Wellness Advent Calendar

Contest Has Ended

The Wellness Advent Calendar will return December 1st 2017

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The 2016 Advent calendar has ended! Find out here if you won!

We are already looking forward to seeing you again on 01.12.2017 for the new SpaDreams Wellness Advent Calendar contest.  We will once again countdown until Christmas with you, with a great prize to be won each day.

In the meantime, stay informed about other SpaDreams contests, special offers and news about health and wellness holidays. You can also follow us on Social Media to add a little SpaDreams relaxation to your daily life.


Wellness Advents Calender - SpaDreams

Looking for Even More Holiday Spirit?

Try Our Christmas Cookie Recipies - Ideal to make at home!

Count the Christmas cookies on our site each day! If you want to make them at home we have created 4 delicious recipes for you. There is something for all tastes, chocolate, nuts, oatmeal and even a recipe for our special  "Ayurvedic cookies".

The Recipie for our Ayurvedic Cookies

The Recipie for Our Oat & Nut Cookies

The Recipie for our Walnut & Nougat Cookies

La recette de nox biscuits orange et chocolat

The Story of Our Christmas Cookies and thier Great Adventure

The history behind our cookies, their journey, and the 2016 Advent Calendar.

In Germany, where the SpaDreams offices are located, delicious Christmas cookies have a long tradition. Every year families and friends gather for this joyful activity of making Christmas Cookies.

This year SpaDreams/Fit Reisen also made some delicous cookies. However, once they were baked and ready, these sweet treats decided spontaneously to go on Holiday before the Christmas Season in order to catch a little sun!

Now, they are now fun around the world on www.spadreams.com; They're tanning in Morocco, they're enjoy ayurvedic massages and relaxation in India and at dawn they greet the clear morning skies of Bali.

Each day the Cookies must be counted. This is the only way they will all get them back on the plane that will take them home before Christmas. And now we need your help! Help us count them every day so that not a single cookie forgotten!

To reward the hard-working players, we put 25 super rewards in our calendar beforehand. Here's how it works: Check our social media profiles each dayto learn which theme page the cookies have chosen to relax. As soon as you are sure that no cookie escapes you, enter the exact number on the reply form on this page and you will be entered into the prize draw for the day.

At the same time you will find here the best recipes to make these cookies, Christmas inspirations from all over the world as well as tremendous winter benefits of well-being.

Then, go to the cookie hunt! Ready, set, go!


We hope you enjoy the cookie hunt and wish you a relaxing Advent Season!

Your SpaDreams Team

Congratulations 2016 SpaDreams Advent Calendar Winenrs!

Thank you to all the participants! The lucky winners of our daily prizes are:

1.  December: Ms. R. Lesieutre

2. December: Mr. G. Gale

3. December: Ms. H. Harmsworth

4. December: Ms. T. Wetton

5. December: Mr. J. Tolliss

6. December: Ms. M. Newton

7. December: Ms. K. Cole

8. December: Ms. S. Mead

9. December: Ms. J. Gross

10. December: Ms. K. Beirne

11. December: Ms. L. West

12. December: Ms. H. Reading

13. December : Mr. G. Barttlett

14. December : Ms. S. Taylor-Fergusson

15. December: Mr. D. Collins

16. December: Mr. K. Loader

17. December: Ms. K. Mullen

18. December: Mr. G Toms

19. December: Ms. S. Woodruff

20. December: Ms. H Lord

21. December: Mr. M Stewart

22. December: Ms. T Hostler

23. December: Ms. D Frowde

24./25. December: ???

Congratulations! Winners will receive their prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy your gifts. Better yet,  we'd love for you to send us a photo with your gift.