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Travel to south-east Asia and escape your everyday life into an exotic world of sparkling waves that fade into peaceful horizons, temples that glisten under the tropical sun, awe-inspiring volcanoes that tower over the land, and bustling markets selling goods that exceed the wildest stretches of your imagination. 

Sample authentic, world-renown Thai food, dive into warm, azure waters off the coast of Bali, relax in a world-class spa in Vietnam or explore stunning tea plantations in Malaysia. Our vast variety of exotic health and wellness holidays in south-east Asia offer a diverse range of wellness experiences and opportunities to explore south-east Asia, from Ayurveda wellness and tropical treatments, to shipwreck snorkelling and temple excursions. Combine your south-east Asia holiday with a yoga programme to experience the unparalleled delight that comes from perfecting an Asana on a sun-soaked beach with warm waves lapping at your toes and a gentle breeze cooling your face, or undertake a detox programme at a luxury hotel for a cleansing experience like no other. 

Whether you're searching for ultimate luxury or a cosy retreat, SpaDreams can help craft the perfect south-east Asia holiday to fulfil all of your dreams. 

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