Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda in India

Experience authentic Ayurveda

Ayurveda retreats in India - Birthplace of Ayurveda

India is considered the motherland of both yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda, the millennia-old art of healing, literally translates to the “science of life” and is held here in the highest esteem. Ayurvedic doctors in India treat their patients with the devotion taught through thousands of years of practice. There is no place in the world capable of giving you a more authentic Ayurvedic retreat and where you can truly take the time to reflect on yourself. Meditate with monks and practice yoga with like-minded people in one of the most pristine Ayurveda destinations. Ayurveda in India teaches you to live consciously without distractions and brings you into harmony with yourself and nature.

The traditional facilities offer authentic Ayurveda retreats with a wide variety of programs, each tailored to the guest’s individual needs. Discover the palm-fringed beaches, tropical gardens or dense jungles India while you relish in your ayurvedic retreat. Tap into your adventurous side by exploring India’s fantastic hiking trails in untouched nature or see rare and exotic plant and bird species that have settled in the native botanical gardens of India, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Read on to discover the colorful and magical sides of exotic India!

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What to expect from traditional Ayurveda treatments

Our partner hotels in India have an extensive range of programs with luxurious Ayurveda treatments for both healing and wellness. The exclusive packages can be adapted to your length of stay, up to a multi-week Ayurveda holiday in India.

Each Ayurveda retreat begins with an initial consultation. Here traditionally trained Ayurveda therapists determine your "Dosha type". Accordingly, a bespoke Ayurveda therapy plan is created just for you.

Typical treatments such as ayurvedic massages and traditional forehead treatments are an integral part of each therapy. Relaxation programs such as yoga, meditation and movement exercises are also incorporated into your therapy to support all Ayurveda procedures. Many resorts offer the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda or explore ayurvedic cooking with special courses and workshops.

Ayurveda programs in India

Panchakarma Ayurveda India


In Ayurvedic medicine, health is the highest good and therefore the basis of a vital life. During Panchakarma therapy, a detox therapy which translates to the “five procedures”, toxins are systematically and gently flushed from the body and at the same time the soul is healed by means of massages and warm oils.

Before you start Panchakarma, you will be informed by a certified therapist about the procedure and, together with you, they will create a therapy plan tailored specifically to you.

Rasayana Ayurveda in India


Rasayana aims to turn back time and help you feel younger and more vital. This therapy will free you from toxins and waste products that age your body and shorten your lifespan as well as gently rebuild your life force. You will be provided with an individual nutrition and wellness plan for the duration of your Ayurveda retreat in India. This ensures a detoxification and purification in the gentlest form and frees cells and tissue from unnecessary waste. Cell and tissue rejuvenation is the goal of this Ayurveda retreat. You will notice changes in the appearance of your skin after a very short time and feel fitter and more active.

Ayurveda detox in India

Ayurveda detox

A healthy body runs smoothly. Mechanisms such as metabolism, the lymphatic system, lungs, liver and kidneys routinely remove all harmful substances. Ayurvedic medicine in the form of herbal supplements aid the detox process. But from time to time, even the best system is overwhelmed and needs not only a break, but also active support for recovery and regeneration. A detox helps your body rebalance its own defenses through rest, exercise and detoxification to prepare it for what lies ahead.

Weight loss Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda weight loss

In determining your specific dosha (vata, pitta, kapha), Ayurveda practitioners are given lots of vital information about your body, including tendencies for your life habits, physical and mental health, and even information about your metabolism. When an ayurvedic specialist establishes your dosha type, they are able to tailor a weight loss plan that is based on your body and personal habits, both unique contributing factors to weight management. The treatments will also be tailored to help you rebalance your body and soul as well as eliminate toxins, aiming to help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals in a healthy way and keep the pounds off!  

Ayurveda wellness India

Wellness Ayurveda

And sometimes you just need, and deserve, some pampering! Why wait until there is a problem or you are overly stressed. Let our luxurious resorts and devoted Ayurveda therapists help you forget your woes and keep you in top shape! Take part in yoga and meditation classes and realize your dream Ayurveda in the most authentic and natural way. Culinary delights are served to you every day by top chefs from India. Let yourself be whisked away with one of these exotic getaways and enjoy all of the pleasures that India has to offer!

