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Ayurveda Rasayana for a radiant glow

Soothing Ayurvedic massages with warm oils or herbal stamps, herbal baths and delicious Ayurvedic meals - with an Ayurveda Rasayana therapy you will experience deep relaxation and regeneration. The Ayurvedic rejuvenation program serves as preventive health care and helps to revitalize body, mind and soul.

Below we have compiled the most important information about Rasayana therapy for you. Read what the term Rasayana means, which components belong to the retreats, for whom Rasayana Ayurveda is suitable and how a treatment goes typically. In addition, we show you suitable accommodations and the most beautiful destinations for your Rasayana vacation.

Definition: What is Rasayana?

Ayurveda is fundamentally not only about the treatment of diseases, but also about the maintenance of health. After the term Rasayana was probably originally used for elixirs with a rejuvenating or strengthening effect, it now refers to one of eight specialties of Ayurvedic medicine - Rasayana Chikitsa ("Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy"). The goal of the Rasayana therapy is to promote the regeneration of the body cells with the help of various measures, such as substances and means from herbs as well as suitable treatments, and thus to counteract the aging process of the body. In this way, the Rasayana therapy wants to help people to enjoy life as long as possible, vitality and youthfulness - of course not only for the body, but on a holistic level also for the mind and soul.

Rasayana is composed of rasa (juice, taste; roughly like lymph or plasma) and ayana (proper movement). On the whole, the term means that what we take in through food or medicine must circulate properly in the body so that the cells are supported in their regeneration.

Components of Rasayana therapy

In order to stabilize strained nerves, physical strength and organs and to deeply revitalize body, mind and soul, the Rasayana therapy is built on the following four pillars:

Ayurvedic dish from Lanka Princess Hotel
Ayurvedic dish from Lanka Princess Hotel


Also for the Rasayana therapy the dosha-appropriate, correct nutrition plays an important role to activate the digestive fire, Agni, and thus the metabolism. Depending on the dosha type and objective, there are nutritious, rich dishes that are refined with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or saffron. Other foods used for the Rasayana diet are, for example, milk, honey, dates and raisins, or almonds, nuts and coconut. In addition, there are suitable vegetables and cereals.

In our Ayurveda partner hotels, cooking demonstrations or cooking classes are often offered.

Ayurvedic beverages
Ayurvedic beverages

Rasayana medicine

Depending on the diagnosis, the Ayurvedic doctor may also prescribe Ayurvedic products - rasayanas - to which restorative or rejuvenating effects are attributed. The herbal or mineral preparations are administered, for example, as tablets, capsules, powders or oils. A distinction is made between natural rasayanas (ghee, honey, almonds, milk) and complex formulations of herbs and minerals. And also with the function of the Rasayanas one can distinguish again into products for the general strengthening and vitalization and products with effect on special ranges, like the nervous system, the psyche or the organs.

Therapist drips oil on patient's forehead

Rasayana treatments

The external treatments of the Rasayana retreats consist of various massages and oil treatments. The oils penetrate into the deep tissues and also affect the bones and nervous tissue. The massages also stimulate the hormonal system and loosen deposits in the tissues. These include, for example, the full-body oil massage (Abhyanga), the Ayurvedic foot massage (Padabhyanga), the massage with silk gloves (Garshana) and the forehead cast Shirodhara. In addition, sweating treatments (Svedana) are also used.

Meditation with concentration on the breath

Relaxation techniques

In most of our partner hotels, relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are also part of the fixed program during the Rasayana retreats, either daily or at least several times a week. By focusing on breathing, the exercises have a calming effect and thus restore the balance between body and soul.

SpaDreams Tip: These relaxation techniques can also be practiced at home, once you have really internalized the technique. A nice personal vacation souvenir that will help you keep the relaxation of your vacation longer.

Ayurveda Rasayana: Indications & benefits

While the Panchakarma therapy is mainly used for the treatment of diseases or symptoms, the Rasayana therapy is mainly used for the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. Below we present some indications and benefits of the Rasayana therapy:


  • Weakness of the immune system
  • Weakness due to old age
  • Listlessness and exhaustion
  • Burnout syndrome
  • Exhaustion and lack of energy
  • High demands at work and in the family
  • Immunological diseases
  • Post-cancer care
  • After surviving illnesses or operations
  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • Underweight


  • Balance between the doshas is established
  • Strengthening of digestion and metabolism
  • Increase of resistance and strengthening of self-healing powers
  • Increasing stamina, endurance and strength
  • Preservation of youthfulness
  • Improvement of radiance
  • Prevention of signs of aging
  • Alertness and freshness
  • Improving the function of the sensory organs and motor functions
  • Stabilization of the tissues
  • Improvement of brain function and memory

Elements of the Rejuvenation therapy

In Ayurveda, the consideration of the human being and the individual basic constitution plays a decisive role. Every Ayurveda retreat begins with a consultation with the Ayurveda doctor or specialist. They will examine you in detail and determine the state of your doshas and your individual constitutional type with the help of various methods, such as pulse diagnosis.

