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Immune boosting therapy

We’re surrounded by vast amounts of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Most are harmless while others can potentially make us fall very ill. A strong immune system is capable of quickly recognizing threats and neutralizing them. In the best case scenario, we are protected all year round from these foreign pathogens.

However, if the body’s defenses are weakened, you may become sick more often or need much longer to recover from an illness. As a result, you may even suffer from persistent exhaustion or concentration problems. Find out how incorporating an immune boosting therapy into your next holiday can help develop a strong immune system and improve your health.

Boost your immune system while on holiday

Whoever said that boosting your immune system had to be a mundane experience at some dull medical facility? There are many different ways to boost your immune system, whether it’s with natural remedies, a colon cleanse, or with a professional immune boosting therapy at a hotel. Find your favorite immune boosting program here!





Ayurveda: Natural immune booster

Are you surprised to hear that you can strengthen your immune system with Ayurveda? We’re not! After all, the word Ayurveda translates to the “science of life” and it trusts in the healing power of nature and natural remedies. It is also based on a holistic philosophy that views the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul. The aim is therefore not only to relieve physical ailments, but also to relax the mind, soothe the soul and establish the connections between these three vital aspects of being. As psychological problems have been proven to have a considerable influence on the immune system (and vice versa), Ayurvedic therapy is a great way to strengthen the immune system, especially for people who are stressed and lack balance in their lives. And, since Ayurveda is a holistic practice, you benefit on all fronts.

Fasting to increase immunity

What does fasting have to do with strengthening the immune system? Quite a lot! You may have heard that 70% of the immunologically active cells are located under the mucous membrane of the small and large intestines and that even 80% of the immune responses take place there as well. If our gut is healthy, we are consequently better protected against pathogens. A colon cleanse can act as a reboot for the immune system. In our Schroth method hotels, for example, your body can reactivate its self-healing powers and you can also treat yourself to an all-round package of wellness, culture, activity programmes or simply a generous dose of peace and quiet in our most beautiful holiday regions. However, the Schroth method does not necessarily cleanse the intestines. Other fasting therapies, such as a liquid fasting or Buchinger fasting, also strengthen the immune system by increasing the intake of nutrients - the vital elements that help our immune cells and organs to perform their tasks at full capacity.

Strong immunity with Kneipp hydrotherapy

Kneipp hydrotherapy is also a great way to strengthen the immune system. The more elements a Kneipp therapy contains, the more positive effects it has on the body's defenses. The main element, hydrotherapy, stimulates circulation, which improves blood flow and thereby strengthens the immune system. Kneipp hydrotherapy is accompanied by a healthy diet, detoxifying medicinal herbs, beneficial relaxation exercises and sufficient physical activity. When used together, these factors prove to be particularly beneficial for the immune system. Kneipp therapy not only strengthens the immune system, but can also help with heart and circulation problems, rheumatism, back pain and allergies.

Build immunity with (medical) wellness

Through the healing power of a wellness break, both you and your immune system can finally restore balance. A healthy diet, lots of exercise, sauna sessions, yoga and other relaxation exercises contribute to this. This immune system therapy treatment is particularly suitable for those of us who are constantly stressed, who say "no" far too seldom and simply need a break.
An example of a wellness treatment that strengthens the human immune system is visiting a sauna. During a visit to the sauna, the body temperature rises by one to two degrees for a short time, similar to a fever. The body responds to this promptly by activating additional defenses. Treat yourself to some time out just for yourself and allow yourself to be pampered from head to toe in our wellness hotels.
Also take a look at our page on thermal baths. Thermal baths and saunas generally help to strengthen the immune system, but should never be practiced if you are already suffering from an infection, i.e. always as a preventive measure, never to cure a cold or flu.

Immune boosting yoga and meditation

As little as 10 minutes of meditation a day reduces the risk of infection by up to 25%. Studies have shown that stress is one of the biggest threats to our immune system. But why? Perhaps you have already heard of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released during acute stress, which puts the immune system on alert and increases its activity in the short term. However, in the case of chronic stress, excess cortisol can even inhibits our immune system responses. The number of immune cells in the blood decreases on the long run.  With a relaxing yoga and meditation stay in our hotels you can counteract this process and strengthen your immune system in a very relaxed way. With the right yoga exercises, for example, the stress hormone cortisol can be reduced, body and mind relax and you will also start to sleep better again as well as build a stronger immune system.

