Detox Diet in Europe

Detox in Europe

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Europe - The Home of Detox and Cleansing

SpaDreams offers a vast range of detox diet packages, many of which take place in our luxury resorts in Europe. Detoxing in Europe allows you to experience all the benefits of detoxing whilst enjoying European culture and stunning natural settings. As the expert teams of nutritionists at our resorts across Europe specialise in different variants of well-known detox diets, SpaDreams can find the ideal detox diet for you. Most of our detox programmes include thermal water, fasting juice, hiking, nordic walking, fasting therapy, yoga and many more, designed to help you make long-term changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

Why Detox in Europe?

Europe is well-known as the home of many wellness and health centres, and detoxing is a central part of this. Germany, Hungary, Spain and Portugal are amongst our most popular detoxing destinations. With highly professional specialist services, top-class facilities and splendid accommodation on offer, Europe is undoubtedly the best place for traditional detoxing and fasting.  

How will a Detox Holiday in Europe Help You?

Removing toxins from the body is vital, as long exposure to these toxins affect the metabolism, immune system and can lead to numerous diseases.

Detoxing can aid with weight loss and help prevent other health problems related to weight issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. A detox programme rids the body of the toxins which affect the body's ability to deal with these issues, strengthening the immune system and fighting infections.

Alternatives to Western Detox in Europe

If you are searching for an alternative cleansing method, our Ayurveda retreats offer detoxing treatments in the form of an Ayurveda cure.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system designed to bring harmony to your body and mind. Staying at an Ayurveda retreat can help you to understand how your body works, learn which food groups are suitable for your constitution and discover inner-peace.

Travel to India or Sri Lanka to experience original Ayurvda in its motherland, or undertake one of our authentic Ayurveda cures in Europe

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