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Authentic Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda retreats in Kerala – A tropical paradise

Ayurvedic retreats have been around for centuries, but never before have they received as much attention as they do today. For those who seek balance with nature and realize that all living things have a common bond, Ayurveda is a perfect approach to life. Kerala is among the most paradisiacal places in India, making it an excellent destination for authentic Ayurveda treatments of all kinds.

An Ayurveda vacation in Kerala offers a setting that is restful and relaxing, while Ayurvedic treatments help to purify and strengthen the body. The state of Kerala, with its tropical climate, is located in southern India and was originally settled by Ayurveda men who moved there more than 3000 years ago. Here the healing powers of local Ayurveda are combined with the unique Ayurvedic climate of Kerala.

The plant life in Kerala is particularly diverse. There is tropical vegetation with palm trees and banana plantations. Palm-fringed white sandy beaches invite you to dreamy walks where you can leave your everyday life behind. The Ayurveda therapists in Kerala are experts in stress relief and allow you to really unwind.

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All-inclusive Ayurveda packages in Kerala – A stress-free retreat

An Ayurveda retreat in Kerala is a relaxing experience for anyone who loves Ayurveda or is exploring Ayurveda for the first time. An Ayurveda therapy can last up to six weeks, but should be at least three days. Ayurvedic retreats take time, but the effects can last up to 10 years.

After the initial consultation, the Ayurvedic doctor will determine which type of dosha ( meaning literally "fault") is predominant in your body. Ayurvedic doctors treat the body, mind and spirit equally and thereby create a personalized treatment plan according to your dosha:

  • Ayurvedic treatments with remedies to purify the body.
  • Masks made of refreshing herbs and spices
  • Ayurvedic massages with healing oils, according to your Dosha
  • Drinking Ayurvedic teas and soups, according to your specific Dosha
  • Yoga - and movement programs, adapted to your specific needs

Ayurvedic chefs will pamper you with fresh national and international delicacies, which will be adapted exactly to your individual therapy plan. Our Ayurveda packages usually include full board, but some hotels also offer half board. For simple stays or as a companion, many hotels offer an extensive culinary breakfast buffet.

Ayurveda treatment Shirodhara

For those of you who are interested in the Indian art of healing, seminars and Ayurvedic cooking classes are offered at some hotels, to which you are warmly welcome to join. The staff of your Ayurveda resort will be happy to arrange selected day trips or a special weekly program for you to make your Ayurveda vacation in Kerala an unforgettable experience.

After the Ayurvedic retreats, there will be a final consultation with the doctor to make sure that the treatment was successful and to discuss with you how to integrate the Ayurvedic diet and other Ayurvedic treatments into your daily life.

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Ayurveda weight loss in Kerala

Ayurveda Weight Loss

According to Ayurveda, the body should be kept in its natural balance. Through the retreats, for example, digestive problems and metabolic disorders are treated to determine the cause of your weight gain. The aim of this retreat is to help you achieve your ideal weight through the Ayurvedic diet as well as a special combination of different treatments, including yoga and meditation. The aim is to detoxify your body, cleanse it, and sustainably balance your energy and boost your metabolism.

The first step is to put together a diet plan that is tailored to your personal needs. Your body will be balanced and problems addressed through appropriate nutritional measures. You and your body will change positively and be fitter after this program.

Ayurveda weight loss in Kerala


Panchakarma therapy is a balanced program of various methods for cleansing the body and mind and is therefore used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as those affecting the skin, cardiovascular system, urinary tract, musculoskeletal system and joints, metabolism or gastrointestinal tract.

For the Panchakarma or Ayurveda detox retreats, a duration of at least 14 days is usually recommended. The aim of this retreats is to detoxify the body, relieve the liver and naturally remove stress and waste products so that the metabolism works better. It consists of five elements, all of which are essential for human beings: Diet, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic massages with both oils and herbs.

The Ayurvedic detox treatment is usually performed in three stages: the preparatory phase Puvakarma, the fivefold purifications Panchakarma and the post-treatment Paschatkarma. Of the original five cleansing techniques, only three are usually still used, especially for European guests: Virechana - the enema treatment with ghee coconut oil or sesame oil, Nasya - the nasal and sinus treatment, and the Vasti intestinal enema. Panchakarma is an intense purification ritual with prayers to Shiva, the god of peace.

Ayurveda wellness in Kerala

Ayurveda wellness

A wellness Ayurveda retreat is a journey of self-healing. It creates a balance between body, mind and soul and gives you renewed strength. The retreats consist of various treatments such as massages, herbal wraps or facials with healing oils. Likewise, various treatments such as yoga, meditation or breathing techniques are used for this purpose. Herbal teas as well as elixirs of life, such as ghee or honey, are also used help improve your health.

There is no set duration for a wellness Ayurveda retreat, as this depends on the individual. The focus is on the emphasis of the phases of life and the associated requirements. The Ayurveda wellness retreats are therefore based on the individual needs that you have determined together with an Ayurveda therapist.

Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala – finding peace and joy

Ayurveda means "art of living" and means as much as "to relax and feel good". And that is exactly what awaits you here. The accommodation of the Ayurveda resorts and hotels range from simple bungalows to luxury villas, but all have one thing in common: They offer guests a lot of flair and atmosphere with traditional furnishings, mosaics or colors that exude joie de vivre.

The accommodations are quietly located - some of them in so-called Ayurveda Villages - but still the best starting point for excursions and tours, for example to the backwaters. Since many of our retreats are located close to the beach, you will experience breathtaking views of the turquoise sea while staying with us in Kerala. From other Ayurveda hotels you will enjoy views of forested mountains.

Our Ayurveda hotels and resorts offer mostly full board, in some cases also half board. The Ayurveda staff is very well trained and licensed Ayurveda therapists perform all retreats at the highest level. Healing hands pamper you with massages in one of the well designed treatment areas and in the relaxation rooms you can find your well deserved peace and forget about everyday life. 

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FAQ - Ayurveda in Kerala

What is the recommended travel period for an Ayurveda retreat in Kerala?

Kerala in southern India has a relatively constant climate. Temperatures typically do not drop below 25 degrees nor do they rise higher than 33 degrees Celcius.

Which language is spoken in Kerala?

The official languages in India are spoken in Kerala: Hindi and English.

Do I need a visa for an Ayurveda trip to Kerala?

Most guests must apply for an E-Visa before starting their Ayurveda retreats in Kerala. Getting a visa on arrival in India at the airport is not possible.

How much does an Ayurveda retreats in Kerala cost with SpaDreams?

A classic Ayurveda retreat of 7 nights can be booked from 210 € per person. Panchakarma retreats from 2 weeks are bookable from about 800 € per person. The prices include accommodation, treatments and full board. In addition, our Ayurveda packages - depending on the location of the hotel - usually also include a trip to the backwaters or other excursions as well as mostly also the transfer from and to the airport.

How can I save on booking an Ayurveda hotel in Kerala?

Check our website or with our travel experts for last minute or all inclusive offers. We also always have great discounts for early bookers.

Which retreat offers the best Ayurveda programs in Kerala?

All our SpaDreams partner hotels are carefully selected and offer authentic Ayurveda. Trained and qualified Ayurveda specialists, doctors and therapists supervise the treatments. Both we and the Ayurveda clinics and hotels place great emphasis on providing you with high quality Ayurveda care and experiences.

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