Strengthen your immunity with climate therapy

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is another way to boost the immune system. The "white gold" contains valuable minerals and micro elements (magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, bromine, sodium and iron), which have a positive effect on the body. It not only promotes blood circulation and has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory effects, but also dissolves mucus, eliminates pathogens and counteracts immune system hypersensitivity. Climate therapy can be particularly beneficial for the respiratory tract, because inhaling salt and its associated minerals and trace elements relieves chronic infections and lastingly strengthens the immune system.

Halotherapy is only one of the many forms of climate therapy. Find out more about climatotherapy here!

Immunity power with fango and mud therapy

Fango is Italian and means "healing mud". The moist warmth of the mud packs not only helps with tension or joint problems, but can also help relieve disorders of internal organs and stimulate the body's immune response. This is based on a principle similar to that of the sauna. The increased temperature of the mud raises our body temperature, which in turn activates the body's defenses. Other conditions for which mud therapy is advisable include rheumatism, skin diseases, neuralgia and chronic diseases of the urinary tract.

Popular immune boosting destinations

Immune boost at the Baltic Sea

How about an immune system treatment at the Polish Baltic Sea, that offers wonderful beaches, fresh air and medical services for body and soul? The healing climate of the Baltic Sea is especially recommended for those who want to put an end to respiratory ailments or chronic infections.

Germany: Fasting and medical wellness

There are many great fasting programs, especially in southern Germany, which you can use to boost your immune system. Whether you choose the Schroth method, therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, intermittent fasting or juice fasting, here you will find all this at the highest level and with the best medical care according to German standards. The beautiful surroundings also make stays such as fasting & hiking an ideal way to strengthen your immune system twice over.

But there aren’t just great fasts on offer! Germany is well known for professional medical wellness stays in all parts of the country. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing medical wellness program with treatments, exercise, relaxation, fantastic meals, Germany is definitely the place to go.

Ayurveda immune boosting therapy in Asia

If you would like to venture a little further away from home or perhaps escape the dreary winters, when our immune system tends to need more support, you can plan an Ayurveda trip to Asia. India, Sri Lanka, but also Thailand and Indonesia offer wonderful hotels in idyllic landscapes where switching off is made easy. Most of our Ayurveda programs also include yoga and meditation sessions! Strengthen your immune system by balancing body, mind, and soul.



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10 Immune boosting tips

There are many things you can do at home to help increase your immunity. Try incorporating these immune boosting supplements, vitamins, foods, and habits into your daily routine and see the difference a small change can make!

  1. Vitamin A is involved in cell growth and a healthy immune system. The daily requirement can be easily met with spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and apricots.
  2. Vitamin C promotes the formation of antibodies and white blood cells. The latter are essential for the defense against viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, many berries, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, cabbage or kiwis.
  3. Vitamin E protects our cells from oxidative stress and inhibits inflammatory processes. Vitamin E is found in greater amounts in wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed and olive oil, as well as nuts and almonds. In combination, vitamins A, C and E are particularly effective against foreign pathogens.
  4. B vitamins are needed for the production of antibodies, among other things, and support the immune system's normal function. Green smoothies are great sources of vitamin B and also provide renewed energy.
  5. The trace element zinc is particularly important when it comes to a strong defense. Even if a pathogen has already invaded the body, zinc can help to stop its reproduction. Zinc is found in legumes such as beans and lentils, beef, wholegrain products, oat flakes, nuts, to name but a few.
  6. Vitamin D regulates the immune system and prevents infections. A vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased susceptibility to infections. Vitamin D, which is actually a hormone, can be produced by the body itself when exposed to sunlight. So get a healthy dose of sunshine whenever possible! In the winter months, you may want to consider taking vitamin D supplements.
  7. Ginger, turmeric and garlic are true immunity heroes! If you have a cold, try a home-made ginger-turmeric shot, because the roots not only have an antibacterial effect, but also inhibit the reproduction of viruses. The turmeric contained in curcuma has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Alternatively, you can enjoy an extra portion of garlic in your meal. Garlic keeps the blood, heart and vessels healthy and supports the intestines as a natural antibiotic.
  8. Avoid unnecessary stress! As stress offers the ideal conditions for pathogens to reproduce, you should try to keep stress to a minimum. Find a stress-reducing activity that works for you and fits into your daily routine. Try to avoid any needlessly stressful situations.
  9. Sleep strengthens the immune system as defensive cells regenerate while you sleep. So make sure to get at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep and listen to your body.
  10. Exercise is also vital for maintaining a healthy immune system. Whether it's yoga, jogging, hiking or cycling, exercise keeps the immune system on its toes. Incorporate at least 30-45 minutes of exercise into your daily routine every day.