detox programmes

Detox Programmes

Custom made detox programmes

Detox - Rid your body of toxins

The negative build up of toxins can lead to improper digestion, problems with the intestines, acne and other skin problems, premature aging, illnesses and more. This affects the state of well-being in general. The solution? A Detox programme.

A Detox Diet is a form of fasting that focuses on cleansing the body from toxins through fasting, resting the organs and providing them with the necessary nutrients for vitality and growth. We have a wide variety of detox programmes on offer to suit the needs and body types of every guest. With high class facilities, modern, comfortable accommodation and professional support from detox experts, our hotels offer everthing you need for the perfect detox programmes.

Find a healthy Detox programme that suits you at SpaDreams!

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