Detox in Germany

Detox in Germany

Purify your body from toxins

What is Your Ideal Detox?

Detox in Germany, the Home of Fasting

The birthplace of Buchinger fasting, Schroth cures and the entire concept of wellness travel, Germany is the perfect place to detox your body. Our detox in Germany programs offer guests professional help and guidance towards a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle.

Although weight loss is not necessarily the main goal of these programs, detoxing in Germany will teach you how to listen to and understand your body, helping you to make healthier choices, which often results in long-term, sustainable weight loss.

With a wide range of programs, destinations and hotels, SpaDreams can help you find the perfect detox holiday, in Germany or elsewhere! 

Why Detox in Germany?

With a long tradition of fasting cures and plenty of opportunities to breath in mountain air and get active outdoors, Germany has everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the detoxing process. Our resorts vary from cosy alpine retreats to luxurious, modern hotels and offer traditional fasting methods which have evolved into modern cures.

Call our expertly trained customer service team - we will be happy to help you find the perfect detox in Germany package for you! 

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