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Detox Holidays Overview

Cleanse your body in a safe, comfortable environment

Introduction to Detox:

SpaDreams detox holidays combine luxury accommodation and first class facilities with exceptional quality detoxing programmes to give you all the support and comfort you need to experience the full benefits of detoxing. Whilst it is possible to detox at home, detoxing plans found online cannot always be trusted and can have an adverse effect on your health. With our detox holiday packages you can be sure that you are getting specialist advice and a detox diet that is suitable for you. Here's what you should consider when booking a detox holiday:

Why Should I Detox?

With processed food dominating the supermarket shelves and high-pressure office jobs leading to more stressful and more sedentary lifestyles, modern-day living can result in a build up of toxins in the body - although our bodies do have a natural detoxing system it is not always able to keep up! Even those who make a conscious effort to avoid unhealthy food and take regular exercise can still be exposed to toxins from pesticides, preservatives, environmental pollutions and other factors that are more difficult to control.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and obesity have all been associated with an excess of such toxins. A detox holiday will flush these toxins out of your body, giving you a natural energy boost, aiding your metabolism, improving your immune system and restoring balance to  your digestive, nervous, and hormonal systems. Other benefits of detox holidays include weight loss, slowing premature aging, clearing your skin and helping improve mental clarity, which can aid with depression, memory loss and sleep problems.

Best Time to Go on a Detox Holiday:

As there are several different types of detox holiday, the best time to book one depends on the type of detox diet you would like to try. For detox holidays in Europe, SpaDreams recommends March to August to make the most of the summer weather. Hot weather is associated with light, healthy foods, as opposed to the comfort foods that so often stock our cupboards in winter. Fasting in Europe is particularly effective during hot weather. 

Why Spring is a Good Season for a Detox Holiday?

Spring brings a sense of regeneration, which means it's the perfect time to refresh your system! If your healthy diet has declined somewhat over winter, and you're struggling to lose the extra pounds piled on during the festive season, a spring detox holiday could be the perfect way to cleanse your body and start a new, healthy diet afresh.

Why Summer is a Good Season for a Detox Holiday

During the summer, the warm weather will help your body to relax and enter the detoxing process. Plenty of nutritious, healthy fruit and vegetables come into season, meaning that you'll have a greater variety of juices to choose from. The hot weather also acts as a natural boost as it opens your pores and causes you to sweat - a natural way of releasing toxins. Take advantage of the warmth to boost the effectiveness of your detox and book a summer detox holiday!

Possible Restrictions

A detox holiday may not be suitable if you suffer from severe chronic diseases, acute inflamatory diseases, diabetes type 1, cancer or other serious illnesses

Detox holidays are not suitable for children and pregnant women. 

If you have any doubts or concerns please consult your doctor or GP before booking a detox holiday.

How Long Should I Detox for?

The duration of a detox holiday can vary from a weekend up to a month of cleansing. Although the effects of a good detox can be seen within a few days, SpaDreams and other professionals recommend minimum of 1 weekideally 2 weeks, to achieve the best results.

Benefits of a Detox Holiday
  • Safer than a home detox
  • Specialist support and advice 
  • Beautiful destinations 
  • Luxury accommodation 
  • Spa and other health treatments
  • Top class facilities
  • Best price guaranteed
Alternatives to Detox Holidays

If a typical Western detox is not for you, check out our selection of Ayurveda retreats and discover the healing power of ancient Indian medicine:

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