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Lose Weight in the Spanish Sun

Relax and Lose Weight in the Spanish Sun

Book a weight loss holiday in Spain and experience the perfect combination of slimming down to your healthiest weight whilst enjoying sun saturated days and luxury comfort.

There’s no better way to overcome weight struggles than by the beach with nutrition experts creating healthy diet plans inspired by authentic Mediterranean cuisine. With a weight loss holiday in Spain you’ll find that you shed the excess pounds stress-free amongst warm, welcoming and caring hospitality.

With a weight loss retreat in Spain you will lose weight without feeling like you are depriving yourself. Most importantly, you’ll not only forget about the stress of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but you’ll feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders as spa therapies and fitness classes lull you into deep relaxation. View our retreats' top methods of weight loss below...

Our Highest Rated Weight Loss Retreats in Spain

Top Methods of Weight Loss at Retreats in Spain

In Spain, we have a wide variety of weight loss programmes of all different styles for you to choose from. We have the right weight loss plan for everyone.

  1. Modern Diets

Our Spanish retreats offer a range of modern diet methods guided by the latest research in nutrition, all accompanied by luxurious spa treatments and fitness plans. A typical example is a diet that starts on 1500 calories and gradually cuts down to 700 alongside a tailored exercise routine and herbal massages.

2. Ayurveda

Many of our weight loss retreats are also based on the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda (view Ayurveda Weight Loss here), which comprises a thorough cleansing period, a largely vegetarian diet and yoga and meditation classes.

Ayurveda originates in India, but is now spreading throughout Europe as health experts start to recognise the powerful healing that results from this natural, holistic medicine. As a result, resorts are offering more and more slimming and detox programmes based on Ayurveda. Undertaking an Ayurveda programme for 14-28 days is considered an intensive treatment while a more intensive Ayurveda programme is known as Panchakarma.

3. Detox in the Spanish sun

Some of our most effective weight loss retreats in Spain start with a detox period followed by a slow reintroduction to a normal diet. This detoxifies the body from the outside in and cleanses the digestive system, providing the right foundations for a new healthy diet. Detox retreats in Spain are available for stays from 5-21 nights.

4. Fitness

If you are looking to get fit as well as slim, try a weight loss programme combined with a fitness holiday or yoga holiday. During these programmes guests receive advice from a personal trainer, exercise at least twice a day and dine on healthy, fruit and vegetable based meals.

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Weight loss holidays in Spain: Jump start your new healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying sun saturated days and luxury comfort at our weight loss retreats in Spain.

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