detox break

Detox Breaks

Renew your health

Relax your body and purify

Feel stressed out, tired and unhealthy? Want to refresh and renew your health and energy? Try a Detox break from SpaDreams! The incredible hotels and resorts available will ensure you leave feeling healthier than ever, and ready to kick start a newer, more active lifestyle. 

The process of detoxing using a variety of treatments to remove toxins from the organs, allowing them to better process foods and other substances, and leave you feeling healthier. With a detox break, every part of you is cared for, from your organs to your skin. 

Treatments can include massages, fango mud treatments and thermal spas, and can lead to a multitude of positive effects. A Detox break can give your skin a better glow, increase your energy, help you feel fresher than ever and give your body the cleanse it needs. 

Plus, with a SpaDreams detox break you can rest assured knowing that each detox break will take place in the finest hotels, with world-class spa facilities and incredible, relaxing staff and stunning surroundings. If you need a holiday and a refresh, book a SpaDreams detox break today! 

Our Most Popular Detox Breaks