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An abundance of charming traditional spa towns are scattered across Germany's vast and varied landscapes. The health spas found in these enchanting towns in Germany offer all you’d expect from professional medical wellness facilities and provide a truly unique combination of old and new - a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and modern amenities where natural therapies meet state of the art medical wellness treatments. The health spas in Germany often have on-site medical centres and on-site specialists who make sure that the therapies on offer are safe and effective. 

In addition to medical wellness treatments, health spas in Germany offer delicious, healthy meals. Nutrition often becomes a part of the treatment, especially at the health spas specialising in Kneipp therapies or therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger or F.X.Mayr

We have a wide range of health spa resorts of Germany suitable for those who suffer from sleeping disorders, stress, muscle pain, spine disorders, rheumatic and other degenerative diseases, immune system problems (including auto-aggression of the immune system), respiratory diseases,  digestive and metabolism problems (obesity, metabolic syndrome, constipation, indigestion) and circulatory problems. Do something for your health and take a break in one of the German spa towns, hidden in the alpine foothills of Bavaria or amidst the hills of Hessen.

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