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Losing weight is easier when you are surrounded by everything you need to support you. With fitness classes, nutritional advice, spa treatments and much more on offer, our weight loss retreats you will provide you with the support and serenity you need to focus on achieving your weight loss goals.

Our vast range of weight loss retreats spans from Europe to Asia and includes over 100 different programmes, from modern fasting in luxury hotels to ancient Ayurveda treatments in havens of tranquillity.

How Can Detox or Fasting Help Achieve My Weight Loss Goal?

The words "detox" and "fasting" are often considered synonymous, however this is not the case. Although both practices aim to purify the body, detoxing focuses on getting rid of harmful substances in the body, whilst fasting refers to abstaining from food. The build-up of toxins in the body is one of the key aspects of modern day life that can lead to weight gain.

Our detox and fasting based weight loss retreats focus on teaching guests how to change their lifestyles and develop healthy habits to enable long term, sustainable weight loss. Undertake a high-quality treatment programme in a stunning setting in Asia and take the first step towards discovering a new you!

How Can a Luxury Holiday Help Achieve My Goals?

Our luxury weight loss retreats offer a wide range of programmes designed to help you lose weight in absolute comfort. From slimming spa treatments to first-class fitness facilities, these weight loss retreats have everything you'll need to lose weight in style! Surrounded by luxury and with the help of the highly supportive teams at our partner weight loss retreats, you'll be in the right spot to start your fitness journey and learn how to make simple food swaps to start living your new healthy lifestyle.

How can an Ayurvedic Cure Help Achieve My Weight Loss Goal?

As a holistic cure, Ayurveda focuses on improving general wellbeing and weight loss is usually a pleasant additional treat. However, several of our partner Ayurveda retreats also offer specialised weight loss programmes, which use knowledge of Ayurveda to create a specialised meal plan and treatment schedule. Programmes at these retreats will teach you how to maintain a successful diet and the exercises you should be doing in order to obtain and maintain a healthy weight.

Discover all of our weight loss retreats in Asia and South Africa below, with yoga and weight loss holidays in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and much more…

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