Marvelous 4.6/5.0

26 Ratings from our customers

Marvelous 4.6/5.0

No. 1 Hotel in Chavakkad This hotel is the 1 most popular choice for our hotels in Chavakkad. The popularity depends on how often a hotel is called, requested and booked via this website. Ideal for Solo Travelers. This destination is especially suitable for solo travelers. More than 70% of our guests have traveled here alone.

Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort

Family, authentic Ayurveda in lush nature

Small family-run ayurvedic resort in direct beach location, popular for its traditional keralan Ayurveda treatments according to the Marma-Nadi system. Enjoy the peace and quietness on the spot and recharge your batteries. Renovated in 2017.

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

Stay only

from 7 nights, double room, breakfast


  • breakfast
  • Wifi at reception
  • usage of sunbeds and sunshades at the beach

Telephone booking code: 73MP2

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Classic Ayurveda Cure

from 7 nights, double room, full-board



  • Rejuvenation from 7 nights
  • Panchakarma from 13 nights
  • Slimming from 13 nights
  • Arthritis from 13 nights
  • ayurvedic full board (3 vegetarian meals per day)
  • herbal tea and mineral water
  • initial, following and final consulations with the Ayurvedic doctor, determination of the dosha, creation of individual treatment plan
  • nutrition consultation
  • daily 2-3 ayurvedic treatments (approx. 2 hrs) as prescribed e.g. herbal inhalation, full body oil massage with head massage, partially synchronous, panchakarma (ayurveda purification therapies), shirodhara oil on the forehead
  • herbal juice after treatment
  • ayurvedic medication during the cure (special herbal medicine at extra charge)
  • morning Yoga (3 subsequent classes, for beginners, advanced and professionals) and evening meditation (each mon-sat)
  • Wifi at the reception
  • usage of sunbeds and sunshades at the beach

Recommended for the following conditions

Back pain, Diabetes, Eczema / Psoriasis, Eyes / Ears / Teeth, Heart / Vessels / Circulation, High blood pressure, Kidney / Urinary tract, Locomotor system, Metabolism / Stomach / Intestines, Nerves, Obesity / Overweight, Respiratory system / Asthma, Skin / Allergies, Stress / Exhaustion

We have already calculated the following discounts for you:

  • Stay 28 nights - pay for just 23: 5 nights free
  • Stay 21 nights - pay for just 17: 4 nights free
  • Stay 14 nights - pay for just 11: 3 nights free

All available discounts

Telephone booking code: 73MP1

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Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort in detail

Your Holiday Destination

Kerala, the southernmost state of India, is known for its long sandy beaches, beautiful water arms of the backwaters, its diverse culture and, last but not least, for a variety of Ayurveda Resorts. It offers a year-round tropical climate; the monsoon season is from June to October.

Your Ayurveda Resort

The small, family Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort is set in 1.5 hectares of tropical gardens in the north of Kerala, near Thrissur, right on the long sandy tropical beach of Chavakkad.

How You Reside

7 secluded chalets built in the traditional Kerala architecture are home to a total of 12 comfortable, spacious rooms (32sqm). Loosely distributed on the garden grounds, they ensure maximum privacy and are comfortably equipped with bath / shower / toilet, fan, TV, mini fridge and a large terrace with seating. Rooms have air conditioning. Wi-Fi is available at the reception.

Dining and Leisure

The open Ayurvedic Restaurant serves individual dosha meals suitable as a set menu, as well as a buffet depending on your free time. A great amount of attention is paid to the strict, ayurvedic vegetarian diet. Fish is cooked only on request. European cuisine is also available.

Ayurveda, Health and Leisure

The lush vegetation provides relaxation for the senses and the tropical flat beach is ideal for walks. Chairs and umbrellas are available on the beach.

