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An abundance of charming traditional spa towns are scattered across Germany's vast and varied landscapes. Do something for your health and take a break in one of the German spa towns, hidden in the alpine foothills of Bavaria or amidst the hills of Hessen. Below you will find listed the towns of our most popular health spas in Germany featuring state of the art medical wellness facilities often set in buildings with beautiful traditional architecture.

In addition to medical wellness treatments, health spas in Germany offer delicious, healthy meals. Detox retreats in Germany offer nutritional advice as part of the treatment programme, especially at health spas specialising in Kneipp therapies or Buchinger or F.X.Mayr fasting programmes.

We have a wide range of health spa resorts in Germany suitable for those who suffer from sleeping disorders, stress, muscle pain, spine disorders, rheumatic and other degenerative diseases, immune system problems (including auto-aggression of the immune system), respiratory diseases,  digestive and metabolism problems (obesity, metabolic syndrome, constipation, indigestion) and circulatory problems.

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Read here for an overview of the most popular German spa towns and the healing properties of their natural springs.

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Our Most Popular Health Spas in Germany

Moosbronn, Black Forest
Lake Constance
Lower Saxony
Lake Alpensee

Bad Alexandersbad, Bavaria

975 Residents

Lying in the middle of the Fichtel Mountains, Bad Alexandersbad has been attracting guests since 1734, providing them with mineral spring water, a moor mud spa and extremely effective medical wellness treatments.

Bad Bocklet, Bavaria

4533 Residents

Situated in a loop of the Franconian Saale River, Bad Bocklet is the most iron rich spring in Germany and was discovered in 1724.

Bad Bruckenau, Bavaria

6352 Residents

In the valley of the River Sinn in the Rhön Mountains, the first records of which date from the 15th century, Bad Bruckenau’s thermal waters are described as a “sour-tasting well”.

Bad Füssing, Bavaria

7192 Residents

Lying in the southern area of Passau on the flat Pockinger heath, not far from Austrian border, Bad Füssing’s thermal spring was discovered in 1937 when looking for oil.

Bad Gogging, Lower Bavaria

866 Residents

Amongst meadows and wetlands of the Abens river (which later joins the Danube), Bad Gogging’s sulphuric thermal spring was known not just by the Romans but even by the Celts in 500 BC.

Bad Griesbach, Bavaria

8901 Residents

In the countryside of the Danubian Forest region of Bavaria, Bad Griesbach’s spa with a natural thermal spring was established in 1973.

Bad Herrenalb, Baden-Württemberg

7641 Residents

15km east of Baden-Baden in the north of Black Forest lies Bad Herrenalb. In 1971 they drilled into a mineral rich water source which enabled the town to become a ‘Bad’ and build on its medical wellness treatment offerings.

Bad Kissingen, Bavaria

21879 Residents

Bad Kissingen is a traditional spa town that lies by the side of the Franconian Saale River, south of the Rhön Mountains. Its first recorded spa guest dates back as far as 1520 and so it’s no wonder that it was grown to become one of the most popular spa towns in the world, with the renowned title of “Weltbad”.

Bad Nenndorf, Lower Saxony

10649 Residents

A small town that lies on the tranquil southern edge of the North German Plain, its sulphur springs are first recorded as in use for health in 1546. Its spa park with a high level of excellence was initiated in 1787.

Bad Salzschlirf

3290 Residents

Lying in the country side of the Fulda Valley next to the Vogelsberg volcanic mountain range, Bad Salzschlirf’s salt-water springs were discovered centuries ago, but in 1746 they were dug into and made more accessible for their usage in health and medical therapy.

Bad Steben, Bavaria

3,375 Residents

Situated in the Franconian Forest Nature Park, the mineral water springs of Bad Steben were first recorded as belonging to the Count of Orlamünde in 1248. The three healing water springs are high in radon, calcium and magnesium and offer both drinking and bathing treatments.

Bad Wildungen, Hesse

16,980 Residents

Situated in the Kellerwald low mountain range and traversed by the river Wilde, Bad Wildungen’s natural springs are high in iron, magnesium and carbon dioxide with bathing and drinking benefits discovered and in use for over 600 years.

Bad Wilsnack, Brandenburg

2577 People

Situated on the banks of the river Karthane half-way between Hamburg and Berlin, Bad Wilsnack thermal baths include 4 thermal water pools and differing concentrations of salt.

Bad Worishofen, Bavaria

15,731 Residents

Situated on the banks of the Wörthbach 35km away from Memmingen, Bad Worishofen is the birth town of Sebastian Kneipp – the inventor of specific water-oriented therapies. In 1886 Kneipp published his holistic hydrotherapy book that became extremely popular amongst wellness retreats and is still recommended by doctors today. Kneipp therapies are now spread around many German spas and health retreats throughout the world.

Badenweiler, Baden Württemberg

4,165 Residents

At the Western Edge of the magical black forest lies Badenweiler, a spa town whose thermal water was first discovered by romans. Public marble baths were built in 1875 and are extremely popular today.

Alternative Health Spas in Germany

Of course, health spas in Germany aren’t limited to those locations with natural springs.

Many of our German health spas have equally effective natural therapies using other natural resources or holistic healing methods (e.g. fango, therapeutic fasting, climatotherapy, special mineral pools, detox programmes, Indian Ayurveda and thalassotherapy). These all take place in beautiful natural locations in the mountains, by the Baltic Sea coast or at lake sides and most have their own on-site medical centres, so that far away from city life you can put your health concerns to rest. Even during weight loss or detox programmes, spa retreats provide delicious, healthy meals with high quality nutrition.












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