Health Spa Hotels in Spain

Health Spa Hotels in Spain

Wellbeing in the Iberian Peninsula

Don't you think it's time for a break? At SpaDreams we want to take you on a trip to one of our magnificent health spa hotels in Spain. Experience a unique health holiday in this diverse country. Because of its endless beaches, spectacular landscapes, charm and culture, Spain is one of the all-time favourite destinations amongst our customers.

Our Most Popular Health Spa Programmes in Spain

Our Most Popular Programmes in Spain

Relaxation & Wellbeing Holidays: Relax in the sunny south, either with swimming pool, sea or both. Enjoy the thermal water and experience some wellness treatments to support your wellbeing.  

Detox and Weight Loss Vacations: Spanish Health Spa Hotels are known for their professionals in detox and weight loss. There are plenty of effective programmes that will not only relax you but also help you lose weight during your holidays. Choose from our wide variety of offers, from simple but healthy food to programmes to the best and most efficient weight loss clinics in the world. Here, you will find what you are looking for. 

Ayurveda Holidays: If you are interested in booking Ayurveda treatments, you don't necessarily have to travel to Asia. There are several hotels in Spain that offer authentic Ayurveda programmes as well.

Health Vacations: Thermal Therapy or Thalassotherapy, magnesium therapy or orthopaedic programmes. We offer a large selection of health retreats in Spain with a strong focus on health. Ideal for doing something for your health during the holidays.

If you already know you want to book a spa resort in Spain, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences.

Affordable Health Spa Hotels in Spain

If you are looking for sun, beach, culinary and pure relaxation during your holidays, our health spa hotels in Spain are the perfect stay for you. Already the Romans and the Arabs were aware of the medicinal properties of the thermal waters and took full advantage of their benefits. The same tradition is now followed by all our health retreats in Spain, adding a touch of modernity and technology in each of their treatments, all highly recommended to increase the well-being of your body and mind.

The Best Treatment Offers in Spain

During your holidays in Spain you can choose from a wide range of offers to pamper your body with massages, mud wraps, seaweed, thermal baths in natural pools, alternate showers of hot and cold water, use of the sauna and bubbles flavoured with your favourite perfume in a dream Jacuzzi. You can walk along the coast, walk from one province to another, explore one of the most authentic islands in the world and learn about the history that emanates from its monuments. All while receiving fantastic health treatments in the best health spa hotels in Spain. But where to go in Spain? At SpaDreams we offer you the best selection of destinations for your well-being: Galicia, Cantabria, Catalonia, the Costa del Sol, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and much more.

The Best Health Spa Hotels in Spain

Our spa hotels in Spain are fully equipped. You can experience the benefits of hydrotherapy on your own skin and enjoy the incredible outdoor pools under the sun's rays. You'll have the best personalised service at your disposal and you can even choose the all-inclusive mode so you don't have to worry about anything from breakfast to dinner.

Affordable Spa Hotels in the North of Spain

If you like nature and active sports, it is worth getting to know the north of Spain. Here, high mountains, green forests, amazing cliffs, blue rivers, beaches and the most beautiful valleys of Spain in more than 2000km of coastline are brought together. On the same day you can swim in the sea and climb to the top of one of the mountains to admire the wide views.

Here you can see our offers for health spa hotels in the north of Spain, for example in Cantabria or Galicia.

Health Spa Hotels in Spain
Sun, Beach and Rest
Health Spa Hotels in Spain
Health Treatments in the Best Spa Resorts in Spain.


Health Spa Hotels in Spain
Breathtaking Nature in the North of Spain

Booking Tips for Your Health Holiday in Spain

How to Save Money on Your Health Holiday in Spain

  • If you are travelling by plane to your health retreat in Spain, we advise you to book a return transfer from the airport to the health spa hotel with SpaDreams. Our team will help you with the reservation. You can also consider renting a car directly at the airport so that you can discover the surroundings of the hotel on your own, when and how you want.
  • Try not to travel during summer school holidays. Prices are usually higher and there will be more guests in the hotels. Try to travel during the low season and take advantage of cheaper prices.
  • If you decide to travel in autumn or even winter to take advantage of the low season, the Canary Islands may be interesting for you. Because of their unique climate they are also known as "the islands of eternal spring". The temperature remains pleasant throughout the year, the winters are very mild (with temperatures up to 22 degrees). The Canary Islands are a good choice especially for adventurers and nature lovers.

Where and How to Book?

You won't find any other opportunity like this, where you will feel at home and never want to leave. The best of all is that you can book your stay at one of our health retreats any time of the year, whether it is for a weekend, a 4-day getaway or for multiple weeks. Choose what your body and mind need and we will gladly assist you free of charge. Contact us: With just a phone call or by sending us an email we will find you the most suitable offer for your personal needs and wishes.



Health Spa Hotels in Spain
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