Fasting with Diabetes

Fasting with Diabetes

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Fasting with Diabetes: Weight Loss and Detoxification

Diabetics gently regulate their metabolism by using a diabetic fasting treatment, to reduce weight and improve their health. For diabetes with type 2, the fasting treatment is very advisable. It is not recommended for type 1 diabetics because of their metabolic constellation.

The fasting treatment is an ideal starting point for an integrated change of dietary habits. Choose a diabetes fasting treatment in one of our SpaDreams’s hotels and start a healthier life!

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Procedure and Types of Diabetes Fasting

The fasting with diabetes is carried out as an inpatient or outpatient basis under medical supervision, since the therapy includes insulin or tablets, adapted to the nutritional intake - usually this means a reduction in the medical intake. Hence, the regular measurement of the blood glucose is an important control method. In addition, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy, and massages support the purifying process.

Well-suited for the fasting of diabetes are treatments that provide the body with all important nutrients and minerals and stimulate the metabolism, such as Schroth fasting, Alkaline fasting, Buchinger fasting and Ayurvedic treatments.

The Advantages and Effects of Fasting with Diabetes

The greatest advantage of fasting with diabetes is to break unhealthy habits. The body learns to regain energy mainly from its fat reserves. The cardiovascular system is relieved and chronic diseases are mitigated. You will then develop a better sense of your needs. Fasting tends to have a mood-lifting effect, which will make you feel active and full of energy!

Take advantage of the vitalizing powers of diabetes fasting and book your next diabetes fasting treatment with SpaDreams, the specialist for health travel!

Fasting with Diabetes: What to consider

Fasting with diabetes requires that no medical complaints are present, - this should be clarified with your doctor. It is advisable to plan your fasting well and to be accompanied by medical supervision.

Before a fasting treatment, it is helpful to gather your own wishes and goals for the treatment. What is your main reason, what do you want to achieve and what motivates you in order to stay on track? The right time is also important, because a fasting treatment always requires an outlet from everyday life. On holiday, fasting treatments have shown to be particularly successful.

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