Ayurveda Types: The Fiery Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda Dosha Types: Pitta – the burning fire that brings with it great strength

Pitta Dosha Type

The Pitta Dosha is primarily connected with fire and also includes water characteristics. With fire brings transformation, heat, metabolism and the production of energy. As our metabolism depends on the healthy fire of Pitta, this element should not be neglected. For adults, growing older can reduce the intensity of the digestive process. Consequently, without digestive fire, food in the stomach can’t be properly “cooked”, according to the millennia-old teachings. “Cinders” are produced (“Ama”) which can burden the body unnecessarily. Stimulating the digestive fire is consequently an indispensable component of Ayurveda treatments in order to prevent the body from becoming clogged up.

What makes a Pitta type tick?

What defines Pitta? Pitta gives us energy, power and strength of will. Without Pitta we can’t get warm and the circulation slows. Pitta also signifies ambition, determination, intelligence, and communicating feelings. Without Pitta, our emotions are dulled. Impulsivity, intensity of feeling, irritability, impatience, jealousy and extravagance are typical.

What supports and what disturbs the harmony?

When pitta is in harmony, it provides receptiveness, understanding and an aptitude for learning. If it is not in balance this can cause anger and indigestion, and can even lead to inflammations. Very spicy food, too salty, too fat or too sour foods are not advised according to Ayurveda principals. Likewise, pitta types will notice suppressed feelings or anger, sunburn, and high performance under pressure.
Pitta is a “hot” dosha, so pitta types should go for cooling foods during summer. They should try to eat bitter and dry foods such as salads and vegetables. Hot foods and drinks are to be avoided, as are sharp, sour and salty products. It is further recommended to avoid alcohol if at all possible.

Characteristics which are attributed especially to this type in Ayurveda:

overview of the Pitta dosha characteristics
  • Skin: bright, shiny, pale and warm with a tendency to burn in the sun. Tends towards moles, freckles and rashes
  • Hair: Fine and pale, usually blonde or ginger
  • Face: heart-shaped, often with a well-formed chin
  • Throat: averagely proportioned
  • Nose: pointed, straight, average size
  • Eyes: average size, bright blue, bright grey or green
  • Mouth: middle sized
  • Teeth: middle sized, gums bleed easily, pale and pink
  • Physique: medium
  • Intellect: sharp intellect, precise, clear speech
  • Sleep: deep but short sleep
  • Communication: angry, opinionated
  • Personality: enterprising, courageous character with a tendency towards impatience and anger

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