Thailand Holiday

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Immerse yourself in the unique world of Thailand, where unforgettable scenery of endless white sandy beaches with secluded bays and crystal clear waters await you. An exotic land with world-famous cuisine, a dazzling culture, diverse landscapes and pristine white beaches, holidays in Thailand provide the optimum escape from everyday life into a tropical world of glistening temples, thriving jungles and bustling markets.

From fresh creamy curries to tasty noodle soup, sweet and juicy mangoes to fiery fried rice, Thai food will stir your senses and awaken your taste buds. Get closer to nature during your holiday in Thailand by visiting one of the numerous elephant sanctuaries and national parks scattered across the country.

A detox holiday in Thailand is perfect opportunity to cleanse your body in a stunning location whilst soaking up the sun and enjoying Thailand's vibrant culture. Thailand is one of our most luxurious destinations and our stunning hotels in Thailand offer rich programmes packed with a diverse range of treatments for our guests to choose from. Dive into a crystal clear pool after enjoying a delicious, healthy breakfast, feel the soft, white sand between your toes as you recline in the tropical sun whilst sipping a detox smoothie and feel your worries melt away under the hands of an expert masseuse in an exotic luxury spa.  

The healthy cuisine, stunning landscapes and low humidity make Thailand the ideal destination for a yoga holiday. As well as helping to improve flexibility, strength and posture, yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga is rooted in meditation and can help improve clarity of mind, concentration and even awaken new skills. Our beautiful resorts offer programmes organised by  highly trained yogis, covering a range of different ability levels, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in your yoga training whilst surrounded by ultimate luxury and comfort in a 5 star hotel.

In a country where wellness is firmly rooted in the tradition of life, a holiday here quickly becomes an unforgettable recreational experience. Thailand, however, has much more to offer than spa treatments with massages and aromatherapy. Beautiful, lovely landscapes enchant visitors as well as the many impressive temples and structures that are found throughout the country. The hospitable and obliging mentality of the people and rich culinary delights contribute not to just the relaxation of everyday life, but also the overall wellbeing of the individual.

Facts & Figures

Official name: Ratcha-anachak Thai (Kingdom of Thailand)
Location: Southeast Asia, between Myanmar and Malaysia located on the Gulf of Thailand
Area: 513.115 km²
Capital city: Bangkok
Population: 67.2 million
Religious and ethnic groups: Buddhism as state religion, 5% Muslim, 1% Christian / 96% Thai, 2% Burmese
Language: Thai (official language), English (second language of the upper class)
Geography: Mountainous with central plains and plateau in the east. Highest point: Doi Inthanon (2576m)
Time zone: Indo China Time (UTC + 07:00)
Political and economic: Constitutional monarchy, GDP: 360.4 billion (EUR 2016)
Currency: Thai baht (Current exchange rate can be found online)

Arrival and departure

The journey to Thailand is possible via many routes: by plane, car, ferry and by train using the Orient Express. The country's main airport is Bangkok

On site: The roads are considered good, as is the rail network. However, it should be noted that trains are usually very unpunctual. Most tourists therefore use cars, motorcycles and cheap flights for longer distances.
Beach: Since 1.2.2018 smoking on many popular beaches is only possible in designated beach sections. Infringements are punishable by large fines.

Climate and best time to travel

Thailand's climate is tropical with distinct dry and rainy monsoons.
Winter average temperature: 25°C (average minimum temperatures around 20°C in December)
Summer average temperature: 30°C (maximum temperatures of around 35°C in April)
Water temperature: 29°C in August

The country is worth a trip all year round. However, the most pleasant time is between October and May, as it is outside the rainy season.

The most beautiful holiday regions

Koh Samui - White beaches and coconut trees
Phuket -Hidden coves and turquoise water
Phang Nga Bay - Paradise Caves and bizarre rock

Public holidays and celebrations

New Year (January 1), Makha Bucha Day (February), Chakri Memorial Day (April 6), Thai New Year (April 13-15), Labor Day (May 1), Coronation Day (May 5), Buddha's Birthday (May), Mid-Year's Holiday (July 1), Asarnha Bucha Day (July), Her Majesty's Birthday (August 12), Chulalongkorn Memorial Day (October 23), his birthday Your Majesty the King (December 5), Constitution Day (December 10), New Year's Eve (December 31).

DOs and DON'Ts

•    The "Thai smile" is famous and an essential to Thailand etiquette. Thais show it whenever they can and it is appropriate to always return someone's smile.
•    Eat with a spoon: The proper way to enjoy delicious Thai food is with the spoon in your right hand and fork in your left.
•    Show religious respect. The Buddhists are very tolerant; however, you should observe certain rules, such as taking off your shoes, when you enter a temple.


•    Disrespect the king: Never disrespect the king or images of the king, this includes currency -- his picture appears on the Thai baht. Although Thailand's lese majeste laws are controversial, open disrespect toward the king can land you in prison!
•    Take home photos of the Buddha. It is strictly forbidden to take home images of the Buddha.
•    Touch a Thai woman without consent. Despite the image portrayed in some bars and clubs, most Thai women are conservative.

Holiday tips

Can you drink the tap water? The Thailand water should not be used as drinking water. Instead drink bottled water or boil the tap water thoroughly for a very long time. This also applies when brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.
Do I need an adaptor? In Thailand, they do not use the same sockets as in Europe, an adapter is therefore required.
What about medical care? Medical care is considered sufficient in the cities. As this is often not the case in rural areas, a travel health insurance with medical evacuation transport is highly advised.
E-Cigarettes & Co.: Imports of so-called evaporators, e.g. E-cigarettes, eBaracus, and supplies going to Thailand are prohibited and may be punished with a jail sentence. This includes the sale or purchase of e-cigarettes or other vaporisers.

Top tips and discoveries

The old royal city is known as the "Venice of the East" and was for a long time the commercial centre of Asia with countless palaces, temples and fortresses. Today, the city still shows its former splendour, but its tranquil and leisurely atmosphere makes it an interesting contrast to the loud, hasty Bangkok. It is also possible to take a walk on the wild side and take a ride on top of an elephant. While riding an elephant, the imposing buildings of the city and the associated parks can be explored from a new vantage.

Bangkok is exciting, colourful, lively and always on the move. There is something for every taste in this "city of angels". Whether the magnificent Royal Palace with its many ornate towers, the Wat Po Temple with the mighty statue of the Reclining Buddha or the seething potpourri of various people and influences on the backpacker mile Khao San Road. Bangkok astonishes tourists in many ways.
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