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Fasting according to F.X. Mayr

The Mayr method, also known as F.X. Mayr Fasting, and Mayr cure, is based on the principles of rest, cleansing and training and aims at a sustainable intestinal rehabilitation. The diet made popular by Rebel Wilson, is suitable for those who, despite fasting, do not want to go without food completely. To reflect their eating habits, participants eat particularly slowly and chew very thoroughly. This method is primarily carried out to benefit the body through detoxification and cleansing. The purification process has a positive effect on the metabolism and digestion, as well as being an important part of health care.

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Background of the Mayr method

The F.X. Mayr cure was founded by the physician Franz Xaver Mayr (1875-1965). When the medical doctor had successfully completed his studies in Graz, he devoted himself entirely to the intestines. He was already firmly convinced at that time that a large proportion of illnesses were related to an imbalanced intestinal flora. During the First World War, for example, he recognised that sparing the intestines by fasting had a positive effect on our organism; because those soldiers who fasted under duress regained their health much faster. Thus, the main aim of the Mayr method quickly became clear: intestinal rehabilitation. Today we know for sure: The intestine is the centre of our immune system and a healthy intestine is the key to health and beauty.






The milk-bread diet

At that time, milk and bread rolls were an integral part of this fasting method. The nutrient content of the milk at that time counteracted the danger of an excessively one-sided, low-nutrient diet and the bread roll was used to practise proper chewing. Nowadays, many people do not tolerate wheat flour and cow's milk products well any more. In addition, the milk may contain harmful substances, which is why there is an increasing use of either organic fresh milk or vegan milk alternatives. Wheat rolls are also often avoided nowadays. Since wheat has been genetically modified, spelt rolls or, if necessary, gluten-free alternatives are often chosen. In principle, any kind of reduction diet is conceivable, depending on individual tolerance.

Procedure of the Mayr method

At this point we would like to give you an understanding of the Mayr method. The terms protection, cleansing, training and substitution play a decisive role.


An important part of the F.X. Mayr cure is rest. If the bowel is overstrained, it must be spared. But not only the intestines, but the entire body, as well as mind and soul should rest to achieve a holistic regeneration.


In addition to being gentle to the body, mind, and soul, cleansing during the Mayr method is also indispensable to promote the cleansing process of the intestines. Toxins should be eliminated by taking a bitter salt solution every day. The ultimate goal is to restore the self-cleaning powers of the intestines, which are disrupted in many cases as a result of an incorrect diet and lifestyle. At this point, it is also important to ensure a sufficient fluid intake, which significantly supports the purification process. Enemas, liver wraps or the ingestion of an alkaline powder can also help to ensure the success of the cleansing and the entire cure.


The maintenance or further optimisation of the achieved state of health after the therapy is only possible through training. Thus, the fasting person should learn everything about Mayr's diet during the therapy in order to be able to apply it in everyday life afterwards. Since healthy digestion begins in the mouth, a great focus is placed on correct chewing. Furthermore, it is about conscious eating, i.e. topics such as:


  • Recognising the feeling of satiety
  • Overeating
  • Emotional eating
  • Boredom eating
  • Eating in hectic everyday life
  • Healthy drinking habits


Substitution is a rather younger aspect of the Mayr fasting. Some people suffer increasingly from deficiencies in vitamins, trace elements and minerals. For this reason, patients in many Mayr Hotels are provided with vital substances which also promote detoxification and have a positive effect on health.



Our F.X. Mayr Hotels

In our hotels, you will be checked by a doctor before the start of the therapy. Many hotels offer initial, follow-up and final examinations with individual consultation. Then at least 7 days of fasting are waiting for you, during which the F.X. Mayr diet is also tailored to your body and needs. Many hotels offer stays of 3 - 4 weeks, where a noticeable success is achieved.

Many great treatments and activities result in a social programme that will make the hunger disappear quickly: You can expect metabolism-promoting liver wraps, Kneipp treatments, detoxifying alkaline baths, stomach treatments (belly massages), detox massages and, of course, depending on the hotel, great wellness and spa offers with which your fasting holiday will be a pleasure.


In the Mayr hotels you can not only detoxify your body, but also get to know dream destinations that have perhaps been on your wish list. If you like green landscapes and love hiking, the best place to go is the Bavarian Alpine foothills or the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Of course, you will also find great offers in Austria, because this is where the Mayr method is at home. The beautiful Salzburger Land, with its countless peaks, forests and lakes, definitely offers the right programme for all nature lovers. Lower Austria even has a woman only hotel if you’re interested in that.

Are you more the beach type? Rügen, a German island in the Baltic Sea or Euganean Hills in Italy, are destinations you will love!

Do you want to try the Mayr method for yourself? Contact our experts to find out more about our Mayr fasting hotels and get inspired to find your favourite programme.







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FAQ - F.X. Mayr Method

For which complaints does the F. X. Mayr cure help?

The Mayr method can provide relief for a wide range of complaints. Some of them are:

  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Arthrosis
  • Atopic eczema (neurodermatitis)
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Increased susceptibility to infection
  • Exhaustion, burn-out, concentration problems
  • Diseases of the rheumatic form
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout
  • Migraine
  • Food intolerance
  • Digestive problems
  • Menopausal complaints

Can anyone start the Mayr method?

The Mayr method is not suitable for everyone and for some people it is only permitted under medical supervision. People with eating disorders, children or pregnant women are not allowed to fast. For people who have just overcome a serious illness, the cure could be helpful, but this must be clarified individually in each case with the doctor. It is best to make an appointment with your general practitioner to make sure that the F.X. Mayr method is right for you.

What are the disadvantages of the Mayr cure?

In the long run, this type of fasting can lead to deficiency symptoms. However, this is best counteracted by professional treatments in fasting hotels (e.g. with food supplements, base powder, etc.). In addition, most therapies take place over such a short period of time that no problems arise for the body.

What makes a good Mayr doctor?

Doctors who wish to train as a Mayr doctor complete the relevant theoretical and practical courses at the International Society of Mayr Doctors for at least one year. Afterwards, they take the examination at the Medical Association. This means that if you book a stay in one of our Mayr Hotels, whether in Germany, Austria or Spain, you can be sure that the Mayr Doctors are highly qualified and EU-recognised Mayr Doctors.

How long is a F.X. Mayr therapy?

The official F.X. Mayr cure takes 3 - 4 weeks. However, the optimum duration must be determined individually in each case.

I do not have 3 weeks to do this therapy. Is a shorter time possible?

In our hotels a shorter stay of 7 days is also possible. However, success is more profound if you adhere to the planned duration of treatment. Short stays offer a great opportunity to get to know the cure, but for those who want to do something for their health in the long term and feel real change, we recommend a stay of at least 21 days.

I have food intolerances or am a vegan. Can this be taken into account for the Mayr method?

Absolutely. Let us know in advance about your allergies or intolerances and inform us about your diet. Together we can find the ideal hotel for you.

Will I lose weight during the F.X. Mayr therapy?

The aim of this therapy is to cleanse the intestines and not to lose weight. Rather than losing weight, this method focuses on health promotion and health care. Surely you will lose a little weight during this fasting holiday.

Can the yo-yo effect also occur with the F.X. Mayr cure?

In theory, yes. However, our fasting experts will provide you with the necessary knowledge about this topic, so that this case is very unlikely and you can maintain the state of health achieved during the holiday and improve it further.

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