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Weight Loss Holidays

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There is no need to starve yourself to achieve your weight loss goals. With the help of a SpaDreams weight loss holiday, you can enjoy delicious, healthy foods and learn how to make simple swaps to improve your diet and start losing weight on holiday and continue losing weight at home.

Our weight loss holidays will offer you nourishment & fasting programmes, professional advice, personal structured health & diet plans, massages, Thalassotherapy, fitness classes, yoga and many more.

If classic weight loss holidays do not sound appealing to you, book a Nordic Walking or Walking holiday to ease yourself in to a healthier lifestyle and burn calories whilst exploring magnificent mountains and stunning natural landscapes. Our wide range of activity holidays spread in exciting locations across the world are perfect for losing pounds whilst having fun, and for learning how to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your everyday life. 

Lose weight whilst gaining all the tools you need to achieve and maintain your desired weight and fitness goal with a SpaDreams weight loss holiday. With highly professional fasting programmes, exciting activity holidays, slimming spas and much more, we can find the right weight loss holiday for you, at the best price guaranteed. 

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