The Ayurveda centre specializes in authentic, traditional Ayurveda in all respects. Two Ayurvedic physicians manage the centre with 7 treatment rooms supported by a 13-member team of specialists. Due to the small number of guests and a large team of Ayurvedic specialists, maximum individuality of the treatment and the necessary rest to achieve a balance of body, mind and soul is possible. In addition to an herbal steam bath and an herbal bath, a yoga pavilion is available for yoga and meditation and, in good weather, yoga can take place on the beach.

Meiveda relies heavily on the Kerala native Kalari Ayurveda, which specializes in purpose-oriented and profound treatments based on the Marma Nadi system. This describes the relationship of the sensitive, energetic Marma (points) with the various associated Nadis (energy pathways) in the human body. A Kalari massage optimizes the inner energy flow and may enhance the mobility and relieve pain. An Ayurveda treatment is a great way to get you away from the daily stress and improve the body's resistance, to increase energy and vitality, as well as to maintain or restore your health.

It also helps in cardiovascular, ocular and skin diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, kidney and urinary tract infections, nervous system and musculoskeletal system. With respect to stress, it helps with insomnia, general weakness, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and allergies.

Leisure: With Thrissur as the next city, the area surrounding the resort has a rich historical past. The hotel can help organize trips, eg to the famous backwaters, to the Athirapilly waterfalls or to the Sakthan Palace in Thrissur. It is also worth visiting the famous Guruvayoor with its over 5000 years old temple of Krishna and the elephant camp.

DBL Chalet

Cozy chalets (approx. 32 square meters), comfortable with bath / shower / WC, mosquito net, fan and large terrace with seating. Small refrigerator for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73MD1

Chalet SGL=DBL

Cozy chalets (about 32 square meters), comfortable with bath / shower / WC, mosquito net, fan and large terrace with seating. Small refrigerator for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73ME1

DBL Chalet AC

Cozy chalets (approx. 32 square meters), comfortable with bath / shower / WC, mosquito net, fan, air conditioning and large terrace with seating. Small refrigerator for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73MD2

Chalet SGL= DBL Air Conditioning

Cozy chalets (about 32 square meters), for single use, comfortable with bath / shower / WC, mosquito net, fan and air conditioning, and large terrace with seating. Small refrigerator for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73ME2

Kerala Palace Double.

Comfortable, spacious double rooms in Kerala Palace with separate living room and balcony / terrace. Comfortable with bath / shower / toilet, mosquito net, fan. Mini fridge for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73MD3

Kerala Palace Single

Comfortable, spacious double room for single use in Kerala Palace with separate living room and balcony / terrace. Comfortable with bath / shower / toilet, mosquito net, fan. Mini fridge for medication on request.

Room code for telephone bookings: 73ME3

Getting There

Transfer COK Airport (there & back) € 60 / car, booking with SpaDreams.
Transfer CCJ Airport (there & back) € 60 / car, booking with SpaDreams.                     

Nearby Airports
Cochin International Airport (COK) : (approx. 94 km / 148 minutes)
Calicut International Airport (CCJ) : (approx. 67 km / 111 minutes)

Additional information

Transfer airport. COK (to&from) €67/car, booking at SpaDreams.

Good to Know

Tradition and individuality are top priorities of the Ayurveda treatment in Meiveda. The centre is furnished and equipped according to the Ayurvedic teachings in order to ensure its guests full concentration and relaxation. Continuous care of the guest, with constant adaptation of Ayurvedic treatments and nutrition according to individual needs promise a lasting effective treatment which restores the balance of body, mind and soul, and lets you forget your daily stress.

