Ayurveda in Mauritius

Authentic Ayurveda on the dreamlike tropical island

Holististic Ayurveda Retreats in Mauritius

Palm trees, colorful flowers, green coconuts and crystal blue water - spend your Ayurveda retreat on Mauritius with paradisiacal island flair. Discover the idyllic island state with its fantastic underwater world in breathtaking coastal scenery and find new well-being and long-lasting relaxation in harmony with nature. Feel the gentle caress of the sun's rays on your skin while you hear the Indian Ocean roaring in the distance and finally arrive in the here and now. Bring your body back into balance during your Ayurveda vacation in Mauritius and let go of all stress and worries.

The breathtaking nature both on land and underwater accelerates the revitalization process of your body and offers ample opportunities for leisurely exercise and sports activities in the open air. Snorkeling or diving will give you the opportunity to discover exotic fish, colorful coral reefs and extraordinary aquatic plants, while hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park will allow you to explore the Mauritian flora and fauna on land.

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You can book these Ayurveda packages in Mauritius

During an initial consultation at the beginning of your Ayurveda retreat, you will have the opportunity to have your dosha type determined by an Ayurvedic doctor, so that all subsequent Ayurvedic treatments can be precisely tailored to you.

Enjoy the ethereal scent of Ayurvedic herbs during authentic herbal stamp massages and let all tension fall away during body and facial treatments. Steam baths, forehead oil infusions and inhalations strengthen your body's defenses. During yoga, meditation and breathing exercises you may let your thoughts rest and listen to your inner silence.

Depending on whether you want to detoxify your body during a cleansing Panchakarma therapy or whether a Rasayana program should give you a youthful glow, there is definitely the right offer for you among the various Ayurveda packages at the accommodations.

Learn at Ayurvedic cooking courses, workshops and seminars, how you can easily take the Ayurveda wisdom and lifestyle into your everyday life.

Tea from various herbs for purification.

Ayurveda Treatments and Programs in Mauritius

An Ayurvedic massage to relax the tissues.


In drei Phasen reinigen Sie bei einer traditionellen Panchakarma Kur auf Mauritius Ihren Körper. Die Ausleitung abgelagerter Giftstoffe erfolgt, nachdem diese in der Vorbereitungsphase durch sanfte Massagen von Ihren Ayurveda Spezialisten gelockert wurden. Durch ayurvedische Ausleitungsmethoden kann Ihr Körper die Schlacken in der Reinigungsphase nach und nach ausscheiden. Zur Unterstützung Ihrer körperlichen Regeneration, nehmen Sie in der Aufbauphase ayurvedische Kräuterpräparate zu sich und ergänzen Ihre Ayurvedakur auf Mauritius durch Yoga und Meditation.

Ayurveda Rasayana oils


Gern würden wir uns ein Leben lang ein jugendliches Strahlen beibehalten. Eine Rasayana Kur auf Mauritius bringt Ihnen die ersehnte jugendliche Frische zurück und verjüngt durch wohltuende ayurvedische Anwendungen Ihr Aussehen. Dank perfekt auf Sie abgestimmter Ernährung, sanfter Haut- und Körperanwendungen sowie verjüngender Kräuter, verleiht die Anti Aging Kur Ihnen einen strahlenden Anblick. Bewusstes Atmen und Meditation schenken Ihnen tiefe Ausgeglichenheit und bringen Ihre blockierte Lebensenergie wieder zum Fließen. Erleben Sie, wie leicht sich Ihr Körper anfühlen und wie frei Ihr Geist sein kann.

A relaxing Ayurvedic oil massage for the back.

Wellness Ayurveda

Wann haben Sie das letzte Mal so richtig entspannt und sich dabei ganz leicht gefühlt? Bei Ayurveda Wellness auf Mauritius haben Sie die Gelegenheit, die Sprache Ihres Körpers neu kennen zu lernen und besser auf seine leisen Signale zu hören. Wohltuende Ölmassagen versetzen Sie während Ihrer Ayurveda Auszeit in einen Zustand tiefer Entspannung. Die paradiesische Natur des Inselstaats lädt Sie zum Leben im Einklang ein und beruhigt Ihre Seele und Ihren Geist. Lernen Sie beim Ayurveda auf Mauritius uralte Atemtechniken, um Ihr Nervensystem zu beruhigen und in zukünftigen Stresssituationen besser bei sich zu bleiben.

