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Try Our Christmas Cookie Recipies - Ideal to Make at Home!

This season we have created 4 delicious recipes for you to try out. There is something for all taste buds, chocolate, nuts, oatmeal and even a recipe for our special  "Ayurvedic cookies". Enjoy and stay warm!

The Recipie for our Ayurvedic Cookies

The Recipie for Our Oat & Nut Cookies

The Recipie for our Walnut & Nougat Cookies

La recette de nox biscuits orange et chocolat

The History of Christmas in Our SpaDreams Countries

It is well known that each country celebrates Christmas in its own way, according to its beliefs and traditions. Even in Europe there are very different festivities in each country!

In Germany, where the offices of SpaDreams are located, during the Christmas season you can enjoy delicious biscuits with a long tradition. Every year families and friends gather for a joyous activity called “Plätzchen backen.” Germany is the creative country of the Christmas markets! This is a real tradition, where we find ourselves gathering around a good cup of Glühwein (mulled wine). In the kitchen, Stollen is often eaten as a dessert (biscuit made from dried fruits).

If one goes further south of Europe to Portugal, those who have a chimney burn an olive trunk or chestnut and find their gifts from Santa Claus in the shoes they affix in front. For the dinner, a lot of cod dishes will be served, and for dessert, the Portuguese love their traditional Bolo Rei (candied fruit cake).
A rather amazing tradition ... can be found in Greece. Christmas trees are not common Greece, but rather boats which are the most traditional symbols you will encounter. During the 12 days of Christmas (until Epiphany) families hang up dried basil wrapped around a wooden cross and light the chimney to ward off evil spirits. Children will be allowed to open their presents on New Year's Day.

In France, the tradition is known for that Christmas mass takes place at midnight after having the famous Christmas meal, including stuffed poultry and the traditional chocolate sponge cake log. Returning from the mass, the French are used to eating clementines and nuts, while listening to the famous song "Petit Papa Noël“, by Tino Rossi, which literally translates to “Little Father Christmas.”
If you like hearty meals ... you should celebrate Christmas in Poland! You can enjoy a meal consisting of 12 dishes - to refer to the 12 apostles, (without meat) and eat bread called opłatek. Even more surprising, in Central Poland, even the family pets can partake in this meal. In current times, this can also represent the important role that pets play in the family.

A country where festivities last almost a month: Italy. These begin on December 8 and end on Epiphany, after the witch named “Befana” brought presents to the little ones. The Italian Christmas meal consists mainly of fish and ends with a delicious dessert of Panettone (dried fruit brioche from Milan).

In Spain, a very religious country, most children open their presents on Epiphany Day (January 6), the day when the Three Kings brought their presents to the baby Jesus. Spaniards love Turron (nougat made with honey and almonds from the region of Alicante) at the end of their Christmas meal, which includes lamb or fish.

If you are curious to discover new countries and a new culture during the Christmas season, then why not live the festivities abroad? Indulge yourself for the next year by booking a SpaDreams Christmas break holiday!


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Congratulations 2017 SpaDreams Advent Calendar Winners!

Thank you to all the participants! The lucky winners of our daily prizes are:

1.  December: D. Hume

2. December: M. Whittaker

3. December: R. Hodson

4. December: T. Delaney

5. December: N. Cordeau

6. December: S. Walton

7. December: S. Bennett

8. December: N. Kopycinski

9. December: D. Corlett

10. December: M. Gerrie

11. December: C. Northrop

12. December: E. Wilkie

13. December : L. Curtis

14. December : C. Wright

15. December: K. Bell

16. December: H. Lloyd

17. December: C. Findlay

18. December: J. Butler

19. December: M. Benbow

20. December: J. Carter

21. December: M. Bacon

22. December: N. Ramsay

23. December: F. Garnham

24. December: L. Newsome

Congratulations! Winners will receive their prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy your gifts. Better yet, we'd love for you to send us a photo with your gift.