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Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 – 1965) was a doctor who developed a unique fasting method based on consumption of specific foods and drinks, such as milk, bread rolls, herbal teas and water. The idea of the “milk – bread roll diet” may not convince everybody; however its effectiveness was proved by F.X. Mayr himself who lived 90 years which was rather unusual at the turn of the nineteenth century. Due to his innovative approach F.X. Mayr became famous in spa town Karlovy Vary (Czech Rep.) and in Vienna (Austria). Nowadays many retreats offer the “modern F.X. Mayr Cure”, which has been improved by the followers of F.X. Mayr to match the needs of contemporary patients.

The protection is the preparation and relief phase of the fasting cure. The cleansing is, as it might be expected, mainly the emptying and purification of the intestine. This is mostly achieved by taking Glauber's salt in the morning. The cleansing is supported by a high hydration in the form of herbal teas, drinking water and mineral water. The training will revive the gastrointestinal tract. This is where the actual milk and bread diet begins. The thorough and deliberate chewing of the bread stimulates the salivation and thus the digestion. In addition, special abdominal massages support the treatment. A F.X. Mayr Therapy should always take place under expert guidance and not at home as an experiment.

In principle, the F.X. Mayr Cure is based on three elements:

1. Rest – relaxation of the digestive system is achieved through reduced food intake. 

2. Cleansing – an important element of the treatment based on purification of the digestive system, for example with help of bitter salt.

3. Training – learning how to eat consciously (slowly, mindfully, in peaceful surroundings).

The treatment is completed with spa treatments that enhance cleansing. According to the philosophy of the treatment, one of the main causes of health problems is an overloaded digestive system and deposits in the bowel. The cure is therefore focused on detoxification. Weight loss is not the main aim but rather a pleasant bonus of the therapy

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