This is what our Ayurveda accommodations in Mauritius can offer you

Once in paradise - you can fulfill this dream with Ayurveda in Mauritius. Numerous Ayurveda accommodations with tropical ambience offer everything the vacationer's heart desires. From 3 to 5 stars, over the direct location at the sea up to versatile wellness offers, the Mauritian Ayurveda hotels and resorts hold an absolute well-being program ready for the guests. Opt for the Ayurveda luxury hotel directly on the beach or book a comfortable single room with sea view in the Ayurveda resort under palm trees.

No matter which Ayurveda accommodation you ultimately choose, the soothing wellness offers for stress management or relief from sleep disorders will help you find your way back to your own center towards deepest relaxation.

Get close to the Mauritian nature with the most varied outdoor activities, such as kayaking, catamaran sailing, diving, snorkeling or hiking and strengthen your immune system through extensive outdoor exercise.

During their Ayurveda stay in Mauritius, guests can be pampered by experienced Ayurvedic therapists and doctors, some from India and Sri Lanka, with traditional head, foot and facial massages or herbal steam baths and inhalations.

The perfect destinations in paradise for your Ayurveda vacations in Mauritius

Turtle Bay in Balaclava.

Northwest coast & Balaclava

In the northwest of Mauritius, not far from the coastal town of Balaclava, discover the Baie aux Tortues Marine National Park, also known as "Turtle Bay". The turquoise waters of the bay are warm and crystal clear. While snorkeling or diving, you can discover a colorful coral reef, right by the shore. Thanks to its sleepy charm, you will find numerous opportunities to come to rest in Balaclava. At the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, you will have the chance to admire hundreds of different species of plants and flowers from all over the world in the shade of planted pergolas. Watch countless sailboats in Grand Baie.

The Gorges de Rivière National Park with its mountainous landscape.

Western coast & Wolmar

During your Ayurveda vacation in Mauritius, the west coast of the island attracts you especially with charming contrasts of white sandy beaches and rugged mountains. This region of the island state thus attracts both beach vacationers and sports enthusiasts. The crystal clear water at Flic en Flac beach invites you for swimming or other water sports. It stretches lined by countless filaos, over 8 kilometers and ends in the neighboring Wolmar. Far away from the paradisiacal tropical beaches, the mountains of the highlands await you. In the Black River Gorges National Park, hiking fans get their money's worth and climb the Black River Peak, the highest mountain in Mauritius.

The Chamarel waterfall plunges from a height of 100 meters.

Southern coast & St. Felix

Mauritius south coast you can explore on your Ayurveda trip as the most pristine and wildest part of the island for you. Far away from the tourist masses, nature lovers have the opportunity to explore the best snorkeling and diving ground in Mauritius in the marine national park of the Blue Bay Lagoon. Impressive coastal scenery can be seen around Baie du Cap. There, cooled lava juts out as a headland directly into the sea. During hikes in the surrounding mountain region, the Chamarel waterfall awaits you, where the Rivière de Cap plunges 100 meters into the depths at a rocky edge. Despite the rugged coastal landscape, the southern coast of Mauritius has an absolutely paradisiacal sandy beach. The beach of St. Felix is considered an absolute insider tip and enchants its visitors with an extraordinary beauty and a mysterious reputation.

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FAQ – Tips for your Ayurveda holiday in Mauritius

What is the best time to travel to Mauritius for an Ayurvedic retreat?

The optimal travel time for an Ayurveda vacation on Mauritius falls in the months of May to November, because then there is a dry season on the island. In the rainy season from December to April, visitors should expect more rainfall.

How do I find the right Ayurveda resort for me in Mauritius?

SpaDreams offers a diverse range of Ayurveda accommodations, which provide various Ayurveda packages for booking. From Ayurveda rejuvenation retreats, to wellness Ayurveda packages, to traditional Panchakarma therapy, you can book completely according to your individual needs and health goals. It is best to check the specific package scope of your favorite Ayurveda trip before booking.

What is the suitable duration for an Ayurveda retreat in Mauritius?

An Ayurveda short vacation is possible from 3 nights, for example, on an extended weekend. If you want to do a traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment, a stay of at least 14 nights is recommended.

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