Ayurveda for Weight Loss

Ayurveda for Weight Loss

Enjoy a holisitic cleansing experience

Losing Weight With Ayurveda

The Indian healing art Ayurveda is known to make you feel comfortable and healthy in your own body, restore your inner balance and relieve illnesses. This also includes weight loss, which is usually a pleasant side effect in an authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

Effective Lifestyle Change

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By switching to an Ayurvedic based nutrition, detoxifying treatments and more exercise, can make those excess pounds almost tumble by themselves. Losing weight with Ayurveda is simple and effective due to its holistic approach and not only eliminates excess weight, but also its causes!

According to a health doctrine formed in the body Ama (poison-like substances) begin to form, if not paid careful attention to. These Amas will be released from your body during an Ayurvedic treatment and will give you a guide on how to maintain a leaner lifestyle in the future. Ayurveda does not work as a quick fasting cure, but more beyond the duration of your stay.

Doshas and Diet

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At the beginning of all Ayurvedic treatments the determination of the Doshas are established, e.g. the constitution types. Whether you are a Kapha, Vata or Pitta, you receive a personalized program that guarantees the best possible success.

The diet is of course an excellent element of Ayurveda. You will begin to start feeling how grateful your body is adopting to the new diet and will look forward to the freshly prepared meals by the hotels. These consist mainly of warm dishes with lots of vegetables and spices. The right combination of foods is important, meat is almost always left out. In addition, you are encouraged to drink a tremendous amount, preferably hot water or ginger water.

Detox and Wellness

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An important aspect of the Indian healing art are the massages. With them, you can not only feel great and rejuvenated, but also notice how they help your body with weight loss. By using massage techniques such as special grips the tissue is being reduced and toxins are discharged, the body is so called supported in its tightening work. Firming massages such as Gharshan are just as popular as revitalizing massages, for example Udvarthana, which uses a stimulating herbal paste.

The wellness program when losing weight with Ayurveda goes even further into detail: sweat cures are known to cleanse your body and soul. Go lighter and healthier through life by booking one of our "Ayurveda for Weight Loss" holidays.


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