Ayurveda therapy in India

Ayurvedic therapy

Many people with medical conditions, often chronic, turn to Ayurvedic medicine as an alternative to typical modern or Western medicine treatments. Customary modern medical treatments often involve taking a variety of pills that give many people more side effects than relief. They have since turned to Ayurveda for a holistic and natural approach to treating their chronic illnesses or symptoms with traditional treatments and age-old Ayurvedic medicine and herbal remedies. Many doctors even approve Ayurvedic medicine as a complementary treatment method in conjunction with modern medical approaches. 

Ayurveda resorts in India

Indian hotels are world renowned for the warm and inviting hospitality.  You will be welcomed as a guest in one of the first class accommodations during your yoga & Ayurveda retreat in India. Where better to unwind than at a luxurious resort where your every whim is taken care of? Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, guests are accommodated in high quality rooms with stunning views.

For a varied Ayurveda vacation, individual day trips, hikes and visits to cultural sights are bookable on site. Your holiday is rounded off with an individual spa and yoga program in beautiful wellness landscapes that ensure unforgettable moments of bliss.

Ayurveda Resort India Nikki's Nest

Best destinations in India

Ayurveda India mountains

Northern India & Uttarakhand

The region of Uttarakhand is located in the Himalayas in northern India, bordering Tibet and Nepal. It is home to India's largest mountain range, the Nanda Devi, and offers spectacular views with snow-capped peaks and ski slopes. In addition, you will experience densely forested sections and flower valleys.

Religious pilgrimage sites and sacred Hindu temples are popular pilgrimage sites of the Himalayas and create the best foundation for your Ayurveda holiday in India. During spontaneous yoga sessions at an ashram you can recharge your batteries and life energy next to the two holy springs Ganges and Yamuna.

Ayurveda India tea plantation

South India & Udagamandala

The south of India is magnificent, colorful, warm and traditional. Here all clichés are fulfilled when you think of India: richly decorated temples, fragrant tea plantations, palm-fringed and sandy beaches. Ayurveda in India does not only have to mean inner contemplation, but also activates lost joie de vivre.

In spite of everything, you will also get your money's worth as a peace seeker in Southern India; because idyllic oases of peace can be found as well as tropical forests. Cultural sights like the city of Mysore, which will enchant you, or Udagamandala, a city in the Nilgiri Mountains, which is the starting point for excursions into the breathtaking nature of South India.

Ayurveda India backwaters

Southwest India & Kerala

Huge tea plantations, rice and spice cultivation, palm beaches, and national parks, like the Periyar National Park which elephants, monkeys and tigers call home, are set in lush green landscapes. 29 large lakes and lagoons and 44 rivers form the main transportation network of southwest India.

The backwaters are the connection between the city of Kochi and the port city of Kollam. On well-built wooden barges you can escape from everyday life and discover the hinterland of this beautiful landscape.

You will pass colorful temples, pause at energetic power places and can feel how time does not matter here, but only the inner clock counts. This unique region invites you to an escape from everyday life and is the perfect destination for your Ayurveda vacation in India.

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FAQ - Ayurveda in India

When is the recommended travel time to travel to India for an Ayurveda holiday?

Generally speaking, the best time to travel to India is between October and March. However, you should keep in mind that each region has a different climate. And although it may be tempting to go to India in the hottest and sunniest seasons, many Ayurveda doctors recommend the more temperate months as they are the most beneficial for Ayurveda treatments.

Which languages are spoken in India?

The official languages are Hindi and English.

Can I do an Ayurveda retreat as a smoker?

Since the aim of an Ayurveda retreat is to rid the body of toxins and harmful substances, it is highly recommend that you refrain from smoking in the weeks leading up to your retreat as well as during.

Do I need a visa for an Ayurveda retreat in India?

In general, you will need a visa to enter India. However, this depends on nationality as well as country of residence, as well as the purpose of your travel. There are several visa types available, such as the standard E-Visa but also a medical E-Visa. It is best to consult your country's office of foreign affairs or the Indian embassy in your country of residence for the most up-to-date information.

Which Ayurveda hotel offers the best Ayurveda?

At SpaDreams we check to ensure that each Ayurveda hotel offers authentic Ayurveda under the supervision of a qualified Ayurveda practitioners, doctors, and therapists. Our Ayurveda hotel partners are equally dedicated to offering the best quality Ayurveda experiences.

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