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Health Spa Hotels in the Czech Republic

Effective Medical & Wellness Therapy in Beautiful Locations

Are you looking for a medical spa and wellness hotel in the Czech Republic? Then you’ve come to the right place. SpaDreams has a wide range of wellness spa hotels and health programmes in the Czech Republic, carefully curated after over 40 years of hotel partnerships.

Our Four Most Popular Spa Hotel Offers in the Czech Republic

Our Most Popular Programmes in Czech Republic Medical Spas

Complex Healing Therapies - These programmes focus on great healing treatments which are prescribed according to the individual needs and goals of each guest. Each therapy programme is therewith unique and tailor-made, using elements from hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy, advanced medical diagnostics and relaxing medical wellness treatments. These packages are great for general well-being or to tackle advanced medical conditions.

Vitality Holidays - Simple but wonderfully relaxing holidays in the beautiful environments of the charming Czech spa towns. Perfect for recharging your batteries and enjoying nature.

Special Diet Holidays - Ideal to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, to try out new fasting method, to detox or to lose some weight. Expert and beginners alike can find a suitable diet programme with professional advice from knowledgeable staff.

Our Most Popular Czech Spa Hotels

If you already know you want to book a spa hotel in the Czech Republic, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best spa hotel for your needs.

The History of Czech Republic Health Spa Hotels

Relax, Rejuvenate, Recover

Guests and healthy-holidaymakers from across the world have been visiting the Czech Republic for its wellness hotels and healing mineral water spas since as early as the 12th century. Our Czech Republic health spa hotels are located in charming spa towns with healing thermal springs that provide the perfect natural setting for relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery.

For those wishing to target a specific health issue, we recommend one of our many popular medical spas in the Czech Republic. All of the best medical spas in the Czech Republic make use of the individual springs specific to their locations. These include radium, magnesium, iron, calcium and carbon, in differing quantities, and so specific health issues can be targeted. In Jáchymov and Teplice, visitors enjoy therapy with radon, a naturally occurring radioactive material originating in the springs. And in the bohemian spa triangle, Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně await you with hundreds of various mineral water springs to choose from. Click here to learn more about the beautiful and varied spa towns in the Czech Republic and thermal hotels in the Czech Republic.

Complex Healing Programmes

Clients often find that these minerals and elements are much more easily absorbed through drinking or bathing in the spring water than taking the classic supplements. The typical health package is called “complex healing”, which will be tailored upon arrival in the spa to any specific health issues you wish to target.

All Offers for Complex Healing Packages in Czech Republic

Czech Medical Expertise

Our Czech spa hotels are 100% focused on healing and wellbeing programmes. All year round, traditional therapies are constantly being updated with new findings, without losing the knowledge that has been passed down for generations. Along with highly qualified doctors and therapists in the therapy departments, the Czech health spa hotels are unique and delightful.

Natural Spring Health Spa Hotel Czech Republic
Spring Water for "complex healing"
Health Spa Hotels Mariánské Lázně Czech Republic
Mariánské Lázně

The Czech Republic’s Rich Culture and Beautiful Nature

Thanks to a long heritage, spa resort in the Czech Republic are often iconic and traditional buildings, with magnificent art nouveau or imperial architecture. Certain hotels have even been the setting for famous Hollywood movies. Located amongst the beautiful nature that the country has to offer, from green mountain ranges and forests to lakes and valleys, the hotel settings here are really something special. With golden autumns, warm springs and summers, and white blankets of snow in the winter, the Czech Republic is perfect to visit all year round.

One of our favourite aspects of the spa resorts in the Czech Republic is the rich availability of cultural events on offer. All year round there are concerts, festivals, dances, lectures on health, excursions to nearby sites and during Christmas and Easter there are gala dinners and balls. Our hotels also prepare activities for guests without a car, such as bus trips or events within the hotel or within walking distance. The spa town of Karlovy Vary is even home to an international film festival which takes place each year in summer.

Spa Town Karvoly Vary Czech Republic
Karlovy Vary

Czech Cuisine or Detox Diet?

Wellness is about feeling good – body and soul. So, if this means enjoying the rich Czech cuisine or tasty detox meals, it’s up to you. At the health spa hotels here, you can enjoy the traditional Bohemian cuisine, such as hearty stews made with mushrooms from nearby forests, apple strudel, sweet noodles and Czech Pilsner beer. Light and healthy cuisine is also available and you can request a special diet. Just let us know in the comments of your booking form if you’d like a low-calorie and low-fat diet or whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan. There is the perfect diet for everyone!

All offers for Detox Programmes in Czech Spa Towns 

Travel Tips - Book Your Dream Spa Hotel in the Czech Republic

With relatively low prices, even the best medical spas in the Czech Republic are more affordable than their Western European counterparts. Discover the best spas in the Czech Republic below and book today!

Our Travel Tips for Spa Town Holidays in Czech Republic:

  • The most convenient way to travel to the Czech Republic is from London by plane.
  • The transfers from Prague can be rather lengthy journeys, but public transport in the Czech Republic is very affordable, comfortable and offers a great way to see the country on your way to the hotel. Consider booking a train to your Spa Town.
  • The Czech Republic is particularly beautiful at certain times of year. In summer, the country is a vibrant green whereas in autumn the changing leaves paint the countryside in blazing shades of gold, orange, and red. In wintertime, you’ll find an enchanting winter wonderland whenever it snows.
  • Festivals and celebrations are a part of the local charms. Consider visiting during one of these festivities, such as the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival or one of the many classical music festivals.

How to Save Money on Your Spa Resort in the Czech Republic

  • Book Medical Wellness or Healing Therapies packages instead of booking individual treatments on site. These are packages we have put together with the our hotel partners to offer you the absolute best value for your money.
  • Book well in advance. Many hotels offer earlybird specials on their stays and packages, allowing you to save a lot of money simply by making an early reservation.
  • Try taking the train instead of the more expensive airport transfer. Not only will you get a chance to see the picturesque landscapes and towns of the Czech Republic, but most hotels offer a free or very affordable transfer from the local train station. 
  • Have you considered travelling in the off-peak season? The Czech Republic is particularly popular in summer and the hotels raise their prices accordingly. It is equally scenic and charming during autumn and winter, though the prices tend to be lower. Try combing this with an earlybird booking to stack the savings!
Scenery in Karlovy Vary in Summer season
Mariánské Lázně in Autumn fountain

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5 Elements of Complex Healing

5 Elements of Complex Healing

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