Ayurveda retreats in Tenerife

Holistic Ayurveda retreats in breathtaking surroundings

Ayurveda Retreats in Tenerife

During your Ayurveda retreat on Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, you will have the chance to fall in love with your life all over again. In paradisiacal nature you finally come to rest and can leave your everyday stress behind. Marvel at the 16-kilometer-wide crater basin in the Teide National Park, which the island owes to its volcanic origin. Thanks to its mild climate, it is a perfect place for your relaxing Ayurveda retreat in Spain all year round. Numerous visitors of the Canary Island are fascinated by the combination of countless sandy beaches and wild mountain ranges every season. At the edge of the Anaga mountains you can discover the "Bosque de la Mercedes", a mystical laurel forest, during your Ayurveda holiday in Tenerife. Its ferns, flowers, mosses and lichens are an absolute feast for the eyes of nature lovers. Explore the unique flair of the island on various hiking trails or on trails with the mountain bike and afterwards let yourself be pampered as a guest in your Ayurveda and wellness hotel. Thanks to the healing and preventive effect of the Ayurvedic treatments and the sea climate, you will help your body with an Ayurveda trip on Tenerife to new energy and a strengthened immune system.

Our best Ayurveda hotels in Tenerife

Find the right Ayurveda package on Tenerife

We offer different packages for your authentic Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife depending on your individual needs. Most accommodations welcome you to retreats from a duration of seven nights. But no matter if you are looking for an Ayurveda weekend or want to book a three-week package tour with us, there is a perfect Ayurveda package for everyone.

Lose weight in a healthy and gentle way during an Ayurveda retreat. Experience deep relaxation during an Ayurveda wellness holiday or purify your body during a Panchakarma retreat, which is like a new start for body and mind. Since the accommodations on Tenerife offer a wide variety of Ayurveda arrangements, you can choose according to your personal needs. Whether a yoga hotel with Ayurveda, a wellness hotel in dreamlike surroundings or a luxury hotel - you are spoiled for choice. On the basis of an initial discussion at the hotel, the Ayurveda specialists in charge will tailor all of your treatments and your Ayurvedic diet specifically to you. Likewise, at the beginning of your Ayurveda therapy, your dosha constitution type is determined and a treatment plan is developed by the Ayurveda doctor. The Ayurvedic treatments, such as head, face or full body Ayurvedic massages, as well as herbal baths, steam baths or inhalations, serve to restore the inner balance of your body and provide you with profound relaxation.


Ayurveda Ernährung

You can complement your Ayurveda vacation in Tenerife with meditative exercises and breathing techniques, but also yoga or Pilates. For those interested, seminars, Ayurveda workshops, lectures and Ayurveda cooking courses are also often available. In some hotels in Spain you can also complete an Ayurveda training course in order to be able to give courses yourself afterwards. Whether you choose breakfast, half board or full board, during your Ayurveda week in Tenerife you will eat Ayurvedic food that is perfectly suited to your dosha type. Since nutrition plays a major role in Ayurveda, you will find a rich offer of high-quality food, vegan food or organic products from the region in our Ayurveda resorts. For guests who have booked an Ayurvedic retreat, the Ayurveda package usually includes full board. 

Ayurveda programs in Tenerife

Panchakarma Kur

Panchakarma therapy

Ayurvedic body detox program

Purify your body during a Panchakarma retreat in Tenerife and experience the healing power of ancient Indian Ayurveda wisdom first hand. Accumulated toxins are gently drained from your body through the Ayurvedic treatments. Thereby your body experiences an intensive cleansing. With the help of massages, the toxins are first loosened from the tissues. The subsequent phase of elimination aims to expel the loosened metabolic waste products from your body. Ayurvedic preparations and herbs support you during the regeneration phase of the Panchakarma retreat. A "mental purification" is also part of this Ayurvedic detoxification therapy, which has already helped many guests to a new outlook on life.

Ayurveda weight loss

Reach your dream weight

You can also lose weight without a strict or crazy diets. Lose weight gently and through healthy nutrition during an Ayurveda weight loss retreat. Give yourself a whole new feeling of lightness and learn to love your body again. Thanks to the Ayurvedic treatments, an elimination of the accumulated waste products of your body takes place. During this detox retreat, your weight will also be gradually reduced. Delicious sattvic food, made from natural and untreated food, provides you with all the important minerals and nutrients during your Ayurveda weight loss retreat, so that your body is well taken care of while losing weight.

Wellness Ayurveda

Deep relaxation in Tenerife

Turn off your cell phone and forget about time during a wellness Ayurveda retreat. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the tension of everyday life falls away and you can finally be yourself in blissful relaxation, without deadline pressure and obligations?

