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Healthy holidays at the best prices

With a SpaDreams Health Retreat you can cast away the stresses of everyday life and get back to total wellness in body and mind. These holidays are all about you and the packages are designed to leave you feeling happy and refreshed before you return home.

Take your pick from one of the many incredible treatments available at our SpaHotels, from facials  to fango-mud wraps, massages and everything inbetween- SpaDreams has the perfect treatment for you. Why not enjoy the soothing waters of the Dead Sea to help with irritating skin problems? Or why not try Thalassotherapy to help relive aching bones and joints? 

Our health retreats are located in numerous locations throughout Europe, Asia and other continents. Whether you are looking to soak up some sun or breathe some cool country air, you will find something to aid you on the road to rejuvenation.

Furthemore, our incredible selection of SpaDreams health retreats are hand picked to ensure that you receive incredible treatments and world-class facilites at the best price. 

Our Most Popular Health Resorts