SpaDreams Partners

SpaDreams Partners

AXA Versicherung AG

The AXA Versicherung AG is a part of the AXA Group, one of the leading international insurance companies. With an extensive product range and a global distribution network of AXA group worldwide reached approximately 80 million private and corporate customers in 56 countries. The core businesses include life and health insurance, property and casualty business, as well as investments and financing.

International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the international governing body of the airlines. Your task is to air traffic in a safe, according to plan and cost. To their members usually includes major airlines, ground handlers, travel agencies, suppliers, airports and industrial companies. Their tasks are to simplify airline ticket sales and settlement & the transport of luggage, the structure of identification codes of airports and airlines & more. There are currently approximately 230 international IATA airlines operating to about 94% of all flights.


The number of suppliers in the booming European Health tourism-market is constantly growing. That is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish quality prevention, rehabilitation and medical wellness offers inferior cheap offers. The 'EUROPESPA med' quality seal of the European Spa Association (ESPA) is the first international seal of approval to the single European rating agency in the areas of prevention, rehabilitation and medical wellness. Assessment criteria will be the provider for 400 regular intensive examination in terms of infrastructure, hygiene, safety, but also technology, environmental protection and food safety. Consumers thus falls within the selection of high-quality offer easier and first class suppliers can better position themselves in the market.


The no-profit company atmosfair is an organisation for climate protection, which has made the climate compensation to the task. The aim is, to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of flights. Since there is no environmentally friendly alternative to air traffic, such as the driving by renewable energies, offering Atmosfair passengers at, the exhaust gases to compensate for their journey. Travellers voluntarily pay, depending on the respective issue, and amount to Atmosfair. The organisation uses the funds collected to develop renewable energies there, where up to now, have been mostly with fossil fuels. As a result, CO2 savings, and also benefit the people of the new energy sources.

Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

Launched in September 2014 was the 'Roman Thermal Spas of Europe' which is strengthening the awareness of the development of spa and wellness culture. Because even in the Roman Empire, the thermal water was used to fight disease and prevent it. Thermal Baths in eight European countries still belong to the original spa facilities.  Working together with three partners, the 'Roman Thermal Spas of Europe' revive the Roman Empire tradition and the awareness of the spa & wellness to anchored  into the minds of people.

SSL GlobalSign

Our partner SSL GlobalSign assures us and you the safe handling of sensitive data and transactions. Your data will be encrypted to us without third parties having the opportunity to access them.