The soothing oil massages during the Ayurveda wellness vacation in Tenerife wrap your body in warming comfort and well-being. Discover the beauty of life with completely fresh eyes through the deep relaxation you experience at the spa. Breathing exercises, yoga and meditation can further enhance the relaxation effect in a positive way, which is why wellness lovers also like to book an Ayurveda yoga retreat on the islands.  

Ayurveda accommodations on Tenerife: The most beautiful resorts and hotels

Enjoy every deep breath you take on the coast of Tenerife and arrive in the here and now. The maritime atmosphere of the island is also reflected in its numerous Ayurveda retreat hotels. In close proximity to the wild and romantic nature, the Ayurveda hotels offer you the greatest possible comfort for your stay.

With a direct view of the sea from your comfortable single room in a three to five star Ayurveda hotel, you can finally relax properly during your Ayurveda vacation on Tenerife. Various wellness offers give you the opportunity to let go of all tensions in the sauna or pool area of your accommodation and treat yourself to some peace and quiet.

Schnorcheln auf Teneriffa

Enjoy a wide variety of activities such as swimming, hiking, snorkeling or star-gazing to your heart's content due to the paradisiacal location of your Ayurveda retreat in the midst of Tenerife's stunning nature.

Let Ayurveda therapists, some from India and Sri Lanka, accompany you during your Ayurveda getaway. Head, foot and face massages and anti-stress back massages with hot herbal stamps will make you feel a whole new lightness. Through inhalations or herbal steam baths, you will not only strengthen your immune system, but also find your center again.

The top destinations for your Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz

Between white beaches & cerulean sea

Puerto del la Cruz

In the resort of Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of Tenerife, time stands still. While soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkeling, diving or playing beach volleyball, you'll really get into your Ayurveda timeout. In the nearby National Park del Teide you will discover a unique crater landscape, volcanoes and petrified lava rivers on hikes. Also the historic old town of Puerto de La Cruz, invites you to an extensive walk, on which you can marvel at old monuments. You have a breathtaking view of the city and the sea behind it from the "Parque Taoro".

Punta del Hidalgo

Natural sea pools

Punta del Hidalgo

Experience healing seawater therapies at the Thalasso Therapy Center in Punta del Hidalgo. In the natural sea pools, you can cool off in the middle of town in a natural pool full of seawater. This charming fishing town enchants its visitors with a rugged and wild charm due to the most biodiverse coastline in Tenerife and is home to the warm, outgoing and communicative Tinerfeños, as the island's inhabitants call themselves. During your Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Anaga Mountains, which dive into the Atlantic Ocean in the immediate vicinity.

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FAQ - Ayurveda retreats in Tenerife

How much is a week at the Ayurveda Resort in Tenerife with SpaDreams?

A stay of 7 days in the Ayurveda Resort, including breakfast and daily Ayurvedic treatments, you can book already from about 1.400€ per person (in double room).

What is the best time to travel to Tenerife for an Ayurvedic retreat?

The best time to travel to Tenerife for an Ayurvedic vacation is between May and mid-October. Thanks to the subtropical climate on the Canary Islands, even in the winter months the temperatures usually do not fall below 15 °C. However, visitors should be prepared for increased rainfall in winter.

How do I find the right Ayurveda resort in Tenerife?

Depending on your own needs and requirements for an Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife, you can compare the offered Ayurveda packages when choosing the appropriate Ayurveda resort. While you might want to really relax during an Ayurveda wellness vacation, other vacationers will enjoy a Panchakarma retreat and the purification of your body. At SpaDreams.com you can compare all offers directly with each other and find the perfect choice for you.

Can I combine an Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife with a round trip?

You can combine your Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife with a round trip. Book your Ayurveda accommodation already from four nights and spend a short Ayurveda vacation on Tenerife before you leave for further destinations of your round trip. You will already feel the relaxation in your body after a short Ayurveda trip. For profound changes and a healing effect of Ayurveda, a longer Ayurveda retreat with a focus on relaxation and cleansing without a round trip is of course an option.

What are the best Ayurveda hotels in Tenerife?

The best Ayurveda hotels in Tenerife are the 5-star Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden, the 4-star Oceano Health Spa Hotel and the 4-star TRH Taoro Garden. Here, certified Ayurveda retreats await, among the best Ayurveda retreats in Spain.

How can I save when booking my Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife?

You can always find good bargains with our last minute offers or early bird discounts. Even simply booking a package tour with SpaDreams you can save you money, because on site you have virtually no more expenses, but benefit from a lot of inclusive services. You can also save if you choose a travel time that is not in the high season.

Can I give an Ayurveda retreat in Tenerife as a gift?

You can also give away unforgettable moments. For example, with one of our wellness vouchers. How about a voucher for your mother, daughter or best friend?

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