Hévíz – a Hungarian spa town with a long tradition

If you are looking for the perfect spa, health & wellness destination for your next holiday, you should definitely have a closer look at Hévíz located in the western part of Hungary.

Hévíz is considered the spa town with thebalaton_147 longest tradition in the country and it it located only ten kilometres from Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in the Central Europe, but it may not be the greatest attraction of your visit to Hévíz. Lake Hévíz is a tiny one, but it is still the second-largest thermal lake in the world. Thermal waters of Hévíz have been appreciated for their healing properties for more than 2000 years. The best time to visit Hévíz may the summer, when the water lilies are in full bloom and the Lake Hévíz  looks most beautiful, however in fact there is no bad time for a visit as the water of the lake is warm all year round.

The Lake Hévíz

The source of Hévíz Lake in Hévíz is of volcanic origin and is located at a depth of about 38 meters. The water flow in the lake is so fast ( 410 litres of water per second), so that it is believed that the water content of the lake is completely exchanged within 48 hours. The temperatures in the lake in winter are 23 to 25 °C and in the summer of 33-36 °C. The healing properties of the water come from a unique blend of the dissolved elements, which include mainly sulphur, magnesium, calcium, radium, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Therapies in Hévíz

Heviz2OKBaths in the lake can help cure chronic inflammatory or degenerative diseases. People who have joint pain or discomfort in the musculoskeletal system, are among the largest group of the visitors to Hévíz. The  mud that is fetched from the bottom of the lake is used for physiotherapy. Those who wish, can also take advantage of a drinking cure. In the winter time the steam above the lake makes Hévíz a great destination for the open-air inhalation therapy. The hospitality facilities in Hévíz include not only ordinary hotels, but also spa resorts and specialised clinics offering thermal treatments for health and beauty, which attract countless visitors, who seek effective cures.

In addition to the bath in the lake or the drinking cures massages, electrotherapy, exercise programmes and mud wraps are extremely popular.The medical staff in Hévíz  have extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and help patients with severe health problems such as post-injury complications or  In many cases, patients come after an accident in the spa or those who suffer from spinal disc herniation.

Tourism in Hévíz

The tourism services in Hévíz revolve around health and wellness. Most of the hotels have extensive spa and wellness facilities using the unique properties of the thermal water.

Hévíz hevizi-to__35welcomes also everybody who is keen on outdoor sports as the landscape encourages to walk or cycle. As on the large number of tourists, Hévíz is a surprisingly tranquil and charming destination, which enchants with the green around the Hévíz Lake, which can be admired from the promenade. The high street of Hévíz Lake (pedestrian area) is worth visiting for shopping and exploring the town.

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