperatures. Instead of worsening your health conditions, the unique climate in the mountains and woodlands will be ideal for you to recover and calm your symptoms.

Saving Tips – How to Save Money on Your Austria Trip

  • If you are looking for a health spa hotel in Austria with multiple treatments, we advise our customers to book the spa package option. This will not only be more cost-effective but the treatment packages can already be booked before your trip instead of on site in the hotel. Hand in hand with our partner hotels, our SpaDreams team assembles your personal health spa package at the best value for your money and personal needs.
  • We advise to book well ahead of time to book the option “Early Bird Specials” on your programmes and stays. Simply by booking your trip early, allows you to save money.
  • Are you considering to travel during the off-peak season? Not only will you avoid the tourism stream but also save money as hotels raise prices in peak seasons (in Austria usually during summer and winter months). Stack your savings even more by combining your booking in the off-peak season with an Early Bird Special.



Austria Health Spa Hotels Winters in Austria
Health Spa Hotels in Austria
Average Temperatures in Bad Hofgastein
Health Spa Hotels in Austria
Winter Wonderland in Austria
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