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The ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda is designed to make you feel comfortable and healthy in your own body, restore your equilibrium and relieve illnesses. Weight loss or returning to a healthy body weight is thus a natural bonus of the Ayurveda program. But how exactly is this weight achieved and what benefits can you expect to see?

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Effective Lifestyle Changes

According to Ayurveda, Ama (poison-like substances) begin to form and build up in the body, if the body’s equilibrium is not paid careful attention to. These Amas will be released from your body during Ayurvedic weight loss treatments and your cleansed body will be the perfect foundation for you to start your new, leaner lifestyle.

Ayurveda is no fad diet or quick fix – instead, its positive effects will stay with you long after your holiday is over as the typically 21 day program establishes new habits of mind and eating.

Doshas and Diet

A clean and balanced diet is a key component of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda recipes are designed not only to be healthy, but also pleasurable and satisfying (very much unlike the traditional diet!). After a few days on a traditional Ayurveda program, you will begin to feel how gratefully your body receives the new diet.

Unless you are going through Panchakarma and are on the Kitchari diet, a typical Ayurveda dish is warm with lots of organic, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. Very little meat is used in Ayurveda cuisine (making it a natural choice for Vegetarians!) as it is harder to digest than plant forms of protein. Some resorts even grow their own produce or purchase from local farmers.

Snacking is discouraged as metabolism works best when there are gaps of 3-4 hours between meals and the fat burning processes have a chance to kick in. Instead of snacks, you are encouraged to drink fresh herbal teas or hot water with ginger or honey and lime. Increased liquid intake also helps your body to flush out the toxins.  Digestive strength is best at midday so you will be served your most substantial meal at this time. Eating a lighter meal in the evening helps you to go to sleep earlier and improves chances of a sound sleep as the body is doesn’t have to digest a heavy evening meal.

At the beginning of all Ayurvedic programs your balance of doshas will be analysed by a doctor and an ayurvedic diet will be tailored to you.  Usually one dosha is more dominant than another, which can lead to illnesses or obesity. Excess Kapha is usually the main dosha responsible for excess weight. A Kapha-pacifying diet will help to prevent things like greed, lethargy, congestion and water retention, as well as, of course, promoting a better metabolism. On the other hand, if you have excess Vata you may be underweight and need more substantial meals to ground you and restore a healthy weight. Read more about the three doshas, Kapha, Vata and Pitta, on our page on Ayurvedic medicine, as this is essential to understanding how a personalised Ayurvedic diet will help you.

All three types are recommended to eat a balanced diet and avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol and smoking.

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Typical Ayurveda Diet Plans

Diet for Vata

If you have an imbalance of Vata, you should avoid cold foods, fruits and leafy greens. You can use all spices and you should eat hearty soups, cooked root vegetables, garlic, sweet potatoes, wheat and rice. You are allowed to consume all oils as well as dairy products (in moderation) and use all sweeteners apart from white sugar.

Diet for Pitta

Those with Pitta imbalances should avoid any acidic foods, such as sour fruits and vinegar. Pungent vegetables, garlic, root vegetables and hot spices should all be avoided as well. Sweet fruits as well as sweet and bitter vegetables and legumes are recommended. Nuts, seeds and sweeteners should not be eaten excessively. Oils and dairy products are allowed in moderation.

Diet for Kapha

Those with Kapha imbalances should avoid salt and oily, fatty and sweet foods. You should eat raw or steamed vegetables as well as ripe fruits and strong spices. Low-fat dairy products are allowed in moderation. You should use honey instead of sugar.

Ayurveda Massage as a Weight Loss Treatment

Ayurvedic massage for weight loss is another key aspect of our programs. Alongside yoga practise, massage supports the body in toning and strengthening itself. Massage not only nourishes and rejuvenates the body’s tissues, but also promote weight loss as tensions and toxins are released.

Gharshan Massage: A dry skin brushing technique is used, sometimes with raw silk gloves and herbal powders, to exfoliate the skin and reduce cellulite through improved circulation.

Udvarthana Massage: Sometimes performed by two therapists for maximum effect, this massage uses a stimulating herbal paste that is vigourously worked into the body. The goal is to decrease subcutaneous fat by liquefying it and making it more readily available for combustion. The body’s metabolism and lymphatic drainage is also improved in this treatment.

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Ayurveda Yoga for Weight Loss

As a key part of Ayurveda, yoga is a relaxing and strengthening activity will restore your body’s true potential for physical fitness. An example of one of the daily yoga routines your Ayurveda weight loss treatment might include is called Sun Salutations, or "Surya Namaskar".

Depending on levels of ability, you can start with just one Sun Salutation flow and gradually increase to around 10-12 per day, roughly 20 minutes. This activity is best learnt through images or visual instruction, but to give you an idea, here is a brief description of the movements:

  1. Stand tall with your hands pressed together in front of your chest, as if you were praying. Face towards the rising sun and relax your breathing.
  2. Stretch your arms up and over your head, with a slight bend backwards, as if you were welcoming the sun.
  3. Then slowly fold forwards and reach your hands to the ground, touching your toes if you can.
  4. Lunge with the right leg forwards and the left leg back. Make sure your right knee is parallel over your right foot. Stretch your arms above.
  5. Place your hands on the ground, bring your right leg back to meet your left and bend so that your body is in a triangle shape - the classic Downward Facing Dog pose.
  6. Then come forward so that your body is flat – the Plank pose.
  7. Then lower your pelvis whilst keeping your arms straight, so that your back is bent and your body is facing upwards. This is the Upward Facing Dog
  8. Now reverse: into the Downward Facing Dog again.
  9. Lunge with your left foot forward this time, stretching your arms above
  10. Bring your right foot forward to join your left, place your hands on the ground and straighten your legs, so you are touching your toes again.
  11. Then stretch up and back, as in movement 2, saying hello to the sun again.
  12. Finally bring your hands back to your heart… and repeat! One of these might be quite easy, but trust us, after 10 rounds of them your heart will be pumping, your metabolism started and your limbs stretched out.

The best results of an Ayurveda weight loss treatment with yoga are achieved with 14-28 days, so that the new diet and fitness regime has time to take effect.

Ayurvedic Cleansing: Panchakarma

The fasting or cleansing stages of Ayurveda are called Panchakarma. They are quite intense and challenging for the uninitiated, but they are extremely effective with many good results. Read more about Panchakarma here.There are, of course, lighter program options with less intense treatments but similarly good results that can be found under Ayurveda Wellness programs.

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