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Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel

Individual Ayurveda programmes in a sophisticated ambience

Treatments to get to know Ayurveda as well as packages for experienced enthusiasts of Ayurveda in a new hotel offering western standard.

Hotel with Early Booking Discount.

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

Get to know Ayurveda

from 4 nights, double room, full-board

Suitable for accompanying guests and those who would like to get to know Ayurveda.

  • ayurvedic full-board incl.herbal teas
  • Initial consultation with determination of the treatment and nutrition plan
  • Daily 1-2 Ayurveda treatments
  • 1x per 2 nights of stay: trip in the surroundings

Telephone booking code: 75ZP1



Ayurveda Regeneration

from 6 nights, double room, full-board

Enjoy relaxing and regenerating effects for your body, mind and soul. The programme is perfect for those who would like to combine their treatment with a relaxing beach holiday and trips.

  • ayurvedic full-board and herbal tea
  • Initital consultation with determination of treatment and nutrition plan
  • 1x follow up consultation
  • daily approx. 3-4 ayurveda treatments
  • 1x every third day excursionto nearby sights
  • daily Yoga
  • 3x Meditation (30')

Recommended for the following indications

Stress / Exhaustion, Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines

Telephone booking code: 75ZP2



Ayurveda Panchakarma #1 Best Seller

from 13 nights, double room, full-board

Purifying treatment for guests with particular health objectives who want to benefit from the intensive effects of the traditional cure.

  • ayurvedic full-board and herbal teas
  • initial consultation with determination of treatment and diet plan
  • Follow up and exit consultation
  • daily approx. 5-6 ayurvedic treatments
  • daily Yoga
  • 3x Meditation (30')

Recommended for the following indications

Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines, Heart / Vessels / Circulation, High blood pressure, Stress / Exhaustion, Skin / Allergies, Back pain, Obesity / Overweight

Telephone booking code: 75ZP3



Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel in detail

Your Holiday Destination

Balapatiya is a small, traditional fishing village in the Southwest of Sri Lanka. Away from the tourist tracks, here you can enjoy the traditional Singhalese everyday life. The village is approx. 2 hours away by car from the airport as there is a high-speed road. The route truly worth recommendation is however the longer one (approx. 3.5 hours) leading through tropical landscapes, partly along the beach, via fishing villages and tourist spots. This way you can get the first impression of the destination.

Your Ayurveda Hotel

The Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel is awaiting you in a green oasis with direct access to the beach. The hotel was built in 2012 in a modern style blending well with local decorations including Singhalese pieces of art creating a connection with the local culture. The hotel places especially great importance on the harmony between the western standards and eco-friendliness and sustainability. Solar panels on the roof, natural sewage system, salt water pool (approx 12 s qm) and eco-friendly amenities are a part of the concept. The boutique hotel has also dedicated itself to authentic ayurvedic treatments. Apart from offering the well-known Panchakarma cures, the hotel would like to cater for the needs of the guests who are still in doubt whether Ayurveda is the right thing for them. The current hotel manager who is a former Ayurveda therapist states with confidence "The effects of our Ayurveda treatments speak for themselves!"

How You Reside

10 rooms in total, all with a private balcony/terrace with sea view. Amenities include: Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, mini fridge, satellite TV, safe, rain shower, Naturlatex mattress, hair dryer and ayurvedic care products. Paintings by local artists add unique charm to every room. 7 Superior Rooms in the first floor (approx. 58 s qm), Garden Villas (approx.. 93 s qm) with roofed terrace in tropical garden, Deluxe Penthouse (approx. 56 s qm) with king size bed and open bathroom by the room. Penthouse Suite (approx. 98 s qm) additionally with spacious terrace and own sun loungers. Single rooms are offered as double rooms for single use.

Description of available rooms


Amba Restaurant is dedicated to Ayurveda and sustainability just as much as the rest of the resort. The meals are prepared from fresh, local products and served individually according to the recommendations of the doctor. For accompanying guests who do not undertake treatment and other guests who may wish to be served European or Asian dishes, alternatives to ayurvedic cuisine are available on requests for a fee. All guests are welcome to visit the kitchen and see for themselves how their meals are freshly prepared. To make the treatment complete, in addition to the ayurvedic meals throughout the day there are served herbal teas.

Ayurveda Centre

The centre run by a female ayurvedic doctor with long experience offers a wide range of ayurvedic treatments - from mini treatments to intensive Panchakarma cure. The team of therapists have completed extensive training which accounted for several years of their experience and they carry out the treatments according to individual treatment plans. There are 4 treatment rooms, 2 steam baths and 2 herbal baths. Depending on the focal point, to support the treatment there is offered yoga and meditation..


Excursions (for a fee) e.g. boat trips on river Madu, fishing, visit to turtle farm, different temples, Fort Galle, opal mine and cinnamon manufacture.

Additional information

FLIGHT to Colombo (CMB).

TRANSFER (there & back) approx. 143km, € 210/ car.

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Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel
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