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A health spa break is a combination of relaxing spa treatments and professional health advice, such as nutritional guidance, personal fitness training or targeting a specific health issue. Our clients come to us with a range of health needs – from the sporty traveller looking for a way to stay fit and learn more about health on holiday, to those with specific health issues such as arthritis, skin problems, weight problems, metabolic imbalance and stress. Fancy a Detox in Sri Lanka, Health Spa with Thermal Springs in Germany or a Fitness Retreat in Thailand? We have the perfect health spa for everyone, with hundreds to choose from around the world.

Health spa breaks offer you a chance to relax and unwind, whilst also discovering wonderful options to stay healthy and fit, restoring your physical and mental well-being.Learn new meditation techniques, get pampered with soothing massages, unwind in exotic mud baths, explore the destination with Nordic walking, play golf with your family and learn from your personal doctor, trainer or nutritionist. Be it a juice-centric detox diet, relaxing Ayurvedic massages, or a fun-filled yoga programme, these health spa breaks will also teach you how to continue your newly learnt methods when you are back at home. And the best thing is, since your loved ones too will undergo the same transformational journey, you will be able to support and motivate each other on the journey. This will ensure you continue the new lifestyle changes throughout your life.

After a health spa break, you will not only be energetic and healthy, but also face your professional and personal challenges with more strength, confidence and joy.

Our Most Popular Health Spa Breaks