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Visitors to the Czech Republic and Slovakia find themselves enchanted with endless mountain ranges, charming, traditional spa towns and magnificent cities. With relatively cheap prices, even the best medical spas in the Czech Republic or Slovakia are more affordable than their Western European counterparts. This is also true for our spa and weight loss retreats in the Czech Republic which you can view here, or city spas by Prague. Read on to discover how these two countries offer some of the key locations on the European health spa scene.

Karlovy Vary Spas | Czech Republic

Situated in western Bohemia, Karlovy Vary is an iconic spa town hosting some of the best spas in the Czech Republic and famous for its beautiful, historic buildings, such as colonnades and thermal baths. The character and traditional flair of the town has seen it be been chosen as the set of numerous blockbuster films such as James bond series.

There are twelve natural springs in the spa town, of which the strongest and most well-known is called Vřídlo or “fizzy” and is 72c. The water is alkaline and rich in minerals (specifically Na-HCO3SO4Cl) that many people find they absorb much more effectively this way, especially compared to tablets and supplements. It is an extremely popular treatment for a variety of illnesses.

Aside from thermotherapy with the hot spring water, other speciality spa treatments in Karlovy Vary include the deeply nourishing and skin softening sulphur mud baths. If you’re looking for a spa and wellness holiday, this glamorous, charming and easily accessible spa town is a must-see destination.

The region surrounding Karlovy Vary also hides other spa gems including Jachymov and Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzensbad), which are amongst the best destinations in Europe offering radon healing therapy. The radon-rich thermal waters of Jachymov and Frantiskovy Lazne are an effective natural remedy for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis. 

Piešťany Spas | Slovakia

Whilst Slovakia might be best known for skiing in the Tatra Mountains, it is also a perfect spa destination blessed with many hot springs. Whilst there are also spas in our other hotels in Slovakia, the Piestany spas include natural hot spring and hydrotherapy treatments using the sulphate-carbonate water. The thermal water is especially effective at treating chronic rheumatic and arthritic diseases as well as post-traumatic arthritis. Sulphur mud baths with mud extracted from side channels of the river are also available alongside electrotherapy and massage.

The summer season sees lots of cultural events taking place such as the film festival, jazz concerts and a music festival in the Piešťany arts centre. In your spare time you can also enjoy Nordic walking and exploring the green river banks of the Váh river that surrounds the spa island.

Explore both our spas in the Czech Republic and spas in Slovakia with SpaDreams for unforgettable spa experiences at the best price, guaranteed! 

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