Customer reviews

Marvelous 4.6 / 5.0
100% would recommend
Wellness area
26 Ratings from real clients At SpaDreams, only clients who have travelled with us can submit a review.
  • Carola E.
    from Germany

    ‘More can not be achieved in the time: Super recovered, energy storage filled and sanitary construction sites under control’ Translated by Google

    Small resort with staff who are very hard to fulfill your wishes. The doctor is great, the yoga teacher is just fantastic. My massage therapist has treated my back problems great. The food is good, but not separated to doshas. This is not possible due to the size of the department. However, there is a diet alternative for descendants. Great long beach that invites you to go for a walk. You will not be unpleasant if you meet someone. show more

    • Hotel in general
      Well embedded in nature. Clean, nice rooms, but a bit Spartan. You have everything you need. The garden is very natural ... You hear the birds all day and the crickets and the sound of the sea at night.
    • Service and hospitality
      Very friendly and always eager to fulfill the wishes
    • Cuisine
      For me there was always something that I really liked. I ear sllerfings also only 12 days there.
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      No pool, the spa area is traditional and simple. I like that personally. It follows the style of the resort "ringed in nature". I was able to relax very well and leave it to the hands of the therapist.
    • Treatments and programmes
      Successful treatment in experienced hands

    show less

    • December 2018
    • 12 - 16 days
    • solo
    • 40 to 49 years
  • Rolf M.
    from Switzerland

    ‘Just right for me, a pleasure from A to Z’ Translated by Google

    I specifically aimed for an Ayurvedic holiday with pre-professional care. But not completely puristic, but with access to the sea and the possibility for occasional swimming. The facility and the service exceeded my expectations. It was great to see friendly, cheerful people among the resort's staff. The leadership makes an excellent impression on me, and it is well known that employees are similar everywhere to the bosses. Hats off! In addition, as a measure of reference, that I myself put emphasis on real professionalism and with the current hot-air marketing without substantial performance can do nothing. Meiveda is authentic and has substance. Nice! show more

    • Hotel in general
      Lobby and reception, rooms (exactly according to the booking) regarding condition and maintenance impeccable. Everything is a pleasure for me.
    • Service and hospitality
      You can hardly be friendlier and more helpful. A shining example of how gastronomy could do it with us. That is just a question of attitude and culture in which India is far ahead of us.
    • Cuisine
      The gastronomy is wonderful Ayurvedic. I would always eat like that again, if only I could do that in Europe.
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      Meiveda is NOT a soft-spot for Psuedo-Wellness typical Westerners. It offers its beach on the Arabian Sea!
    • Treatments and programmes
      First class in every way. I returned as a senior totally charged. And the friendliness of the professionals is more than inspiring.

    show less

    • March 2018
    • Longer than 23 days
    • solo
    • 70 to 79 years
  • Werner R.
    from Germany

    ‘wonderfull’ Translated by Google

    Small resort, treatments soothing, currys savory show more

    • Hotel in general
    • Service and hospitality
    • Cuisine
      Kitchen imaginative, delicious
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
    • Treatments and programmes
      Care (2 female doctors) excellent

    show less

    • February 2018
    • 17 - 23 days
    • as a couple
    • 70 to 79 years
  • Floris Z.
    from Germany

    ‘Pure health!’ Translated by Google

    A small comfortable area with a very personal service. Recreation and health-oriented small resort with super friendly staff! show more

    • Hotel in general
      A very secluded little resort almost on the beach.
    • Service and hospitality
      Very friendly staff who take care of everything so that there guest nothing is missing!
    • Cuisine
      The food was very varied and tasty, there was an extensive selection from the Indian cuisine listed!
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      Man looking for here in vain for spa areas but that they knew in advance!
    • Treatments and programmes
      It used Ayuverda applications of all kinds and the staff is very professional.

    show less

    • March 2017
    • 12 - 16 days
    • solo
    • 50 to 59 years
  • Sabine Dechent

    ‘very pleasant’ Translated by Google

    very nice resort, but Ayurveda is not for me. Stand very nice, but not a nice bath water. Sea is too warm and no clear water. show more

    • Hotel in general
      Facility is beautiful, but rooms could be tastier iingerichtet
    • Service and hospitality
      everything perfect, very nice
    • Cuisine
      Very good food
    • Spa, treatment and pool area
      very beautiful
    • Treatments and programmes
      Massages are good, but a bit boring if the same person massaged over again.

    show less

    • March 2017
    • 4 - 8 days
    • 50 to 59 years

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