Czech Republic Holiday

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At first glance, the Czech Republic appears wonderfully enchanted. The wide meadows, clear lakes and rugged mountain landscapes are like a mystical magic exuding deep restfulness and relaxation.
Find relaxation in one of the thousands of thermal springs in the country, whose healing powers have been known and famous for centuries, thus creating a very special wellness culture. A holiday in the Czech Republic is an unforgettable relaxing experience

Facts & Figures

Offiicial Name: Česká republika (Czech Republic)
Location: Central Europe, located between Germany, Poland and Austria
Area: 78.867 km²
Capital: Prague
Population: 10.6 million
Religious and ethnic groups: 10% Roman Catholic, 1% Protestant, 35% Non-religious / 65% Czechs, 5% Moravians, 2% Slovaks
Language: Czech (official language)
Geography: Bohemia in the west with vast plains and plateaus, surrounded by mountains. Moravia in the east very hilly. Highest point: Snezka (1602m)
Time zone: Central European Time (UTC + 01:00)
Political and Economic: Parliamentary Democracy with a bicameral parliament, GDP: EUR 165.4 billion (2016)
Currency: Czech koruna (1 € = 26.07 CZK)

Arrival and departure

Flight duration:
Vaccinations: In general, vaccination against hepatitis A and for longer stays vaccinations against hepatitis B, rabies and tick-borne encephalitis are recommended.
On the spot: The country's major roads are considered good, as well as the rail network, which also open up remote areas.

Climate and best time to travel

The country is worth a trip all year round. In winter it is attracttive with a rich offer for winter sports, the transitional seasons are ideal for city tours.

The most beautiful holiday regions

Moravia - castles and vineyards
Central Bohemia - river valleys and capital Prague
Western Bohemia - spas and beer

Public holidays and celebrations

New Year (January 1), Easter Monday (April), Labor Day (May 1), Liberation Day (May 8), Saints Cyril and Methodius (July 5), Anniversary of the martyrdom of Jan Hus (July 6 ), Day of Independence of the Czech Republic (September 28), Independence Day (October 28), Day of Freedom and Democracy (November 17), Christmas (December 25)

DOs and DON'Ts

• Drink beer. The Czechs are very proud of their many beers and regard them as medicine.
• Know exchange rates. Often, exchange offices advertise good rates, which subsequently turn out to be buying and not selling. Inform yourself beforehand.

• Intake alcohol at the wheel. There is a 0.0 ‰ limit, roadside checks are common. In addition, light duty is valid all year round.
• Take pictures without being asked. As a precaution, you should ask for permission, especially for certain sights or for people in public.

Holiday tips

Can you drink the tap water? The Czech tap water has in most cases drinking water quality.
Do I need an adapter? Not all sockets in the Czech Republic are compatible with the German plugs, so an adapter is needed.

Top tips and discoveries

All epochs can be discovered in the city of the thousand towers on the Vltava. Dark alleyways in which medieval mood chases down the back next to cozy cafes, one of which, Kafka has gone out. Prague is one of the oldest and best preserved cities in Europe; behind every corner you can find a historical gem. In addition to much visited places such as the Charles Bridge and the castle, there are countless quiet, hidden and primeval places to discover. In addition, a unique bar culture, a colorful nightlife and the wonderful surrounding of the city beckon.
The golden city is most beautiful at sunrise and sunset, when all of Prague is shrouded in a warm glow.

Eerily beautiful and impressive it goes to the ossuary of Sedlec. In the basement of the Church of All Saints there are decorations and building elements from more than 10,000 skeletons. Particularly impressive are the chandeliers of the Ossuary and the four huge bone mountains of the aisles. If you want to explore the Ossarium in a very special way, join one of the nightly summer tours.
Worth seeing are the other churches and historic walls of the place.

Not only beer lovers should visit the diocesan and university seat Pilsen in the west of the Czech Republic. Baroque and Renaissance buildings testify to the rapid rise of the city and contribute to a very unique atmosphere. The city brewery Pilsner Urquell attracts crowds of visitors. Additionally, many restaurants in the city uphold the tradition of local beer. Find a panoramic view of the entire urban area and the surrounding area and it's many nature reserves full of forests and lakes from the church tower of St. Bartholomew's Cathedral. The special combination of history, modernity and beautiful nature has earned Pilsen the title of European Capital of Culture 2015.

Regions in Czech Republic