On this basis, the therapy will then be arranged for you according to your needs: You will receive an individual treatment plan - often about 2-3 treatments per day - as well as recommendations for the appropriate diet. Lifestyle advice can also be part of the Rasayana therapy. In addition to the external treatments, as mentioned before, Ayurvedic natural remedies and herbal preparations - the Rasayanas - are also used to cleanse the body from the inside.

Your stay is rounded off by yoga and meditation, lectures on Ayurveda or Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations or cooking classes in which you can participate. During the course of the therapy you will have further follow-up consultations with the Ayurvedic doctor or specialist and during the final examination there are sometimes recommendations for home.

Rasayana therapy is really for people of all ages and all walks of life. The combination of the general focus on vitalization and regeneration with the high degree of individualization of the therapy for each guest make the Ayurveda Rasayana retreats a unique and beneficial experience.

Shirodhara treatment

The right Ayurveda accommodations for your Rasayana therapy

Our range of Ayurveda hotels and retreats is sure to have the right accommodation for your Ayurveda Rasayana therapy. Especially in India and Sri Lanka, Ayurveda has been part of medicine for several thousands of years, so the Ayurveda doctors, specialists and therapists are particularly well trained here. In many families, the practice of Ayurvedic medicine has been a tradition for many generations.

Also in our European Ayurveda and wellness hotels you can benefit from the long experience of the Ayurveda specialists. Some of the doctors and therapists themselves also come from India or Sri Lanka or were trained there. Since we at SpaDreams place great importance in ensuring that resorts and hotels are indeed specialized in Ayurveda, we check them in advance for the authenticity of the Ayurveda therapies.

To find the right Ayurveda hotel for you, your personal wishes and demands are of course also decisive. You are welcome to contact our experts and ask for help in finding the right Ayurveda accommodation.

The most popular destinations for Rasayana rejuvenation programs

Backwaters in Kerala, India


For authentic Rasayana retreats, India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, is always worth a trip. Here you can spend your Ayurveda retreat in traditional Ayurveda hotels or luxurious resorts. The dreamlike location of our Ayurveda accommodations allows you to take walks on palm-fringed sandy beaches, excursions into the mountains or visits to tea plantations. Thanks to the warm hospitality of the Indian hotels and their staff, you will feel especially well taken care of during your stay.

Sri Lanka eastern coast

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also a popular destination for an authentic Rasayana treatment. Depending on your preferences, you can spend your Ayurveda holiday in a traditional Ayurveda hotel or in a beach resort. The beautiful nature, long sandy beaches and a variety of exciting destinations such as temples and colorful markets promise an all-round beautiful Ayurveda vacation.

Spain, Mediterranean architecture and palm trees


You do not want to travel so far for an authentic Ayurveda Rasayana retreat? Then our partner hotels in Europe are just right for you! Many facilities in Germany, Spain, Portugal and other European countries already offer original Ayurveda treatments. So you can experience the Indian art of healing close to home. Your Ayurveda vacation is rounded off by excursions to the beautiful surroundings of the hotels.

Our most popular Ayurveda hotels for Rasayana retreats

FAQ – Rasayana retreats

What is the difference between Rasayana and Panchakarma?

The Panchakarma therapy is an intensive cleansing retreat, which is mainly used to treat diseases or symptoms. The Rasayana therapy, on the other hand, is a bit gentler and is mainly used to maintain health and prevent disease to help people live as long and healthy a life as possible.

What does Rasayana mean?

The term Rasayana is a combination of rasa, which means "juice, flavor - which we would rather translate as lymph or plasma, and ayana for "proper movement". This roughly means that substances absorbed through food or medicine must circulate properly in the body and especially in the tissues in order to be able to support the cells in their regeneration.

What are Rasayanas?

Rasayanas are the Ayurvedic products that can be administered in various forms during the therapy. They are said to have restorative or rejuvenating effects, as they can also affect and positively influence the ojas, the life force. Natural rasayanas include, for example, ghee, milk and honey; there are also complex herbal-mineral preparations.

Ayurveda Rasayana - What are the experiences?

In the customer reviews on our hotel pages you will find testimonials that our customers share with us and you. So you get first-hand information and a good first impression of the hotel and treatments.

How long should a Rasayana treatment last?

You can book a Rasayana therapy for 7 nights or more and achieve good results during this time. The longer an Ayurveda treatment lasts, the better the results will be.

How much does a Rasayana therapy cost at SpaDreams?

With us you can book your Rasayana therapy in India or Sri Lanka already from 450 Euro per person in a double room for 7 nights. Rasayana in Europe costs about 1400 euros per person for a week.

What herbs and spices are used in a Rasayana therapy?

The Ayurvedic doctor will decide which preparations from Ayurvedic medicine will be used for you. Examples are Ashwaghanda to strengthen the strength and immune system, Amalaki or Amla to calm the mind and improve memory, and Pippali - Long Pepper - to sharpen thinking and perception.

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