Ayurveda is one of the oldest Alternative/Traditional/Complementary Medicines that came from enchanting India for a little over than 5000 years ago and is still practiced and its popularity is rapidly growing until this day. What is it about Ayurveda that makes it a favorite theme with our SpaDreams guests ? Why does it stand still in the face of time and continues to reach individuals across the 7 Seas ?

Because Ayurveda does not fall short from its name; Life Knowledge. It is a complete guide designed to let individuals achieve their maximum Mind’s potentials, achieve optimal body wellness, and achieve a greater harmony in the soul.

Ayurveda focuses on balancing the energy flow within the individual based on diagnosing which type of energy (Dosha) is dominant, either wind/fire/earth done by an Ayurveda doctor. And then customizing a special Ayurvedic diet, performing Ayurvedic Yoga, and enjoying Ayurvedic Massages done with special oils and aromas.

This science is highly differentiated not by its ability in treating symptoms but in eliminating the causes.

A SpaDreams guest can truly experience the holistic approach of Ayurveda and have a complete change in his/her lifestyle all with the Best Price Guarantee we specialize in and the most diverse locations possible.

The guests comfort comes first and that is why SpaDreams will bring Ayurveda with its best doctors/specialists to you with the Ayurveda in Europe packages and deals .

For guests seeking to experience Ayurveda in it is mother land Ayurveda in Kerala will not fail and will surely meet every high expectation.

Find on the homepage under the SpaDreams themes the extensive amount of different Ayurveda packages, deals, retreats, locations, etc. and rest assured when booking with us because the Price/Performance ration cannot be found elsewhere.

Enjoy complete wellness of the Mind, Body, and Soul with us !


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