6 Secrets of weight loss with Ayurveda

The importance of healthy & holistic weight loss methods

It is certainly no secret that obesity and our unhealthy habits from our modern lifestyle are among the main causes of many health complaints these days, such as joint diseases, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Obesity has never been more prevalent in our society than it is today. In Europe, over 50% of the population is considered to be overweight, with nearly 70% of those at pre-obese levels and the rest obese. This puts our bodies at enormous risk for so-called secondary diseases. Although most overweight people have already tried a diet at least once in their lives, very few of them manage to lose weight in the long term. Alternative healing methods are becoming more and more popular, as they help to lose body weight in a gentle, healthy, and, most of all, sustainable way. Alternative medicine also tends to use holistic approaches to weight loss, meaning they treat not only the excess pounds but also the root cause. This makes losing weight with Ayurveda a particularly successful method to achieve your desired weight.

Golden milk in a blue cup left of two ginger roots for weight loss with Ayurveda

Are you overweight and feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Or maybe your movement has become more difficult for you? Has your weight already noticeably started affecting your painful joints? This article will divulge the weight loss secrets of this age-old healing method that have helped many lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals!

The start of weight loss with Ayurveda: Identifying the cause

From an Ayurvedic point of view, the causes of overweight can only be considered individually for the person concerned. A disturbance in the digestive, energy and tissue formation processes, caused by a weakening of the body fire “Jathar-Agni” can lead to an increase of fat tissue. The intake of heavy, sweet, cold and fatty foods in itself presents as a possible cause of the disturbed digestive fire. If you also sleep excessively long or during the day right after meals, this also promotes the sluggishness of your bodily fluids and digestion. In addition, there is usually a lack of physical and mental activity, so that your digestion is completely stagnant. Depending on your Dosha type, these disturbing factors can then lead to rapid weight gain and, in the long run, to obesity. Kapha types, already develop many fat deposits after a very short time due to this lifestyle. For Pitta-dominant constitutions, such a metabolic situation is only a problem after a longer period of time. Due to a basically strong digestive fire, Pitta types tend to be less likely to be overweight. Vata types who develop obesity usually have an emotional or psychogenic disorder that results in excessive food intake.

Ayurveda for weight loss: How the Indian wisdom helps to achieve the desired weight

To apply Ayurveda for weight loss, you have several options. A very obvious method is to reduce your weight through Ayurvedic wisdom is to change your diet. However, this change in your diet is preceded by a close examination of your dosha type and the identification of any imbalances. This type of imbalance is often caused by an overly dominant kapha life force. Once you know which dosha type you belong to and which other doshas are currently disturbing the balance in your body, you can eat specific foods that promote or reduce a particular dosha. This will ultimately restore the balance. For example, legumes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, beet, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery and many other vegetables are kapha-reducing foods. Eliminating dairy products also reduces kapha in your body. But also taking a close look at your eating habits can help you to lose weight with Ayurveda. Most importantly, observe how you eat your food. Do you have regular meal times? Do you usually eat late in the evening? Do you chew enough?

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But the enjoyable combination of Ayurvedic healing methods and yoga also produced significant weight loss in study participants in a 2012 pilot study on obesity by researchers Jennifer Rioux and Amy Howerter at the University of Arizona. Ayurvedic herbal supplements also support you in your weight loss process.

Ayurvedic methods for weight loss: The secrets to losing weight with Ayurveda

1. Ayurvedic diet

If you want to use Ayurveda for weight loss, you should definitely determine your dosha type by visiting a qualified Ayurveda therapist and have any existing imbalance in your body checked. Depending on which dosha is predominant in your body, your Ayurvedic doctor can provide you with a specific diet plan with foods that support the balance of your doshas and that assist you in your long-term dietary change.

SpaDreams tip: Healthy Ayurvedic food doesn’t need to be long and complicated to make, nor do you have to sacrifice all of your cheat meals favorites! Check out this blog article for some Ayurvedic “fast food” recipes. There are also some tips at the end on how to adjust the recipes to suit your dosha type!

2. Sufficient exercise against excess Kapha

Often, overweight people have an excess of kapha in their bodies, so the balance of your doshas is disturbed. Ask yourself honestly if you move enough in your daily life, or if you could do something good for your body and your weight by moving more. Especially regular exercise in the early morning will help you to develop new exercise routines and to reach your desired weight in the long run.

3. Combination of Yoga and Ayurveda for weight loss

As already proven in studies, the combination of yoga and Ayurveda for weight loss is particularly successful when it comes to reducing excess weight. With gentle yoga exercises you develop a new body awareness and learn to perceive the signals of your body again. In addition, you can positively contribute to the reduction of your weight through Ayurvedic treatment methods, such as dietary changes or changes in your lifestyle.

4. Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

Numerous Ayurvedic herbal preparations also support you in losing weight with Ayurveda. You can take them as tea or in capsules. Especially the ancient medicinal plant Ashwagandha has a regulating influence on your hormone balance and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps you to reduce your cortisol level and can therefore support weight loss if stress is the cause of your overweight.

Different herbs that are used in Ayurveda for weight loss

5. Lifestyle changes to lose weight

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, lifestyle and eating habits also have a great impact on our digestive fire and weight. You can adjust your lifestyle by eating in peace and chewing sufficiently. Regular meal times as well as sitting quietly for five minutes after eating will help your body digest food better. It’s also best to make sure you don’t eat anything for three hours before bedtime. If possible, you should also prepare all your meals fresh and avoid cold drinks with your meals.

6. Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss

An Ayurveda weight loss treatment can also help you detoxify your body and achieve your desired weight. By loosening deposited toxins through massages and their subsequent elimination through sweating, you free your body from toxic metabolic waste products and support your body in losing weight.

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