Vata Dosha

Ayurvedic types: the changeable Vata Dosha

Ayurveda Doshas: Vata – Everything okay despite the urge to move

Vata - Ayurveda Dosha

Vata is the most agile (principle). Its dominance brings forth speed, instability and a many-faceted personality with varied interests and talents. Vata-type people are active both bodily and spiritually, are curious and have a strong need to move. The key word for this type is “changeable”. Vata leads the other dosha elements. Whenever an individual moves out of balance, Vata types are the first to do so, and it causes the early stages of illness. It can resemble the other elements, causing the mistaken belief that Pitta or Kapha is the source of the problem. Vata is the king of the doshas; if it is balanced then all three should be balanced. It’s the basis of our feeling of harmony, and so it is imperative that this dosha remains in balance.

What makes a Vata type tick?

What defines Vata? Those with a strong Vata constitution have a naturally graceful and sensitive personality type, which is shown through a slender build, dry skin and sensitive abilities.

What supports and what disturbs the balance?

Vata is a “dry-cold” dosha. Nourishing dishes that keep you warm through winter such as stews, casseroles and soups are the best foods to care for this dosha. Sweet, sour and salty foods are preferable.

Salads, raw vegetables and ice-cold drinks are not always advisable for Vata types. They should also avoid weight-loss diets and irregular mealtimes.

Physical characteristics which are attributed especially to this type in Ayurveda:

overview of the Vata dosha characteristics
  • Skin: dry, thin, cool
  • Hair: thin, dark, rough, either curly or frizzy
  • Face: long and angular, often with a less-pronounced chin
  • Neck: thin and bony
  • Nose: Narrow, can be long, bent or asymmetrical
  • Eyes: small, close-together or deep set, dark `brown or grey with a dull shine
  • Mouth: small with narrow lips
  • Teeth: irregular, protruding or loose, receding gums
  • Physique: light and delicate
  • Personality: enthusiastic, lively, full of ideas
  • Intellect: quickly grasps new information but forgets things quickly, often worries
  • Sleep: a light sleeper, sleep is often disturbed
  • Personality: always active (in body and spirit), curious; strong need to move

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